Top 10 Best Cement Mixers for Quality Construction Work

Is it possible to chat about construction work while omitting the topic of cement mixers? No, it is not possible. Cement mixers, also called concrete mixers, are machines that can be used all the time. These machines lessen the burden of construction work, as well as cutting downtime and labour costs. These individual machines help workers mix different elements to form concrete. Usually, mixing concrete is not difficult to do if it is small amounts. However, if it is in a large number, you cannot just go and mix it with your hands like that.

Therefore, this is when the cement mixer comes into the picture. It is built to mix concrete properly and save you a lot of time and resources.

The machines operate on a low operation and maintenance cost, but it is very efficient for producing a lot of concrete.

When referring to what type of concrete mix to buy, the options in the market are too many, and you might be overwhelmed in making the right decisions.

Moreover, you need to know the right type of cement mix to suit your quality construction work. To aid you in making the right decision about which mixer to get, we have made up a list of the best ten cement mixers you can buy for your construction work.

Top 10 Best Cement Mixers

1/Kushlan Cement Mixer

Speaking of concrete mixers, the Kushlan concrete mixer is a simple concept of a cement mixer and wheelbarrow mixer in one. The cement is created in a wheelbarrow form, and instead of its usual wheelbarrow shape, it contains mixing drums instead. This makes the cement mixer ideal for experts that like to DIY themselves.

Strong Build

This mixer has sturdy steel handles and tyres made out of polyurethane. The drum mixers are also made out of polyurethane, making it resistant to rust or dents. CSA also approves this mixer.

Strong Motor and Large Capacity

Despite the mixer’s build, the mixer still comes with an electric motor that gives you lots of horsepower. Moreover, the drum has a lot of capacity, allowing you to hold up to a few bags of premix cement.

  • It has steel blades that come with concrete setups.
  • You can pour it quickly, and it is portable.
  • The drum can be cleaned with ease.
  • It has a unique tube frame made out of steel.

  • It is not easy to dump the cement into a wheelbarrow.

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2/Yardmax Cement Mixer

This sturdy cement mixer is the best friend of the construction worker. It can produce strong performance no matter what the weather condition is. Moreover, you can quickly assemble it in less than an hour. It saves time and resources on putting together the whole machine.

Furthermore, the motor drive parts have already been put together from the factory to make the entire installation process much simpler. The way the cement mixer is constructed makes it simple to move the device around and pour the cement mix out. The mixer can be used for different usages by different people. The mixer is available in various capacities.

Short Height

YARDMAX cement mixer is constructed with a short height so that you can pour the cement mix into forms and allows you to move around and give you the best combination of performance and practical usage.

Priority On Safety Usage

To make sure that the operation goes safely, YARDMAX has installed a safety guard below the gear section. The drum always maintains its place and location with a steel ring and steel spring handle.

  • The steel drum makes the whole cement mixer durable.
  • The drum has easy maintenance.
  • It is simple to assemble the machine.
  • IP45 certifies the machine parts.
  • The drum opening is not big enough to pop in a whole bag of concrete in one go.
  • You cannot pour the cement mix into a standard wheelbarrow.

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3/Goplus Concrete Mixer

There are different concrete mixers, and these concrete mixers can suit any purpose. The mixer is used for construction sites, rebuilding homes, as well as doing chores on the farm. The whole body is created out of steel, so it is very durable.

It is adequately equipped with a switch and lock to let the mixer fix in place during operation time. It has a capacity of withholding one 80 pounds of cement mix at one go.

 Multi-Purpose mixer

A heavy-duty mixer can be used on different platforms for mixing food for animals. It also has unique weld mixing knives to stir the food up in a more effective way.

Powerful Drum and Motor

The mixer has a thick drum made out of steel and is rust-resistant, making it durable. The motor is backed up with a fast RPM to make the whole thing more efficient.

  • It has an exclusive lock to keep the fixer in its right position.
  • There is a strong motor for steady output.
  • There is a bracket to make it more stable.
  • You need proper expertise to put it together.
  • The manual guide does not provide much help.

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4/Kushlan Cement Mix 3.5 Cu Ft

Another great mixer from this brand based on our list, it is a durable unit that delivers excellent performance. The concrete mixer is created like a wheelbarrow mixer and has a steel, robust build with flat tires to boot. The mixers have removable handles made out of solid steel for manoeuvring correctly. It can only hold about two bags of concrete mix of 80lbs.

