How To Waterproof Wood

Can You Make Wood waterproof?

Most of the very beautiful and delightful furniture, cabinets, and shelf work are always made from wood and wood is the world’s most oldest and most loving building material. But without protection and caring for the wood, most of the wood will suffer from exposure, damage and moisture that results in swelling, warping or even-rotten. Usually, you can easily avail yourself of products that usually wood while recovering its natural beauty.

How To Waterproof Wood

There are three ways to waterproof your wood for many more years to come.

You can use Linseed or Tung oil to bring your wood to a beautiful and protected hand-rubbed and smooth finish.

You can also seal the wood with the coating of polyurethane, varnish or lacquer.

Here is one more way to do so that finish and waterproof wood regularly with a stain-sealant combo.

And when you are choosing the right option for you, you will have to keep in mind that some methods of waterproofing are perfectly suited for both interior or exterior items, while many others are properly geared towards dark or light grained wood.

Waterproof Wood

What Is The Best Waterproofing For Wood?

When you are going to choose how to waterproof wood for bathroom decor, outdoor decks or furniture cabinets, there is a wide range of products available. We have already chosen these three best waterproof wood finish products with a range of different projects below:

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List of Best Waterproof Wood

1.Best Waterproofing Wood Sealer: RUST-OLEUM Marine Spar Varnish

This oil-based wood sealer is the best option for a huge variety of outdoor applications. This is a suitable product that offers one of the best waterproof wood finishes, and it is also UV and chemical resistant.

RUST-OLEUM Marine Spar Varnish

  • It is best for use on exterior wood such as trim, boundaries and wood furniture.
  • It also has a durable coating providing excellent resistance to UV, salt and acetic.
  • It can dry to the touch in 2 hours and covers up to 150sq.ft.

This varnish is not only an excellent choice for maintaining the wood and protecting it from many elements, but it also looks very great. It also provides wood with a very clear, marine grade finish, smoothness for all kinds of wood surfaces. You will always be able to get the most out of your wood by using this varnish.

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2.Best Wood Stain/Sealer for Exterior Use: READY SEAL Exterior Stain and Sealer

The bestest thing of this product is that it includes a sealer and also a stain in one form. This exterior stain helps in drying to a semi-transparent finish and it is oil-based.

READY SEAL 112 Natural Cedar Exterior Stain And Sealer

  • It doesn’t require primer, and may be applied by using sprayer, roller or brush
  • It doesn’t require no back brushing and it will never leave runs, streaks or laps.
  • It doesn’t require any wet-line application on the surface, the product will automatically blend.

It is a great option for anyone who wants to add waterproof finish in the wood and also left with maintaining the natural look of the wood surface. You can also save some money by using this product as this product being a stain and sealer all in one.

  • It includes sealer and stain both in a single form
  • No priming is required in it
  • It is very easy to apply by using a roller, brush or any sprayer
  • It helps in preventing streaks
  • It can be applied without thinning
  • It also includes UV resistance and also having mold protection feature
  • It can be difficult in cleaning up
  • It should be used on bare surfaces or unfinished wood only
  • It is not that much long-lasting as compared to others

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3.Best Waterproofing Wood Oil: HOPE’s Pure Tung Oil

If you are searching for something that will provide a completely natural finish to your wood then you can go for Pure Tung Oil 100%. This is completely solvent-free and a very safe product that can be also used to add a good layer of protection to all kinds of wood surfaces. It reaches deep into the wood and which will result in protecting the wood from spills or moisture.

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HOPE’s 100% Pure Tung Oil

  • This is the naturally drying oil which is recognized by craftsmen to become the ultimate drying oil for all kinds of wood surfaces.
  • It results in enhancing natural colour and it produces an instant smooth gloss.
  • This oil penetrates deep into all kinds of wood fibres, cures, and slowly becomes a part of that wood.
  • It is all natural and free from VOCs properties
  • It helps in providing a moisture-resistant layer from the surface
  • It is a very fast-drying wood oil
  • It also offers an attractive and very durable finish to the wood surface.
  • It will not left with yellow results like other sealants
  • It is more expensive than other oils
  • It takes more time to dry than other oils
  • It is water-resistant but cannot be called as waterproof
  • It will requires minimum three coats on a wooden surface

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It doesn’t only offer a very good layer of smoothness and resistance to the wood surfaces, but it will also increase the natural beauty of the wood. This Pure Tung oil can be used externally or internally as well over a wide range of different kinds of wood products.

How Do You Waterproof Wood Naturally?

There is a method by which we can make our wood surface waterproof naturally:

You have to create a warm and hand-rubbed oil finish for your wooden surface. Linseed oil is derived from the seeds of flax plant and whereas the Tung oil is derived from a CHinese Tree named as Tung Tree, are the origin for nearly all the hand-rubbed and warm oil finishes.

These are using from centuries and thse oils results in beautifying and protecting Such dark-grained wood surfaces like mahogany and walnut woods, And they are still using today But now they are using with some improvements in the formation of these oils. Mixing the oils with some other ingredients fastens the drying and result in eliminating stickiness. You can also purchase raw form of these oils like Tung oil and Linseed oil products- or you can also mix them according to your choice. By the way a standard formation of hand-rubbed oil consists of one-part oil, one-part spirits and a last one-part polyurethane.

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Here are the ways to apply:

  • Firstly, Stir thoroughly.
  • Then you have to apply with natural bristle paint brush to the surfaces of dark-grained woods which are cleaned and sanded as well.
  • Now let the oil soak in the surface and re apply the oil to the spots which are looking dry.
  • Then wipe off the residual of oil, rub it very well with clean dry rags to remove the excess dust.
  • Then allow the wood to dry completely and this can also take few hours or a night which depends on the amount of oil in the mixture.
  • Sand it very lightly by using a fine-grit sandpaper.
  • You can repeat the process with many additional coats as required to obtain your perfect finish of your wooden surface.

Can you seal wood for outdoor use?

The sealing process of wood will surely extend the life of your wooden surface, fencing and outdoor furniture, so there is no need to replace or repair them after a humid summer. And it is a plus point, exterior wood sealers can result in double as a way of changing the look of the wood. Many of the stains and paints waterproof and it can also help in protecting your wooden surfaces from natural wear and tear.

For outdoor seal of a wood can also be done with some chemical protections. But as we know very well that natural weather-resistant wood is the bestest choice for outdoor exposure of any wooden surface, but whereas at some time it can become vulnerable to decay also. The only way to properly use untreated wood of any type outside is with the addition of water-repellent preservatives, sealer or paint that contain UV protection.



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