How To Grow Sugarcane?

Sugar is a product which is used worldwide. Some people consume less sugar while others consume more of it but it is there in all the desserts, soft drinks, candies and sweets.

Have you ever thought that where does sugar come from? One natural source of sugar is the plant called sugarcane. Yes, you heard it right. Sugarcane plant is responsible for the sugar which you consume in the form of your favourite desserts and sweets.

How To Grow Sugarcane?

  • More about Sugarcane

Sugarcane is like grass and it is mostly grown in areas having a tropical climate such as Hawaii and Florida. It is also grown in Texas in a limited quantity. Sugarcane plant takes approximately one year to grow.

It can grow in different types of soils such as sandy soil, loamy soil and clay soil. Sugarcane can grow around 20 feet tall in its local climate. If you live in the above mentioned states, then you can grow your own sugarcane plant.

Yes, it is possible. It may sound a little unreal at first but growing your own sugarcane plant is possible.

  • How can one grow sugarcane in their backyard?
  1. The harvesting season of the plant sugar cane is during late summer and early fall. It is the best to find a sugarcane plant to grow during this time as you may find healthy and the best one.
  2. Now, when you have chosen a nice sugarcane plant to grow, split the stems of the plants in foot-long pieces.
  3. Sugarcane plant requires sun to grow so you will have to choose an area that has good sunlight.
  4. Dig an area so that the sugarcane plant can fit properly and then moisten the furrows lightly.
  5. Now be careful and check that the water has drained completely before planting the sugarcane.
  6. You can now place the sugarcane stems in the furrows and cover them with soil. It should be noted that the stems of the plant should be planted horizontally and not upright.

Now that you know how to grow your own sugarcane plant, you should also be aware about some tips in order to care for your plant.

  • It is important to water your plant frequently to get a healthy sugar cane.
  • You may want to cut your sugar cane plant every now and then as it can grow really tall and spiky.
  • Sugar cane is dependent on nitrogen-rich fertilizers to grow. Fertilizing the plant when the sprouts come out will help the sugarcane to grow strong.

To fertilize it, you may use the normal grass fertilizer or you can also use an organic fertilizer.

  • Pests can cause harm to your plant so keep a regular check on your sugarcane plant to check for any pests or insects.

Harvesting sugar cane plant

Now after growing the sugar cane plant and taking care of it, one should also know how to harvest sugarcane.

Now the time to harvest your sugarcane plant actually depends on the area you live ibn. If you live in place where winters are long and cold, you can harvest your sugarcane by the end of September.

In case you live in an area which has mild winters, then you can let your plant grow till October.

The thing is that the plant should be left to grow for a long period of time before the frost. Now, when you have finally decided to harvest the plant, you can use a machete to cut the canes.

If you want to make more use of the plant, make sure to cut them as close to the ground as possible. Now finally it is time to strip the leaves from your plant. Be careful and protect your hands by wearing gloves as the leaves can be very sharp.

Is it easy to grow the sugarcane plant?

Yes, growing the sugarcane plant may sound very complicated and difficult at first. But it is not difficult provided that you follow all the steps.

Not following the proper procedure may cause harm to the plant or you may not be able to grow the plant. So be careful whenever you plan to grow sugarcane plant on your own.

Taking proper care of the plant also plays a very important role in the growth of the sugarcane plant. So it is easy to grow the sugarcane plant as long as you follow all the steps.

How much time does it take to grow sugarcane?

As mentioned above sugar cane plant may take up to one year to grow. In some areas, it may also take some more time also to grow.

Is there a faster way to grow the sugar cane plant?

Unfortunately, there is no faster way to grow the sugar cane plant. It is a natural process and it takes time to grow. You cannot speed up a natural process.

Even if you try to, you may end up harming the plant. If you try to speed up the process, all of your efforts and patience will go down the drain. So it is really important that you follow all the steps and give the plant time to grow in order to get a healthy sugarcane plant.

Sugarcane is a very important plant. Without this plant, you will not be able to consume your favourite sweets. You can use your own sugarcane plant in various ways.

You can make your own sugarcane syrup. You can also try different desserts with your plant. You can also consume sugarcane juice. It is really beneficial as it is full of anti-oxidants.

However, it should not be given to a person who is diabetic as it is high in sugar. It is a really good idea to grow them yourself in your backyard and you are lucky if you reside in an area where these plants can grow.

So, now that you know the benefits and how easy it is to grow this plant, you should definitely give it a try but remember to follow all the steps.

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