 Strong Drum

The drum is made out of polyethene that makes it resistant to dents or rusts, and it needs some time to clean up. Certified bodies approve the mixer.

 Strong Motor

Despite the build, the mixer has a powerful motor that boasts a stable RPM up to 28 RPM.

  • Easy and straightforward to clean.
  • Has three steel knives with particular cement configuration.
  • Easy to pour and portable.
  • It does not have a large capacity.
  • It is not tall enough to pour the cement into a bucket.

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5/SUNCOO 2.5 Concrete Mixer

For its flexibility, the SUNCOO concrete mixer has made its way on the list. It is durable and easy to carry about mixer for mixing concrete and other construction materials. It can also mix animal feeds together. The whole machine is created out of particular grade steel, and it is a great tool to use on the construction site.

Mixer With A Strong Motor

One unique feature of the SUNCOO mixer is that it has stirring that can complete 360 degrees mixing that is equipped with a proper motor that comes with copper coils to give you more power and efficiency.

 Stable Balancing

The mixer has wheels that make it more stable and shockproof. Moreover, the inner wall of the mixer is thick, to provide more safety and work capacity.

  • It has a 360-degree rotation.
  • It is entirely shockproof.
  • You can use it for multiple purposes.
  • CSA approves it.
  • It has a switch for safety.
  • It is not easy to move around.
  • Not easy to control.

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6/F2C Electric Concrete Mixer

What happens if what you are looking for is not the broad type of concrete mixer? The marketplace knows that this feature can be a problem too; therefore, this is why manufacturers create cement mixers that are handheld for people that are searching for a portable cement mix for small construction tasks. F2C has a handheld mixer made out of different materials like cement, mortar and plaster, as well as animal feed.

 Extra Points

The mixer has a robust, ergonomic handle with different levels of gears. The motor can also perform at different speeds depending on how viscous the cement materials are. Moreover, the engine is heat-proof.

Special Heat Radiator

The mixer has a heat radiator on top of it. Therefore, it possesses better air ventilation when carrying out the cement operation. You can also avoid dust when operating the cement mixer.

  • It is simple to assemble.
  • The handle has a unique design that has a secure grip.
  • There are two different carbon brushes that you can replace once the original units break apart.
  • It isn’t cut out for heavy-duty construction.

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7/Generic Concrete Mixer

This concrete mixer is on the list of best portable mixers on this guide. The concrete mixers can be used for construction work or farming uses. It is excellent for mixing different construction materials, as well as various types of farm feed. It also has a strong motor in it, like a constant RPM that is easy to move around the worksite. This body is durable with strong solid materials.

Safety Features

There is a safety lock that allows the mixer to be in place for carrying out operations and a large wheel for stability.


  • It can adapt to work on both farm and construction sites.
  • You can keep the drum in place with a unique safety lock.
  • You can move the device around with a proper wheel.
  • The manual guide is not good enough.
  • A beginner might face difficulty assembling the whole unit.

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8/VIVOHOME Concrete Mixer

VIVOHOME is a great mixer, and this electric cement mixer has a strong motor, so you can perform a proper cement mixing when using the device. This device comes with different levels of speeds. There is also a gearbox that makes the mixture less sticky. It is also great for different types of ingredients for mixing the cement.

Quality Design

The mixer has been created for sturdy material. It also has a proper handle for proper handling with the steel mixing rod. The concrete mixer is built to switch off properly in case it overheats.

The Whole Package

The package has a guide to install it. It also has two carbon brushes and two wrenches for you to assemble it correctly. These two carbon brushes give the device a longer lifespan.

  • It is light and easy to operate.
  • The handle provides excellent handling.
  • It can adapt to different applications.
  • Different speed levels.
  • It is not meant for heavy-duty work.

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9/SUNCOO 4.2 Cu Cement Mixer

SUNCOO has a great mixer that is a mix of high-grade concrete mixers in the market. It has a large capacity with 4.2 cu compared to the other model mentioned earlier. The mixer can be used for construction work and mixing animal feed. The mixer rotates at 36 RPM and comes with a motor made out of steel frames.

Stable Balancing

The mixer wheels make the device stable. It is also shockproof, and it can carry loads around. Moreover, the inner mixer device is thick to ensure better safety features.

