Perfect For Traditional Theme

Are you bored with the typical appearance of your home furnishings? Would you like to try a traditional setting for your home but unsure where and how to start with? Try using saddle bar stools to give a new and unique look of your house. This kind of bar stool is usually made of wood but may also be available in other materials such as iron. Here are some important tips on why people should choose saddle bar stools for their uniquely designed home.

Saddle bar stools derived its name from the saddle seat used among when riding a horse during old days. The seat itself is commonly made with a soft curve shape providing extra comfort as it conforms to the shape of human body. Saddle bar stool has no backrest but may or may not be designed with footrest. Since it is high enough, it might be better to choose bar stool with footrest to prevent your feet from swaying around. Footrest may also function as step tool when a child sits on it.

When buying bar stools, it is best to think first of its supposed function in the house. Saddle seat bar stool is ideal for use in the kitchen, gaming room or study area. It can also be used as extra seat during big events held in the house. Before searching for the right one, establish first where you would use bar stools. Will it be used in the kitchen? Will it be used by kids in their gaming room? Or will it be used to complete your home bar setup? Answering these basic questions will help you narrow down the choices.

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Saddle bar stools come in different heights, construction materials and designs. Depending on the purpose of bar stool, height is given great emphasis. If it will be used as complimentary to kitchen’s counter top, then measuring the height of such counter top is necessary. Picking the bar stool with the accurate height is crucial in providing comfortable stool. Both taller and shorter people would love to sit in higher elevation as the shorter ones could get a wider view of the horizon while the taller ones could stretch his long legs when sitting. In terms of size consideration, options may vary from 24 inches to 30 inches and this size option is significant if there would be many users having different body frames.

Not only the size and height matters in selecting saddle bar stools. Considering the construction materials used in making is also important as it could determine the strength and durability of the stool. Almost all saddle bar stools are made of wood which enhances its traditional appeal. If it is made from good wood, the chance of getting good quality bar stool is likely to occur. One great example would be the oak saddle bar stool which is sturdy while displaying a natural color of wood. However, if you like to incorporate saddle bar stools in a more contemporary home setting, there is western saddle bar stool which is made of metal. There are also wooden bar stools that are painted and made in accordance to modern living in order to jive with modern interior designs.

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Since most people are used to conventional bar stool with flat seat surface, they might be hesitant in using it. As the one in charge for purchasing home furniture, try sitting on saddle chair first and experience it for yourself whenever you bumped into saddle bar stool. You will be gladly amused with the cradling comfort that saddle bar stools can provide.

As additional information, not all saddle bar stools are made with tall heights. Saddle seat was also used in Far Eastern countries as footrest, with a height as high as an ottoman. Now start visiting the online stores and enjoy shopping for saddle bar stools. Best Selling Saddle Bar Stools


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