How To Change Whole House Water Filter

With a water filter at home, you can have this vital liquid for your life with an incredible taste avoiding some polluting elements. If you have a water filter, you should get used to the idea that you have to do maintenance or change it at some point. Find out how to change whole house water filter in your home without professional help by following basic steps.

If you constantly change your filter, you will keep the water purified by freeing it from many pollutants and unpleasant odors. You have to know a little more about the filters that, at first glance, are not relevant but are more important than you think. You can have all the information about the filters, their previous maintenance, installation, and finally, the steps to change them.

A water filter fulfills many functions in your home, and you can find it in different parts or appliances. Among the filters that you will have access to at home are for the sink in your lower part, in the refrigerator, launcher, etc. The type of filter that you will mainly want to replace is the one that covers the whole house because its use is constant.

Change the filter for the water that is used for your whole house

How to change whole house water filter complying:

Step 1: You must be very prepared.

Before you start changing the water filter covering your entire house, you must be prepared with the tools to use. Among the things you must buy to change your filter correctly are:

  • You should have a plumber’s tape to prevent leaks and to reinforce the filter seals.
  • The new filter that will replace the current one must be of the same brand and dimensions.
  • You should look for a filter wrench to have that desired leverage for quick filter removal.
  • You need a new O-ring even though the current one looks good. Ideally, you should change the complete part for the filter.
  • A little grease with silicone is a good option.
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With all the tools at your fingertips, you can change your house water filter with a few basic steps. You can do this work yourself, but you must be careful when removing and replacing the filter with a new one.

Step 2: Stop the flow of water.

You have to interrupt the water flow for the filter to work, so you must close a valve near the element. You have to make sure that the shut-off valve is working for the filter so that the water does not come out. If you don’t trust this little stopcock on the filter, it cuts off all the house’s water flow.

For you to be safe in changing the filter at home, you must be dry. You should not ignore that when you stop water flow at home, it can collect dirt. When you finish changing the water filter, you should let the water flow for a few minutes so that the dirt comes out.

Step 3: Take the pressure off.

You have to depressurize the pipe pressure to continue with the installation of your water filter at home. You have to open the bathtub faucet so that the pressure in the plumbing is released in seconds. If you live in an apartment, you must act with gravity and open a tap at the lowest levels for you.

To have a good experience in how to change whole house water filter, you must leave the faucet open at all times; when you are done with the water filter exchange process, now if you can turn off the sink faucet.

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Step 4: You must prepare the area.

You have to configure the entire filter system for quick and safe exchange with the three available valves. All valves that have the filters can be moved up to 90 degrees and are labeled according to the water’s functions. Filter valves generally give you hot, warm, and cold water when it is in optimal condition.

You have to turn off the water filter and use the special lever to disassemble the large part where the valves are. With the other special lever for the filter, you have to move it in a low position and avoid leaks when removing it. The third valve you will have to remove is a bypass, and it is usually disabled.

You must be very attentive about the type of valves to exchange and replace correctly. If you place a filter valve where it is not, you have a high probability that the device will not work.

Step 5: You must open the water container

In this step, you need the water filter key, which is plastic and has a standard size for you to use. Some problems that you may have when trying to open the water container on the filter are:

  • In your previous filter installation, you tightened the water contains a lot
  • The release button got stuck

You have to apply a lot of pressure to remove the filter bowl for a good installation process. If your new filter has a red pressure button, you have to press it and release the container. If the container is still inaccessible for some reason, you have to use the strap wrench and apply more pressure.

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Step 6: Clean the container

In changing the whole house water filter, you should also focus on cleaning the container. You have to clean the entire casing of the bowl, remove mold, dirt, or other elements in the area. You can install the new filter correctly and then test it to verify that it works well.

 Step 7: Place an O-ring

You have to fit a new O-ring to have good results when changing the filter completely. The value of these gaskets is very low, and you can buy them in any store dedicated to water filters.

Step 8: Put in the new filter.

Finally, you have to place the new filter and place the valves in the correct direction for optimal operation. You have to test your filter by putting some water in the container and see if you get it out of your tap.

Step 9: Release the water at home

You may need a water softener home depot to run your filter because it got stuck in the plumbing. When you release a full load of water, this problem is common but has a quick fix. With the correct release of water in your home, you can enjoy the operation of your new filter to purify it.




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