360 Degrees Mixing With Strong Motor

One unique feature that you can bring home is the SUNCOO mixer is the unusual stirring that completes a mix of 360 degrees with a proper motor. It also comes with a copper coil that offers adequate power and is more efficient in carrying out tasks.


  • It has a mixing drum of 360 degrees.
  • There are shockproof balancing wheels.
  • There are multi-purpose applications.
  • There is a safety switch.
  • It is CSA certified.
  • The height is excellent for dumping into wheelbarrows.
  • It doesn’t have a handle to pull or push.
  • Not easy to control.

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10/Xtreme Power Electric Concrete Mixer

This mixer is one of the best in the market, and you can mix any construction material. The speed of the power and the gears make it versatile so that it can incorporate any type of mixture. It comes with a special knife for making special mixtures that make it easy to operate with a unique mechanism to make sure the device does not switch on by itself.

Special Lock Mechanism

The lock button on the mixer makes it easy to operate. You do not need to turn down the switch during the whole mixing process. To make the entire operating process more straightforward, the handler is made in the form of a steering wheel that lets it operate even in tight spaces.

Comes With A Radiator

The mixer comes with a radiator on top of the mixer to cool down the device, and it is built strategically on top of the mixer to avoid the mixer from getting debris, therefore affecting the mixer performance.

What We Like:

  • You can use it for different functions.
  • It also comes with a proper finger lock that restrains the device from turning it on by itself.
  • It also has a thumb trigger to allow the device to keep running onwards.
  • There is an aluminium body that withstands impact.

 What We Don’t Like:

  • The guide is not useful.
  • There is no proper speed mixer.

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Advantages of Using A Concrete Mixer

Using a cement mixer makes all the construction workers’ life easy, and farm owners have used concrete mixers due to its gains and application. Some of the benefits of using it are:

Saves time. The use of the machinery saves effort and time, so using the cement mixer is the same thing. No matter how big or small the device is, it still saves a lot of time compared to mixing the whole thing with your bare hands.

It saves cost. You do not need to hire more people to do the work for you when you can operate the mixer by yourself, especially if the project is significant. You can also save the cost of the material if the cement mixer prevents any wastage from occurring if you put in the right amount of ingredients.

It maintains the health of the workers. Workers might experience body pain from doing construction work manually with their hands.

Using concrete mixes, all health problems can be avoided.

How To Use A Concrete Mixer

  • Use the proper amount of water by mixing the concrete according to the appropriate manufacturer label.
  • Prepare the mixture and cut the cement bag. Pour the quantity based on the water needed for the cement output.
  • Connect the mixer to your power outlet and switch it on to start mixing the concrete properly.
  • Once the whole mixture is done, switch off the power and pour the mixture into a wheelbarrow.

Maintaining Tips For Concrete Mixer

To retain the machine in its best condition, it needs proper maintenance. It makes sure that the device is delivering work accurately and stops the mixer from operating slowly.

The concrete mixer has to be cleaned regularly. You might need to clean the mixing paddle and drum as well when cleaning.

Use a water hose to get rid of the cement before it piles up. Make sure to use a pressure washer to get rid of debris that is too hard to get rid of.

Make sure to chip off cement if the pressure washer doesn’t work. The motor needs to be kept adequately cleaned, so you need to use an air compressor to get rid of any debris particles.

This will reduce any severe, costly repairs. Grease your machine parts so that you can keep it in tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a cement mixer?

A concrete mixer is used to create mixed concrete from different construction materials. The mix is done in the rotating drum to create the right combination.

What is the concrete mixer capacity?

All mixers can hold 80% of the entire volume of the whole mixture in the mixing drum.

What types of concrete mixers are there?

There are two types of concrete mixers. One is the continuous mixer, and the other mixer is the batch mixer. Each type of mixer has different setups and are efficient in its way.

 What is the amount of time needed to make a mixture?

It needs 3-5 minutes for you to get a mix to use for your construction job. Pour in water until you finally get the right amount of mix for your situation.


When you are finally down to business, you need to pick the right type of concrete mixer for your project use. Make sure you know what you need, and if you want to buy one for backup, make sure your new mixer can complement your old mixer. Get a durable mixer for a long lifespan. Carry out careful research on what you need and buy the mixer that fits all the requirements you need for your construction task.





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