Unfinished Bar Stools

Unfinished bar stools are a great form of counter or kitchen furniture, with wood like this found in oak, cherry and other wooden forms.

Buying unfinished bar stools is a great way to make a sound furniture investment into a product that’s guaranteed to appreciate in value over time. Nothing provides a more classic or natural feel than unfinished furniture. This is wood in as close to it’s natural state as possible, and you can’t find anything finer if you want your home to have an authentic wooden feel to it’s décor. But finding the right type of unfinished bar stools can be difficult, as there will be many choices before you for choosing the best possible stool.

The difference between unfinished bar stools and other types, is that they feature wood that hasn’t been finished or stained. This way the original look, feel, and texture of the wood is perfectly preserved. This means you’ll have a great natural grain and color that will always look like the wood has just been newly cut. This can be a fantastic look for any home, depending upon the type of décor that you have. The main thing will simply be finding the perfect type of unfinished bar stools to go with your current furniture setup.

There are two basic types of unfinished bar stools, backless and those that feature back support. They aren’t vastly different, but will adjust the way that the stools can be used. Backless are better for creating your own home bar environment as they are easier to navigate. For this reason they lend themselves to social situations best as you’re able to adjust your position as need be, incredibly easily. But unfinished bar stools with back support offer unrivaled comfort. When you’ll be sitting in the stool for a long time, you’re going to want back support to ensure that it’s as comfortable as possible.

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Another advantage of unfinished bar stools is that they can allow you to have your own artistic freedom, should you choose to finish them yourself. Because the wood hasn’t been tampered with, you’ll have a blank canvas to stain the stools or paint them as you see fit. This can enable you to create a whole new piece of furniture that’s completely unique to your home. Plus unfinished bar stools can allow you to choose the perfect paint, or stain to fit in with your current home style. This way you can ensure the look of the new addition perfectly matches the pieces that you already own.

There are a variety of different places that you can go for unfinished bar stools, depending upon the type you’re looking for. Usually local furniture retailers are going to be the best place to buy the top models. Any store that specializes in woodworking of any kind should have quite a few options. You can also find unfinished bar stools online, if you don’t see anything to your liking at a store in your area. Websites like MoreBarStools.com and even PotteryBarn.com. This way you are guaranteed to find the stool you want, no matter what your personal preferences may be.

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