How To Clean Unfinished Wood Flooring

Everyone knows that the unfinished wood floors are perfect for rustic homes. But the challenge here is how to maintain them clean. The answer may be different as it depends on the individuals. Harsh chemicals can stain the wood. Too much water will cause decolouring of the wood and sometimes also causes warp. There are some methods which will help you to clean the unfinished wood flooring without damaging them.

Everyday cleaning

Routine cleaning of the unfinished wooden surface is essential as it keeps the surface from staining or scratching. If you have a hardwood vacuum with bare floor cleaning, then you might be the luckiest person. This is the simple and most effective way to remove the dust or dirt from the surface without damaging them. The broomsticks also will do a pretty good job in removing the dust from the surface. Look out for the brooms that come with soft bristles. Ensure that there is no gathering of small rocks in the bristles, which will make scratches on the surface. If you want to mop the unfinished surface, then use the liquids sparingly. Use a damp mop. Don’t use excess water as it causes the warp.

Suggested Cleaners

If you want to choose the cleaners for your unfinished wooden surface, you no need to go anywhere. Most of the cleaners for your surface are available in your pantry. Vinegar will be the best choice for many of the surfaces. It is a cost-effective and natural product. Vinegar is acidic, and it needs to be diluted with water before using on the surface. Most of the professionals say that ½ cup of vinegar can be diluted in one gallon of water. The only drawback of this vinegar is its smell. Experts suggest you buy an odourless vinegar and use it.

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Another famous cleaning agent is a cocktail. It can be mixed with water and Murphy’s oil. To make this cocktail a cleaning solution then mix one tablespoon of soap in ½ gallon of water. After making up the cleaning agent, rinse your floor without delay because the delay causes the residue. Use a clean cloth to dry the floor without leaving it in the air.

Deep cleaning the unfinished wood floors.

The chemicals that are most effective in cleaning the unfinished wooden surface are Mineral spirits and Trisodium Phosphate. Both of these agents clean the surface without letting the natural shine go.

Mineral spirit is often used to remove the paint from the brushes and other tools. It will eradicate the stains without damaging the floor. After the cleaning is finished, then wipe the floor with a clean towel or a rag. If you are not fond of using mineral spirits, there is another way to clean the surfaces.

Trisodium Phosphate is a crystallized powder that is available in local markets or hardware stores. Use a brush to work with this chemical and when the cleaning is finished, rinse it with warm water to prevent permanent damage.

Your floor needs to be free from dust or debris to achieve better results. Make sure to conduct a spot test before applying these on the areas.

Safety precautions

Both of these chemicals are volatile and can damage your health. These products are highly flammable and cannot be used near sparks or open flames. Use extreme caution when you are using these chemicals. Always use a respirator when you are working with these chemicals. Make sure that your area is highly ventilated to prevent the exposure to noxious fumes. Don’t use these chemicals in front of children or older people. These chemical substances can irritate your skin and cause some painful reactions. Protect your skin by wearing thick gloves. Always read all the directions before use. You can find out more information by visiting the official website. If you have any problems, consult your Doctor.

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Cleaning your unfinished wooden floor needs some research. But this is not impossible. The beauty of the wooden surface always lies in the natural state. So you need to clean the surface daily. Regular cleaning of the floor is not a big problem and does not require many tools to clean.





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