How To Get Rid Of Clover

Some homeowners will be happy to see clover in the lawn, but others will not. When the white clover starts to spring up or creeping out some patches in the yard, there are different ways you can try out to eliminate them.  If you do not want to use chemical, then the good news is that there are green ways of getting rid of the clover without harming the grass.

How do you stop clover from growing?

Pull it up with the hands: clover weed can grow up in patches.  It is easy to remove the clover manually. Loosen up the soil using a tug and a spade and get all the roots off.  When you leave the roots behind, then the clover can grow again.

Deprive the clover of sunlight and oxygen: it is easy to clean the clover, if you block it using sunlight and oxygen.  Use plastic sheeting with garbage bag and put it on a patch.  Secure the corners using the rocks to ensure that it will not fly off.  This will help you to kill off clover within few weeks.  However, this can kill even the grass that will be found under a plastic.

Killing clover with vinegar: create the non toxic weed killer using the natural home remedy.  Use one cup of the vinegar with one cup of the water with a little dishwasher.  Shake everything together and spray it in the patches where clover is grown.  The vinegar dries out leaves while the dish soap ensures that they will not grow back. To kill clover in lawn, you will need to use vinegar for some months. However vinegar may damage the grass so you have to spray this solution in a careful manner.

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Use organic herbicide:  you can try out A.D.I.O.S which can kill the clover without harming the grass.  When you spray it over the clover, weed can get weaken and end up dying.

How To Get Rid Of Clover

When should clover be killed?

Clover is used as the perennial or annual low growing plant of the legume family.  They help the soil by bringing the nitrogen from the air.  They may be allowed to grow with turf grass to reduce the need of using the nitrogen fertilizer.  If you don’t want it, then it will be easy to get rid of it as far you may be diligent.  When you pull out the seedlings, it will prevent any growth of future clover in lawn.  If you cannot get rid of clover easily, then you may try out herbicide.

If you want to get rid of clover grass you should try to use the hoe or to hand pull the clover.  You should not compost the followers since the clover seed will survive in the hot temperature when it is in the compost pile, it can regrow when you use compost.

For clover kills, use the mulch in 4 inches of depth.  This will prevent the clover against germinating.  When seedling had started to appear, you should put the mulch in 6 inches and block out the light and the seedling will stop to grow.

To get rid of clover in lawn, you can use the fertilizer which is high in the nitrogen and low in the phosphorous which will discourage the clover against growing.

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Use the herbicide:  when the clover is already in a large space, you should consult the local gardening store and they will guide you on what you should do.

What is the best herbicide to kill clover?

When you get the clover in grass, it will be a good thing, however, there are people who do not like it and they try to get the clover weeds killer.  However, if you do not want to see clover in your lawn, it is ok to get rid of it.

The two chemical that can kill the clover are Dicamba and MCCP or Mecoprop.  Dicamba is known to be harsh to environment; this is why it is better to use the MCCP for the lawn care.   Many weed control product will contain MCCP with other herbicide combination and they will target all the weed pests.

How do I get rid of clover in my garden bed?

If you do not want clover to grow in the lawn, then you can use different available method”

Spread organic fertilizer: when you use the slow and organic release and nitrogen rich fertilizer, it will make the lawn not to be that hospital.  There are homeowners who will like to use fast release and traditional fertilizer since it will grow the grass faster and it will not cost too much.  However, when organic fertilizer is used, it will lead to healthier grass in the end.

Use the corn meal gluten: corn meal gluten will release the organic peptide into the soil so it will prevent the growth of clover.  How it is not a method to get rid of clover, since it only prevent the sprout of the new seed, but it will not kill existing ones.

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Mow grass higher:  the clover can grow only if the grass is not tall to 3 inches. The height can stress the grass and it will make it easy to spread clover. When you mow the grass high, the grass will be able to outcompete clover.

Instead of trying to remove clover from lawn, you should also make sure that the clover will not grow in the first place. The best conditions for clover are the compacted soil, poor nitrogen level, low grass or the soil with wrong pH.  If you make sure that the lawn does not have all these properties, then you will be killing clover slowly.

However, before you decide to kill off clover, remember that it is a natural fertilizer and it will make the lawn greener. It will also prevent the growth of other weed.  Since the clover leaves will cover the soil, it will be hard for other types of weed to grow in that area.  So you will not have to deal with different types of weed.

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