How To Get Wax Out Of The Carpet

Sometime, the candle wax may be dripped into the plush carpet accidently and it may look as if you are hopeless when it comes to get it out.  However, with few tricks, hot iron and cool head, the wax will be removed in few minutes.

You will need to get a heavy duty cleaner to remove wax from carpet: you need to scrape, to dampen and to spray. You should start by scrapping of the hardened wax.  Use a butter knife to scrape away the wax.  You can vacuum the loose up wax and continue to loosen the wax chunks.

Iron the carpet to get wax out of the carpet.

Dampen a white cotton towel and fold it in two. Put it over a wax. Use a hot iron over the towel for at least 10 seconds. This heat can draw wax out away of the carpet in the towel.  Continue the process up to the time the wax is completely gone.

Scrap the carpet: wax out carpet, you should start by spraying the carpet cleaner over the stain and to scrub it off the carpet using the spoon.  Dap it to dry using the clean white towel and then air dry the place.  If the carpet is light colored or it shows dark stains, it may require some scrubbings. Even if everyone will think about using the paper bag first, you should remember that the paper bag may overheat and it may burn out the carpet.

The first step to remove candle wax from carpet is scraping it until you get off all the possible wax.    When you scrape the knife over the carpet, the place can be fuzzy; you may use the scissors over the carpet to get rid of the fuzz.  You can then use the heat exchange so that you can reach deeper within the carpet fiber to get rid of all the wax.  If   you have a light colored carpet, the wax may discolor this area.  You should use the heavy duty stain remover to get candle wax out of carpet without leaving any stain.

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Get Wax Out Of The Carpet

How do you get candle wax out of the carpet without an iron?

If you love the intimate ambience brought about the candle light, then you may always be worrying about the wax drips that may destroy the rug.  It is good if you understand how to get rid of wax on carpets, before it even happens.  The good news is that it is easy to get rid of the wax by the use of paper towel or ice. It is important to deal with the problem as soon as it takes place.

If you do not want to use the iron in cleaning wax off carpet, then you can try out other methods.  You need all the supplies to get rid of the wax.  You will need the following suppliers to get candle wax off carpet, ice pack, hair dryer, butter knife, paper towel, carpet cleaner and vacuum.

Freeze up the wax: the first step in removing the candle wax away of the carpet is to see it. When it says longer into the carpet, it will be become harder to clean it. You should put ice pack over the wax. Wait for at least 10 minutes and ensure that the wax will not be wet because of the ice. When the wax became moisturized, it will make the stain to become tougher.

When the wax had been frozen, use a butter knife in order to scrape away the wax off the carpet.  You should not be too rough with a carpet since you will not have to cut off the thread.  You can vacuum off the pieces you had scrapped away.

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Heating and absorbing the wax: put a paper towel or a brown paper bag over the wax. You can use the hair dryer to heat up the wax.  Blow the hot air in the wax stain, up to the time it gets warm.  You can then press the paper towel or the brown paper bag over the stain in order to absorb such wax.

Clean a carpet: the last step will be to use the cleaning solution over the candle wax on carpets.  If the candles are colored, you can use a white towel with rubbing alcohol over the stains up to the time the color is completely removed.   When the carpet gets dried, you should run a vacuum on that area so that the carpet can get back its natural texture.

What it is the easiest way to remove candle wax?

If you like to use candles, you will want to know more than just the best way to get wax out of carpet. This is because the candle may stain different items you use at home.  If you want to remove the candle from the wood, you should use the ice cube to harden the wood first. You can rub away the residue using cream furniture wax. If it is on the flooring, use hot water to soak it and wipe it off using dry cloth. Fabric furniture:  use a butter knife to get rid of the most wax. In case you work on the piece of the furniture, you can use a bag with iron at a medium heat up to the time the remaining wax has transferred into the bag.

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Leather furniture:  use the blow dryer faster over the wax, so that you can warm the wax, but you do not burn leather.

Do wax stains out?

 If the regular ice will not be cold enough, you can use dry ice.   It will not leave any residue and it will chill the place faster compared to normal ice.  However, you have to be careful and only use leather work; it may end up damaging the skin.  In case the candle was colored, the dye can be permanent into the carpet. After finishing the first process, you can use the carpet cleaner so that you may get rid of the stains after the wax off carpet.

What will dissolve wax?

Because the candle wax is based on oil, if there is any wax stain, then you should use the oil solvent.   The common ones are acetone and isopropyl alcohol.




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