How To Jump A Car With A Dead Battery Without Another Car

It is among the world’s worst nightmares if you wake up late because you didn’t hear the alarm even for a few minutes, getting ready and even missed breakfast, so you’re not running late for your work. Then you finally get in your car, switch on ignition. And you find there’s a dead battery.

Now what’re you going to do? Are you going to book a taxi? Or just going to search for the neighbor to support you with your neighbor’s cars so you can kickstart yours with your neighbor’s battery?

Sadly, this might be the circumstance that has occurred to almost anyone who owns the car. The time it will take to get the neighbor to step out and assist you feel like ever.

Although it is not an optimal situation, it could have been worse that you’re  late already. You can discover that everyone has left work already, with no one around to aid. Or it can occur in evenings when you work late and you have been left behind by everyone else.

So, what are you going to do when you don’t locate jumper cables or jump-start the battery with another car?

This topic will discuss how to jump a car now without any help from another car.

Method 1: Using a Jump Box

You can use these two alternatives if you can’t find anyone to assist you with the usual jumpstarting process.

Few people call this a jumpbox, others call it a battery pack, but one should be owned by any driver.

Well, the jump box is just a compact battery and has sufficient power to charge all the remaining electronics devices if you’re using it. It arrives with it’s own cables for the jumper including instructions for connecting to a dead battery. These are referred to as  jump starter as well.

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JumpBox Advantages

  • The battery is typically very thin, 3inches by 5inches so that you can place it easily mostly in the glove compartment.
  • A 12V engine can be started.  
  • For a complete 3 months, it maintains the charge and has an indicator that warns you whenever the charge is reduced.
  • You could use jumpbox to charge your cell phones.
  • It is faster and affordable than purchasing a better battery.
  • On all forms of transmission, it works

The process of starting your battery using a jumpbox is similar to the original form. All you have to do is to connect that battery using the supplied jumper cables to the charger. The comprehensive procedure can be found out here: How  a jump starter should be used?

The technology world has come complete circle and so now you already know how to jump a car without some other car. Even if you feel you will never need it, having a jumpbox for the car is extremely necessary.

The best strategy, however, is to replace the battery after some years and to keep the car properly serviced. Without keeping the radio or the lights  on, if your battery always begins to misbehave, it might be time to get a new one.

Method 2: Starting Push

Due to the clutch, the push starting system works best on manually transmission type  vehicles.

Someone has to push your car from the behind, as the name implies, so it can begin to move even though the engine will not be on. The motion helps it acquire a little energy that will allow the engines to function.

  • Set your ignition keys on, but not completely. By turning completely the key, you don’t want to turn the engine completely, by turning it a bit more to your right.
  • Put the car in gear2
  • Move on those clutches together with brakes and then depress it.
  • Release its brake so that the car could roll, but hold its clutch depressed, once anyone has begun to drive the car.
  • Let the vehicle roll a little bit and also release your clutch. During that point, a transmissions would turn over the engine  and allow it to run.
  • This will power up until your engine starts, therefore the car would continue to drive.
  • If it doesn’t work this time, you could step on the clutch and then release it over and over again.
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Jump Starting on Automated Cars Push

 Trying a push starting technique on an automatic car transmission is very risky since we do not know how fast it will go, which may end up destroying the brake.

However, users always can attempt this on a level floor if you are not having other choices. Get someone to push your vehicle from behind while releasing the foot brake and hand brakes before it begins to shift. Move softly while those gears are on the push, on a gas pedal.

Switch up the ignition then begin stepping on those gas softly until the vehicle is in a steady motion. That is how, without help from another car, you could jumpstart a  car which is automatic .

You have, however,  learned successfully how to jump a car without aid from another vehicle with the  dead battery. Well you can now  enjoy your trip happily.

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