How To Get A Stripped Bolt Off?

There are many things, which consist of many other parts. These parts are attached with the help of nut and bolts. People may have to pack the thing or may open the nut and bolt for maintenance or for repairing. There are chances that these nuts get stuck and people do not know how to get a stripped bolt off. In this article, we will discuss the methods, which people can use to remove stripped screws from the equipment, which they have to open.  First let us know about stripped nut.

Stripped Nut

A stripped nut or bolt comes in the form of a hexagon metal fastener. There is a circular hole, which is used to fit into the nut.  There are chances that the thread present in the nuts become round and they are unable to remove. In such a situation, people need to know how to remove stripped screws. If the bolt is broken, then it can worsen the problem. People need to take the equipment to an expert and he asks for more payment in order to amend the equipment.

How to get a stripped bolt off?

Now let us know how to get a stripped bolt off. There are many methods, which people can use to strip off the nut. If there is a problem in the thread, then people have to use a threading tool. If the stripping is seen from outside, then the methods discussed below will help the people to remove the stuck screw.

Brute force

If the nut is stuck in such a way that it is not coming out, then people have to use brute force in order to pull it. Here are the things that people need to follow.

  • The tools used in this method are chisel or hammer which have to be hit on the center of the screw.
  • People can also hit the nut from the other side to remove it.
  • Both these steps have to be done repeatedly in order to separate the nut from the bolt.
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Blow torch

Metals have the property to contract when it becomes cold and it expands when heated. When people have to use blow torch, they also need to wear gloves and safety glasses to prevent any kind of injury. Even if they are injured, the injury should not be severe. Here are the steps of using blow torch.

  • Heat the nut or bolt with blow torch. The heating should be done till the time the metal expands.
  • Now let the metal cool.
  • Now try to remove the nut from the bolt.
  • If it is not removed, repeat the process and the nut will be separated from bolt.

Metal saw

Metal saw is another good tool with which people can know How to get a stripped bolt off. People need to use the tool; in such a way that it cuts the bolt as per the required size. People need to give time to do the job. They also need to wear gloves to prevent injuries. Here are the steps, which they have to use to implement the tool.

  • Use the saw in such a way that it moves through the nut.
  • After cutting the nut, the next thing to do is open the nut gently.
  • Pliers can also be used to pull out the nut forcibly after the cut is made.

Rock the bolt

In order to apply the method, people need two tools, which are socket and ratchet. People need to apply this method before any other one. Here are the steps, which people have to follow.

  • Use the ratchet and socket to pull and push the bolt or nut.
  • When it is felt that the nut or bolt has start moving, a penetrating spray should be sprayed on the thread of the nut.
  • Both the steps should be repeated until the nut and bolt are separated from each other.
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Power drill

This method is similar to cutting the nut or bolt with a saw. This method should only be used if no other method works in separating nut and bolt.  Here are the steps that people have to follow in order to separate nut and bolt.

  • The drill comes with small metal cutting drill bits. People need to assemble the drill by using these bits.
  • Drill should be used in the same way as the saw is used. The nut should be cut in order to separate it from the bolt.
  • Remove the nut and get rid of the problem.

Welding machine

If the shape of the nut has become very bad, then welding machine is the best option to separate it from bolt. The welding torch has to be attached to the nut or the bolt. People need to call a certified dealer for the purpose, as this is a dangerous process. Here are the steps of using the welding machine.

  • Attach the welding torch to the nut or bolt in order to separate them.
  • Pliers should also be used to turn the nut or the bolt and remove it.
  • The nut should be removed in such a way that other parts of the equipment are not damaged.

Bolt extractor

People can purchase bolt extractor easily from the market. People should check the quality of the tool. It is so because low quality extractors are also available and they may not do the job correctly. Hardened bits should be used with the tools because they have the ability to catch hold of the thread of the bolt. Here are the steps, which people should follow.

  • Use a drill to make a tiny hole in the bolt.
  • Now the extractor should be attached to the hole while keeping the drill in reverse order.
  • The bolt should be extracted slowly from the bolt.
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Wrapping Up

People may get frustrated easily when the nut is stuck in the bolt. Rather than getting frustrated, people should use these method in order to separate the nut and bolt easily. Using these methods is simple but people should use them carefully to prevent injuries.





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