How To Neutralize Chlorine?

Chlorine is mostly used in the water of swimming pool. It is also used in drinking water. The main purpose of adding chlorine is that it acts as a disinfectant. Though chlorine in water purifies water but there are many problems when the chlorinated water is consumed. It can cause chlorine rash and many other health problems can occur. Let us know more about chlorine and then we will discuss about how to neutralize chlorine so that it does not become harmful.

Chlorine, what it is

Chlorine is an element that is used as food preserver and water purifier. It is used in the manufacturing of many things like seats of the plane, bulletproof jackets, cleaning of swimming pools, and many other things.

Usage of chlorine in drinking water

Chlorine is used in the cleaning of swimming pools but it can cause skin irritation for the people who swim, in these pools. Chlorine is a toxic element so it should be used with great care.

Dangers caused by chlorine

As chlorine is very dangerous, it can have harmful effect on the health of the people. Here are some of the dangers caused by chlorine.


The byproducts of chlorine cause cancer. TH disease caused by chlorine include rectal and bladder cancer. Other types of cancers may also develop but it depends on the amount of chlorine mixed in the water.

Destruction of good bacteria

Human body consists of good as well as bad bacteria. Chlorine can destroy both of them. The destruction of good bacteria can become carcinogenic tumor in the colon can occur because of chlorinated water.

Birth defects

Studies have shown that chlorinated water can cause problems in the birth of babies. The heart and brain of the fetus may not work properly. So women need to take care about water and free it from chlorine before consuming.

Allergy from food

The byproducts of chlorine can make people allergic to food. Studies have shown that consumption of chlorine is causing food allergies in many people.

Toxic product

Chlorine is a toxic product and that is the reason is being used in wars. It has been used in many wars. If a person inhales it, it can form hydrochloric acid, which is also very dangerous.

Now let us know how to neutralize chlorine.

Removing chorine from water

Removing chlorine from water is very easy. Many people may not know how to neutralize chlorine but there are very simple processes, which can be used to remove chlorine from water. Some of these methods have been described here.

Filtration of water

The filtration of water leads to a process, which is known as reverse osmosis. This is a process, which helps in removing the toxins from water. Along with it, other impurities are also removed and the water becomes pure for drinking. There is a special membrane in a water filter, which helps in the removal of the impurities that contaminate water. Reverse osmosis can be used in industries and also for usage in homes.


Chlorine has a property that it evaporates very easily. So people keep it in tight jars. If people want to remove chlorine from water, they just need to keep the water in the air and the chlorine will be evaporated automatically. This process takes a lot of time and if people need immediate solution, they need to go for some other methods. The consumption of time will depend on the environment in which the water is kept for the evaporation of chlorine. If the water has been kept in an environment where air is warm, the chlorine will evaporate quickly.

Purification through chemicals

Chemicals are another way of how to neutralize chlorine. This may not be safe, as people need to know the amount of chemical to be added in order to remove chlorine. One of the best chemicals that can be used to remove chlorine from water is potassium metabisulfite. When a tablet of this compound is mixed with water, it removes chlorine and the element evaporates in the air. One tablet is sufficient to remove chlorine from 20 gallon water.

Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light is also very popular when it comes to remove chlorine from water. There are no drawbacks in using ultraviolet light for purifying water. Since chlorine is sensitive to light, so ultraviolet light can remove it easily from water. It depends on the amount of time, which the water is treated with ultraviolet light. If the time is long, it results in full removal of chlorine from water. One disadvantage is that continuous usage of ultraviolet light can lead to ill effect on the skin.

Boiling the water

It is a basic method, which can be used to remove chlorine from water. Since chlorine is a volatile material, it evaporates from the water as it becomes very hot. The water should be boiled for 20 minutes and then left for some time. It is a very effective method but a little time consuming.

Usage of distillers

Water distiller is a good option for removing chlorine from water. If carbon filters are use then they can remove 99% of the chlorine from water. The distiller heats the water and this evaporates the chlorine and removes it from water. Water distillers also remove many other impurities and make the water fit for drinking, cooking food, and a lot of other things.

Usage of activated carbon filter

This is a filter that consists of charcoal. This charcoal helps in the removal of the impurities from water. These impurities also include chlorine. Water need to be exposed for more time so that it is clear from all the impurities and become fit for drinking.

Wrapping Up

Chlorine is a toxic element, which people have to use very carefully. It is used in purifying water but there are many ill effects. It can cause cancer and can also lead to other form of diseases. There are many methods, which people use for removing chlorine from water. Some of these methods include boiling, evaporation, distillation, and many others. Most if these processes can be conducted at home to make the water fit for usage.





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