How To Get Rid Of Raccoons

If you are familiar with raccoons, then you also familiar with their problematic actions. Although, by their face, they look very cute. But from their action, they actually not that very cute but problem creators. Besides, they are also carriers of different types of disease. Also, the female raccoons are always searching for shelter inside your room, and they can sometimes tear up your fascia boards, shingles, or ventilators on your roof to get into your attic. Also, if they get into your home, they also destroy the insulation, go to your bathroom, and carry different types of parasites being a host. Besides, your room may crawl up under your deck or porch when they are inside or go to the chimney. Then, they also find food for themselves near your house, ponds, or garden. So basically create damage for you. And for all of these reasons, you may not want them in your house or drops your trash can and disturb you at night. Therefore, you dont have to worry further. Because today we are going to tell you how to get rid of raccoons from your home.

Determination of Your Problem (Racoons)

First, you get rid of your problems, that are the raccoons, you have to identify or determined that they visit your house. How can you do that? Look over for some signs in your house or beside your home garden for home. Find out if your trash can is ripped over, damage in your garden or fish pond, troubled compost piles, or an emptied or spilled pet feed bowl. Also, looking for their tracks and droppings inside your gardens, ponds, and rooms.

Besides, they give you all this evidence before you can determine them in your house by their sounds, although you can not see them at night. Thus, it does not matter that how you determine them. But the first thing is wherever you determined them get rid of them. Because as you already know, they are the problem creators also the disease carrier.

How You can get rid of Raccoons

Mainly, raccoons come where there is plenty of food source available or where a potential den site is present. Basically, the female raccoons are visiting these places to find out their shelters. In the urban and suburban areas, these raccoon’s populations increase rapidly because of the availability of food sources. Thus, it is very common to get rid of the raccoons you have to reduce the food sources in your area.

If you are living in a dense area where the raccoons problem is very common and huge. Then, it is not possible for your own to get rid of them. Here you need the community’s help and all of their togetherness to keep away all the raccoons from your locality. This why, when going to live in a locality, early detection of the raccoons is essential.

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If your problem is not about to get rid of a dense locality raccoons problem, which can be solved by community help, Then follow the things given below to get rid of the raccoons from your home.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons

Secure Your Trash Can

Secure the trash can is very important to avoid the raccoon’s problem. A trash can outside your room or near your room very much attracts the raccoons. So get rid of them, don’t keep your trash can on the outside of your room. Or, if you put that in out, make sure that the can is a heavy one that is not ripped off by the raccoons. Also, make the lead very strong, so they can not disperse the trash all over your garden.

Observe Your Bird Feeders

If you use a special feeder like a shepherd’s food or bring your feeders at night, one of these methods is very good for determining the raccoons in your garden and then traps them. Your birds also love this one.

Don’t Keep Your Pet Food Outside

Before the night, you need to back your pet food inside your room and not leave them outside. As the raccoons get the foods from your pet foods and they come again and again. So don’t do that.

Put Fench around all the Locality where Raccoons come

Raccoons come mainly garden to look for the foods, go to your fish pond to find the fishes and also go to the compost pile or, if installed, any new turf. To keep away all the raccoons from these areas of your home, the best thing is to install wired french and put them all the sides. You can also put the normal fences in this area, but it will not work as they can jump over the fences or dig up the under the fences, so normal wooden french have no value. Thus, you can put the wire stand on the fences or keep the wire above the fence and down the fences for some distance. Also, keep a switch for the wires and use a high voltage, low amperage fence charger to charge them. You can also buy the two-wired electrical french and put them beside your crops, sweet cons, and melons gardens. So that this thing also not get destroyed by the raccoons. Because raccoons also make this as their food but destroy the garden. After you put all the fences, make them active by a fence charger from dusk to dawn. You can also put this short type of fence beside your new lawn so that they did not dig out the insects or grubs from your lawn and destruct it. Make the fences when your turf is new, and also, you can remove the fences on the turf when they have roots. Besides the garden, it can also be put outside your ponds to save your fishes from raccoons, especially the goldfish and koi fish.

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Collect Fallen Fruits and Nuts

Raccoons are also attracted by the fruits and nuts that is fall into your garden. They love to eat that food. So, don’t keep them in your yard, and collect them so that it does not attract raccoons on your home.

Never Provides Foods for Raccoons Intensionally

You never should provide food to the raccoons from your own and also tell your neighbors not to give them because they will come again and again for the food. And their numbers will be increased day by day, and a huge number of raccoons can create a huge problem for you.

Reduce Raccoons Nesting Sites on Your Home

Once you avoid all the food problems that may attract the raccoons, it is time to get rid of the potential sites that the raccoons want to find. Especially remove the den site for which they come near your home. Without a nesting site near your home, raccoons don’t come near you and dont interested in your home. So, it is the best way to get rid of them.

Clean Your Yard

Remove den sites from your yards by cleaning the yards so that it is no more remaining as a nesting site for raccoons. You have woodpiles, branches of trees from your yard. Also, remove overgrown branches so that they can not reach your roof.

Seal Your Chimney

Seal your chimney with a spark arrester or chimney cap, as it is a favorite spot for raccoons. They love to make their nest inside your chimneys. So it is the best idea to cover your chimney. Ensure that you installed the chimney cap very strongly so that no raccoons again go inside your chimney. But before you close your chimney, first make sure that there are no raccoons already present inside the chimney. If there are any raccoons, remove them with the help of a specialist.

Seal Other Entry Points

Besides chimneys, the other favorite place for raccoons is decks, porches, tool sheds, etc. outside of your room. Sealing these places along with the chimneys is a good idea to reduce the number of raccoons.

Other Methods to keep away Raccoons

Some people use other methods to keep away the raccoons from your home. They use ripples to keep away them, traps to catch them. But these are not very effective in getting them away from you for longer. They are not coming near you until they understand the repellents are just to get rid of them but not create any harm to them. So it is best that instead you go for this method try to remove foods and shelter for them.

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Thus if you cover this article with full concentration, you don’t have to face the raccoon’s problem again.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. What is a natural deterrent for raccoons?

There are mainly four types of natural deterrents you can find for raccoons. Spices such as cinnamons, cayenne peppers, or black pepper bother in raccoons’ noses. A mixture of cayenne peppers and onions in boiling water make a good type of natural raccoons repellent.

B. What do raccoons hate the most?

Raccoon hates natural things like hot pepper, a concoction of onions and pepper, garlic juice, Epsom salts, and Peppermint essential oils. The smell of hot peppers irritates raccoons, so they hate it. The mixture of onions, pepper, and water in equal amounts creates a pungent smell. If you spread it in your yard raccoons, dont want to come. And also, the other things keep away the raccoons from it because they don’t like the smell of any of it.

C.  What is the best way to get rid of raccoons?

As we already mentioned many ways to get rid of raccoons. Like avoid keeping foods outside, don’t keep trash can outsides, don’t give food on your own, down make shelters in your home for them, cover your chimney, cut the extra branches so they can not go to your room to find shelter. Also, you can use natural repellents to keep them away from your house.

D.  How do I get rid of raccoons in my yard?

To keep raccoons away from your yard, clean your yard, so there are no den sites available there. Don’t put the trash can and pet foods in the yard that’ll attract the raccoons. You can also put the wired fences on all sides of your yards. So they can not come inside your yards. Besides, spreads the repellents on your yards, so they avoid coming to your yard because of the strong irritating smell.



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