Blogger’s DIY: Recycled Wine Crates With Style!

Decorating without breaking the bank is possible. For a stylish interior with a unique and authentic personality, rely on recycled decor and, in particular, wine crates. Raw or painted, whole or unstructured, there are 1001 ways to recycle and divert them. The proof is in this selection of the best ideas found by some bloggers addicted to DIY

To find these precious wine boxes, go to garage sales, knock on the door of wine shops, ask your friends and family. Once you’ve found the wine boxes, you’ve done the hardest part. Then it’s time for DIY decorating! Custom-made furniture for the most experienced or a simple shelf for the budding DIYer, there’s something for everyone.

Here are 11 steps that put wine boxes in the spotlight.

Recycled Wine Crates With Style!

1 – Decorating DIY: wine crates transformed into modular shelves

The blogger has found 6 wine boxes to turn them into modular shelves. We love the atypical shape and the colors that we have given to this piece of furniture perfect to host books, magazines, and other decorative objects.

Materials to make this DIY shelf from wine boxes:

– a few wine crates

– white undercoat for woodwork

– matte paint

– wood screws

– an electric screwdriver (or a screwdriver)

How to make this DIY blogger decorating step by step: 

Sand the boxes if necessary. Apply the undercoat to the bottom of the box. Once the undercoat has dried, paint. Arrange the crates as desired and screw in place.

2 – A rolling toy crate: a great idea to repurpose a wine crate!

Far from the old-fashioned plastic crates, this blogger suggests a 100% decorative toy crate to make yourself. On the program: pretty pastel colors and trendy geometric patterns. Your child will be able to leave this box in the middle of the living room. For once, we won’t hold it against him!

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Materials to make this DIY toy crate from wine crates:

– A large, shallow wine crate

– Blue, gray and white paint

– Paint tape or masking tape

– Colorless varnish

– 4 casters

– a drill

– a key

How to make this step by step DIY decorating blogger: 

Clean and sand your box if necessary. Use the tape to mark the areas to be painted. Paint in two coats, starting with the light colors. Varnish. In each corner, drill holes for the casters and attach them with screws. Tighten with a wrench.

3 – Decorating DIY: a bench with drawers

The whole design of this entryway furniture is based on the idea of recycling wine crates and turning them into drawers. We like the detail of the brassed steel handles that give an industrial style to this piece of furniture that hides many storage units.

Materials to make this DIY wine crate banquette:

– 2 large pine panels 200 x 40 cm with a thickness of 18 mm

– 3 panels in medium wood (mdf) of 80 x 40 cm with a thickness of 15 mm

– 6 wine boxes, 2 of which will only be used to create a front

– 2 hinges for the door

– 6 industrial handles

– nails

– 6 mm wooden dowels

– a saw

– a drill

– matte black paint

– 1 rectangle of foam for the bench

– 1 ready-made cover or fabric to sew it

How to make this step by step DIY decorating blogger:

Step 1: Cut the pine panels to the following dimensions: 2 boards of 156 x 40 cm (one for the top and one for the bottom), 5 pine boards of 37 x 40 cm (one on each side and three for the vertical separations), 2 boards of 33, 5 x 40 cm (for the horizontal separations), 1 board of 37 x 37 cm to form the door of the closet (left).

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Step 2: Cut the mdf panels to the following dimensions : 2 boards of 42 x 40 cm for the cross pieces (horizontal), 9 boards of 11,5 x 40 for the cross pieces (vertical).

Step 3: Paint the boards (minimum two coats).

Step 4: Drill holes and assemble the two boards on the side of the furniture (40 x 37 cm) on the board underneath (156 x 40 cm) with the help of dowels.

Step 5: Drill holes and assemble the 3 vertical dividers (size 40 x 37 cm) using the dowels.

Step 6: Drill holes for the dowels and insert 2 boards of 33.5 x 40 cm to the vertical partitions just created to form the horizontal partitions.

Step 7: For the cross pieces, drill holes in the 2 mdf boards (size 42 x 40 cm) to create two floors of cross pieces and assemble the 9 mdf boards (size 11.5 x 40 cm) with the pegs to form the compartments.

Step 8: Drill holes in the 156 x 40 cm board (top of the cabinet) and assemble it to the rest of the cabinet using the dowels.

Step 9: Place the hinges on the 37 x 37 cm board to form the closet door and attach it to the cabinet.

4 – An industrial-style bookcase: a cheap and trendy DIY idea

Under the glass roof that separates the kitchen from the living room, built a characterful bookcase with wine crates painted black and covered with newspaper.

To make this unique piece of furniture that perfectly matches the industrial spirit of the glass roof (also homemade),

Materials to make this DIY bookcase from wine crates:

– 14 wine boxes (classic size)

– matte black paint

– a roller

– sheets of newspaper

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– paper glue

– flat brush

– plywood board

– nails

Paint all the boxes in black. Stack them to form the bookcase. Nail a plywood board to form the bottom and secure the furniture. Glue the newspaper sheets on the crates after gluing them.

5 – Wine crates transformed into storage under a piece of furniture

The blogger, also known as Lili in Wonderland, created some clever storage in her living room by simply sliding wine crates under a low metal buffet. This little touch of wood stands out perfectly in this room that mixes vintage furniture and design objects.

As you can see, these storage units are within everyone’s reach. The most you’ll need to do is sand down your boxes if they’re damaged and eventually glaze them.

6 – Planters to make to add greenery to your home

Turn them into planters while keeping their raw spirit. Here is a DIY that costs three times nothing and that will brighten up your terrace, your balcony or, failing that, your windowsill.

Materials to make a DIY planter from wine crates:

– A wine crate

– A piece of tarp

– A wall stapler

– A pair of scissors

– Clay balls

– Potting soil

– A plant

Layout the tarp inside the box. Resize it, leaving a 5 cm margin. Fold the margin inward and staple every 3 cm. Line the bottom with clay balls. Place your plant in the box with its root ball. Fill with potting soil.



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