How To Melt Copper At Home

Copper is a timid metal that easily conducts electricity and heat. It has a  high melting point of up to 1,085°C. The normal method of smelting copper is through large quantities of copper. Consequently, with the widespread availability of copper, a smaller technique for the melting of copper has developed.

There are various methods used for melting copper. Each technique uses a specific container and heating element.

In this article, you will find out how to melt copper at home.

Here, I suggest a simple procedure to melt copper at home.

Components required

  • Copper
  • Gloves
  • Glasses
  • Face mask
  • Cast iron pan

Simple Procedure to Melt copper

  • Collect the materials you need
  • Ensure about the safety equipment
  • Provide the required fuel
  • Build an outer structure
  • Cover the oven floor with ceramic or refractory brick
  • It covers the base and the interior walls.
  • Prepare the samples of the metal
  • Destroy and separate the pieces of copper.
  • Cut the remains of copper with a burner
  • Check the temperature for
  • Add the molten copper to the mold.

Properties Of Copper

  • Copper is a soft malleable metal with a bright reddish color
  • It has a high electrical and thermal conductivity that means copper is easy to melt.
  • Copper has a high melting point of 1982 F.

Method for melting copper

Step 1. Identify the way to reach 1083 celsius temperature. At this temperature, the copper starts to melt. You can also use a blast furnace.

Step 2. At both edges of the tube, drill two holes to protect the chrome wire. The nichrome filament is the heating element combined with the cable which protects the wire turns from winding.

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Step 3. Applying the formula L = RXS, you can determine the length of the thread.

R indicates the resistance of the heating element

L indicates the length

S indicates wire section

Step 4. Bind the yarn with the spiral warn and close with a liquid glass. Afterward, remove the conductor and wrap the spiral.

Step 5. Note the temperature sensor. Mix the aluminum wire and chrome. Attach the transformer to one end of the twist. The transformer regulator should be placed at a division zero.

Step 6. Take dielectric cover, pour graphite, and borax powder at a ratio of 5:1. Fix another wire to the solder point from the transformer.

Step 7. The melted ball rises at the point of contact. Mount the thermocouple and connect it to 500 millivolts.

Step 8. Maintain the balance of clay and copper at a temperature of the possible range of 1,083 degrees celsius.

Step 9. You must note that molten copper should have a high melting point than copper


  • You should not melt copper without safety equipment, it causes extremely vulnerable.
  • You should wear a face mask and gloves to protect yourself from gases discharged by copper heating.
  • The extraction of copper from a mineral is complex than the melting of copper products because the mineral contains other substances that must be removed. Besides, it is difficult for a person to obtain copper ore from a mine.
  • You should not pour molten copper into a damp surface because it destroys the metal surface and metal.


Copper is not as difficult to melt as other materials. It is possible to melt by yourself. Because it is a transition metal that easily conducts heat and electricity.

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I hope this article can provide you more information about how to melt copper.

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