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Best Edc Knife Reviews 2021

Knives are one of the most extensively used weapons since ancient times. You also know that most people carry their knives in their pockets to protect themselves. But buying a knife depends on your personal use and needs. The first step needed in this process is finding the right options. Before getting into the topic, you should know that there is no perfect knife that suits all the tasks you do. These are the best EDC Knife in the market. 

What is an EDC knife or a carry knife?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry. So these knives are carried every day and everywhere without any issues. The purpose of this blade is to carry out everyday situations that you encounter in life. These knives are mostly used for cutting, opening envelopes or packages and cutting tags or strings. 

Best EveryDay Carry Knives in the market

1.Opinel No.8 Folding Knife – Best Folding Knife

If you are exploring for the best folding knife, then this will perfectly suit you. This is a low priced knife, which doesn’t mean that it is a useless product. This knife is durable, iconic and classy. This knife has the potential to outlast its competitors despite being priced low. The making of these knives started in the year 1897 and continues. So these are the oldest EDC knives that exist today. These EDC knives come in different varieties like workhorse blades, high-end cutters and even camping or survival knives. This blade is made with stainless steel material, and the handle is made with wood reinforced polyamide.

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2.CRKT Pilar Folding Knife – Another best folding knife

This knife is small, sturdy and reliable. This blade is designed by one of the most famous and renowned master bladesmith Jesper Voxnaes. So there will be no donut in buying this knife. This knife’s total length is six inches, and the length of the blade is around 2.4 inches. Both the blade and the handle is made with stainless steel material. This knife is perfect for slicing and can also be used for puncturing purposes. This knife comes with handy frame lock technology that ensures safety. 

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3.Kershaw Cryo Folding Knife

This is one of the most reliable EDC knives. This knife is envisioned by Rick Hinderer and was produced by Kershaw. It has been one of the most foremost EDC knives in the world. This knife is made with durable materials, so there is no doubt that this knife will last for a longer time. This is one of the best combinations for remarkability and affordability. The blade and the handle are made with stainless steel material. The handle is designed ergonomically to ensure comfort and a secure grip when using this knife. 

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4.Victorinox Cadet Swiss Army Knife

If you are a swiss knife lover, then this is for you. The list wouldn’t be completed without adding a swiss knife. It is one of the most stylish and versatile knives. The knife is gorgeous and a durable one. This is one of the original blades that were issued to the swiss troops during the 1800s. The blade is made with stainless steel material, and the handle is made with textured alox scales that look not only great but also offer excellent comfort when held in hand. 

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5.Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Knife

These knives came into existence in 1964. This speaks to the quality of the knife. The design of this blade has not changed till now. When this knife came into the market, this was one of the knives with a lock-back mechanism. If you are an urban resident or a country bushcraft survival, this knife is perfect from tip to handle. So there is nothing to worry about its performance and safety. This tool is one of the most excellent cutting tools of any generation. 

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6.Nagao Higonokami Friction Folding Knife

Perhaps no other folding knife is better than this one. By seeing the name itself, you have noticed that this is a Japanese blade. Yes, your guess is correct. This is one of the best Japanese folding knives. These blades are crafted by the bladesmiths who served as samurai in ancient times. This knife comes with a handle, blade and pivot. This blade does not have a locking mechanism. Thankfully this knife comes with a tang at the end of the handle. So it would be best if you pressed there to keep the knife open. So this knife is not for careless people. 

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7.Boker Plus Urban Trapper Folding Knife

These are the most thinner Everyday carry knives that are available in the market. This knife is best suitable for gentlemen. This knife comes in a combination of classic and stylish design. This blade is made from high-quality VG 10 stainless steel material that offers outstanding durability. The handle of this knife is made from titanium material, which is ultra-tough. This knife is one of the most lightweight models. 

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8.Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Folding Knife

This is the most tactical and everyday knife on our list. This is an aggressive blade that can make all kinds of legendary cuts. This knife is also known as PM2. This knife is made from high-quality materials. This knife is not perfect for the ones who are looking for a slim and thin knife. The length of the handle is somewhat longer when compared with other EDC knives. So this knife offers excellent torque and cutting experience. On the top of the blade, it has a small construction that offers a lock mechanism. So with all these features, this is considered one of the legendary knives in the market. 

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9.Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 – Best Pocket Knife

This is a luxurious pocket knife that is better than other knives in every aspect. This pocket knife is great for comfort and is designed ergonomically. It comes with a great pivot and an excellent locking mechanism. Because of its ergonomic design, this is ambidextrous means both the left and right-handers can use it. 

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