Personalized Wedding Card: Create Yours Easily

A great event is coming up in your life: you said yes! Yes to love, yes to life: you are getting married! It’s time to share this wonderful news with a wedding card for your family, loved ones, and friends.

Whether you’re planning a large wedding or an intimate wedding with a small group of guests, it’s traditional to send a wedding invitation to your guests.

Follow the guide to create the perfect wedding card that your loved ones will want to keep for a long time!

Why create a wedding card?

A wedding card has two purposes: first, it is used to convey information. You are getting married: where, when, how. It also serves to convey an emotion, a bit of indescribable magic and love with a capital A.

You will therefore want to send a wedding card to your guests so that they will want to come and celebrate the wedding with you but also to mark this great change in your life.

Indeed, this wedding card is a harbinger of one of the most important moments in your life!

For all these reasons, your wedding card must be your image! It is important that this card resembles you and represents your couple well: it is therefore normal to personalize it!

Planning a wedding is never easy! Take the easy way out and order a card online

Ever since you planned your wedding, you and your partner have been caught up in a whirlwind. Organizing a wedding is not easy: guest list, location, date, theme and decoration, choice of menus, table plan, etc.

You barely have time to think about the dress and the wedding rings!

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Some of these contingencies can’t be simplified. But you can take the easy way out when the opportunity presents itself. It will give you peace of mind and a chance to breathe a little!

Creating a personalized wedding card is very simple. You can:

  • Choose the format,
  • Customize ready-made layouts to make your work easier,
  • Start from a blank template.

So, in just a few clicks and a handful of minutes, you will have created the perfect wedding card! A precious time saving for an optimal result.

Personalized Wedding Card: Create Yours Easily

Wedding invitation formats

Let your imagination run wild! You can really personalize your invitations, starting with the choice of format.

Depending on the style of your wedding and the mood you want it to have, you can choose one of the available formats.

Simple Personalized Cards

Simple personalized cards are ideal for those who like to keep things simple and simple. The front and back are enough to set the tone of the wedding with a photo or illustration on the front and the text of your invitation on the back.

Whether it’s a traditional or modern wedding, elegant or more relaxed, the simple card is a safe bet. With your personalizations, the effect will be what you expect!

Personalized bi-fold cards are primarily recommended for couples looking for style and elegance. They are a true showcase for a large announcement of this type.

The bi-fold cards open vertically to reveal the text of the invitation. You can easily upload your photos to online interfaces, write your text and choose the layout.

Personalized Wedding Card: Create Yours Easily

Characteristics of a wedding invitation

A wedding invitation is not just another card, just as a wedding is not just a family reunion. In both cases, there needs to be a little extra soul that confirms the specialness of the moment.

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The printing of your wedding card must be impeccable. Whether it’s the print or the paper quality, you need to make sure that the final result is perfect!


Are you looking for a theme for your wedding card? It has to match your interests and tastes.

The nature theme always works well for personalized wedding cards. Simple and elegant, it allows for a wide variety of possible variations: floral, maritime, country theme, etc.

You can also choose to highlight a region, a country, or a passion dear to your couple (cinema, music, etc.).

It is advisable to create a wedding card consistent with the theme chosen for your big day! Coordinate your desires and decline the theme at your leisure!


Do not neglect the choice of envelopes. They must keep the promise of the emotion they contain. So choose quality envelopes.

Are you a classic and elegant couple? Choose a sober and refined wedding card. Choose a romantic photo of you and your significant other for the first page of your invitation card, write a solemn text for the inside of the card and choose a beautiful typography

Take the break several times and write down different information each time on a slate. This way, you can announce the good news with a photo. On the back, you can specify the information or write a more formal text!

Movie fan?

Why not consider a cinematic wink? You could invite your loved ones to celebrate your wedding as a “mission if they accept”. Or create a wedding card in the form of a movie ticket to invite them to the best romantic comedy of t

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