How To Use A Beard Trimmer With A Guard

It is important for every man to get the grooming kit. The trimmer will clean up the winter beard you worked on and it will look respectable and intentional.  It will also help in getting the closer trim which will look nice, if you do not want to go for a clean shave.  It is easy to use and to maintain the beard trimmer. It is important to swap beard guard and to ensure that the blades are always oiled.  You can get the best trim and you will clean the trimmer within some minutes.

Look for the best 300 beard trim that fits you:  you will find a number of trimmers which will be different depending on their capability and their prices.  In case you are looking to get a beard trimmer which will provide the right power that will give even shave but at the same time, keeping the charge and cost less.

Decide on the beard length: every person will have his own standard and what can look good on him.  If you want to achieve to the best length of your beard, you should start by shaving the entire face, and let it start to grow.  When you reach on the desired length, then you can look for the best trim beard with clippers choice you will need to keep the beard at that level.

Get the beard trimmer which will work for all your needs:  after learning about your options and the desired length, you should get the right trimmer which will fit into all your needs. When you get the beard trimmer, you will get the trimmer according to how much you are willing to spend.  However, it will not mean that you will have to spend too much money on a trimmer. You should start by choosing the trimmer which have the right attachment and which feature the small price tag which may lead to the best results.

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How To Use A Beard Trimmer With A Guard

Keeping everything organized:  If you are trimming beard with hair clippers, you will need to get the container where everything will be organized.  You need to get the best place where you can keep guards, heads, oil and charger.

Do you shave up or down with a beard trimmer?

Before you start to use the trimmer, you should oil the trimmer.  In case you have the beard trimmer, it will require the oil so that it will work in the proper manner. You have to ensure that the trimmer had been oiled up. Use few drops of the oil on the blades and run a trimmer.

Start shaving: you should start to long hair and finish with short hair.  If you have enough beard and you wish trimming it down to reach to a respectable length, then you will have to use number 3 guard comb.

  • You should trim beard with or against grain. The facial hair can grow out or down, so you have to point the blade up or shave in the opposite direction of the grain.
  • Put a flat part of beard comb against the face in order to get the right results.
  • Shave at the face and neck
  • When you do not see that the length is changing, then you will need to change to the lower guard.

Switching to a lower guard; when you have finished with your neck and face and you are happy with the length, then you can trim the neck. If you use the lower guard such as a 1, you can buzz the hair against the Adam’s Apple and just for under the jawline.

  • You should start to trim beard up or down.
  • In case you should like to go short compared to 1 guard, you should remove the guard and then shave with the blades directly.
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If you are happy with the results, you should clean up any stray.  You have to ensure that you got even shave from different places and check the mirrors for the stray hairs.

What guard should I use to trim my beard?

According to the length of the hair you want to keep,   and then you have to decide on the guards afterwards. Each guard is capable to leave behind a certain level of hair in the length of millimeter or inches that you will be having on the face after each use.

The beard trimmer guard lengths will start at 1.5 mm and it will go up for an inch or even more.  There are different guard sizes, such as number 1, number 2 beard guard and to continue.  When you have decided on the length of your hair, the next step is to decide about the length the guard says it will leave behind, and you will be ready to go.  However, if you are not sure of the right size, then you should start with guard with a higher number and go down if you are not satisfied.  You should not also forget the goatee guard.

Can you use beard trimmer to shave head?   

When it comes to hair clippers and beard trimmer, the difference may not be definitive.  This is why it will cause confusion.  What make them different are the guard size and the blade. Different types of the hair will require different guard size and blade type. The clippers can be used to cut longer hairs while the trimmers will be used to cut shorter hairs and leave fine details.  When it come to decide between the  hair clipper or beard trimmer, you should go for a trimmer if you want to shave lighter and thinner hair but if you have thick or  too much hair, you should go for hair trimmer.

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Are beard guards the same as hair guards?

The hair clipper guards are the attachment combs or clipper guards which are the tools that helps to keep the hair at the same length, while cutting it.  They should be used with the blades of the clipper.

However when it comes to beard guard, it will do the same as hair guards, but it will be keeping the beard clipper lengths. The beard guard will offer the best accuracy and there is no need to worry about any mishap or accidents.

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