Best Septic Tank Treatment Reviews 2021

Septic tanks are a must and should for every home. But once you installed the septic tank, you don’t give it a look until or unless a problem arrives. But it would be best if you cleaned the septic tank every three to four years to get rid of any problem in the future. 

Best Septic Tank Treatment

How do septic tanks work?

Septic tanks bring the wastewater from your home to the septic tank. The water’s bacterial presence consumes the waste materials present in the water and separates them into solids and liquids. The liquid drains through the pipes and reaches the ground surface, filtered by rocks and sand particles. 

You need to clean your tank regularly, and apart from cleaning the tank, you need to treat the bacteria to boost its performance. It is recommended to treat the septic tank monthly. Some of the best septic tank treatment are discussed below.

Types of septic tanks cleaners

There are different types of septic tank treatments available. You can choose between them. Some of the septic tank treatments include treating with organic acids, alkalis, hydrogen peroxides, biological additives and organic solvents. Some of the treatments can cause damage to the septic tank, and some of them are even banned by the government as they cause damage and may pollute the groundwater. Because of all these hazards and dangers caused by them, there is a necessity to understand various septic tank treatments. 

Inorganic acids or alkalis

These are potent compounds that can easily damage your septic tank. One of the examples of alkalis or inorganic compounds is sulphuric acid or lye. These chemicals can run through almost any type of clog and remove them. But all these chemicals may damage the bacteria in the septic tank. 

If there is any damage to the bacterial inside the septic tank, there will be a result of improper digestion of wastes. As a result, you may get a foul smell or leakage in underground water. 

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most suggested chemicals used in the treatment of septic wastes. Many research types have proved that hydrogen peroxide cannot cause damage to the soil or bacteria present in the septic tanks. It also does not cause any problem to the ecosystem. With all these advantages over other chemicals, you can consider this, but this is not recommended for long term use. 

Organic solvents

Some of the examples of organic solvents are methylene chloride, chlorinated carbons and trichloroethylene. These chemicals are primarily used as degreasers that can break down oil and grease components. With this ability to break down oils and grease, it is used in septic tanks to break down the fats formed in the bottom of the septic tank. But these organic solvents cause some damage to the ecosystem. Because of all these dangerous effects, they are banned in many states and countries. 

Biological additives

Bacteria and some extracellular enzymes are the best examples of biological additives. They can be used in any septic tanks. These are considered the best treatment for septic tanks because they do not cause any damage to the ecosystem. 

These biological additives can increase the population of the bacteria present in the septic tank and increase the breakdown of fibers, scum, and other solid wastes present in the septic tank. 

Buyer’s guide

You need to follow some of the things that are mentioned below to choose the best septic treatment. 

Treatment capabilities

Before purchasing a septic tank treatment, you need to note down the size of the septic tank. If you use 1500 gallons of treatment in 500 gallons of the tank, it may be overpowered. If you use small quantities of treatment in large tanks, then the power may not be sufficient. 


Septic tank treatments come in a lot of forms. Some of them are powder, pods, tablets and liquids. 

  • Pods: These pods are mostly used septic tank treatments that come with a water-soluble casing that is easy to handle. Drop the pods in the toilet and flush them. The casing dissolves in the water, and the chemicals present inside the casing dissolve and are released into the septic tank. 
  • Tablets: The tablets are also used in the same format as pods. But they do not have a protective coating. You need to put the entire tablet in the toilet and flush them. The tablets dissolve and are released into the septic tank. This is also another simple method. 
  • Powders: These are not simpler as pods and tablets. They need to be measured correctly before using them as it may cause overdose or a lower dose. Before flushing the toilet, make sure that the powder is dissolved in the water; otherwise, the powder may spread in the air, which will be dangerous for the eyes. These will be dissolved and enter into the septic tank quickly. But the only problem is that it needs to be measured before use. 
  • Liquids: These are similar to powders. They also need to be measured before using them. But this format is most used when compared to the others. 


This is also another essential thing to consider before buying because some have a significantly less lifespan. The septic tank treatments can expire within three or four or six or one year time. 

Eco-friendly assets

These are eco-friendly treatments that do not cause any damage to the environment or underground water. If you are looking for a septic tank treatment, then this is the one that you need to consider before buying. These are organic and do not contain any formaldehyde or phosphates. 


Some of the septic tank treatments come with pleasant odors. When your septic tank is clogged and an unpleasant smell surrounds that area, then you should consider these types of septic tank treatments. 

Active Ingredients

Some of the septic tank treatments come with active ingredients that increase the bacteria present in the septic tank. With the increase in the population, the action will be processed faster to dissolve all the solid wastes present in the septic tank. 


Price is always a required factor to consider when you are buying something. There are three types of prices. One is low priced that ranges from $8 to $12. The second is moderately priced, which ranges from $15 to $35. The last one is expensively priced, which ranges from $35 to $80. 

Best Septic Tank Treatment Consumer Reports 2020

1.Cabin Obsession Septic Tanks Treatment

This product comes with 12 pre-packed packages. This product can be used once a month. This product is suitable for 1000 gallons of the septic tank. This septic tank treatment is moderately priced, and it is also eco-friendly means it comes with zero chemicals. This septic tank treatment also comes with odor control qualities. 

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2.Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Bacteria Enzyme Pacs

This product comes in six-packs, which indicates that it can be used for six months. This septic tank treatment is also biodegradable that causes no harm to the environment. This product comes in the form of pods, and it can break the oils and fats efficiently. These are very low priced, and even with this low price, they come with odor control quality.

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3.Instant Power 1868 Septic Shock

This is one of the efficiently used products that are available in the market. What you need to do is empty the whole bottle into the toilet and flush it. That’s all. After flushing the toilet, the liquid dissolves instantly and comes into the action. It dissolves all the solid wastes in the septic tank. But the only disadvantage is that it may cause overpower. 

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4.Walex BIO-31112 Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatments Drop-Ins

This septic tank treatment also comes with 12 pre-packed packages that can be used once every month. This package is suitable for 1500 gallons of the septic tank. These pods contain bacteria that are very good at cleaning the solid wastes present in the tank. It is also an eco-friendly septic tank treatment. 

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5.Homemade septic tank treatments.

If you are thinking of not wasting money on septic treatments, you can easily make them at home. Follow these steps to make septic tank treatment at home. 

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By using yeast

  • Boil half a gallon of water
  • Add two spoons of sugar to it
  • Allow it to cool for sometime
  • Add two spoons of cornmeal
  • Add four packages of yeast to the water
  • Allow it for some time to dissolve
  • Then pour the solution into the toilet and flush 

The most excellent result is to use this method at night before sleeping because you use a lot of water for drying, cleaning, and bathing in the morning. This does not give time to the solution to act. 

Septic tank maintenance process

Follow these steps regularly:

  • Inspect and pump frequently
  • Use water effectively
  • Dispose of the waste materials properly
  • Maintain drain field


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