Best Framing Hammer Reviews 2021

A framing hammer is a classic household tool, and to be honest, it’s important. In many centuries, a hammer is a tool that appears early around us.

Same as always, all hammers are not made in the same use. Different types of hammers work effectively for different careers. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t use a ball pein hammer for framing wooden space. You’d use a framing hammer for it. It seems more a dime a dozen.

If you want to go back to the drawing board with a framing hammer. Follow by our top pick to consider when buying the best framing hammer.

Best Framing Hammer

Framing Hammer

Hammers are important hand tools in one-piece steel construction. It can be designed for evolving or damage. People used to do with hammer 18th century. Hammer is the first tool people invented. Roman craftsmen hold a hammer to evolve or craved in stone.

Framing hammers are similar to rip hammers. Frame hammers are commonly used for wood surfaces. Framing hammers when used on wooden materials will not scratch or damage the product. Framing hammer consists of parts such as straight claw, hammerhead, handle.

A typical identifying feature of a framed hammer is a wooden or steel body, with two faces: one claw, the other smooth.

Some types of framing hammers will have a longitudinal groove running along the tip of the hammer. This will make nailing fast and accurate with just one hand.

Our Top Pick

Top Best Framing Hammer Reviews 2021

1.Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S Framing Hammer


Spec Ops SPEC is a famous hammer when we are discussing framing hammers. It’s a piece of cake when we mention Spec Ops’ feature-rich.

The Spec Ops SPEC hammer is best for the general of our pick. Once in a blue moon, a framing hammer is a great option to buy conveniently. To its weight, Spec Ops is 22 ounces so it is the best thing since sliced bread to use. Its weight is also the usual weight, help you don’t feel arm hurt.

Spec has not only 16″ long also has an awe-decrease grip which is as right as a rain feel. Furthermore, Spec Ops has been one hundred feet fall reviewed working it. It means Spec Ops is always reliable in ensuring a long assurance.

  • Superlative reliability
  • Abundant-commission steeled with hypnotic nail starter
  • Shock reduction rubber grip
  • A bit heavy for a woman

2.Real Steel 0517 Ultra Framing Hammer


Real Steel is a new brand give them the benefit of the doubt so that you can look for framing hammers low-cost and apportion-oriented.

Real Steel is best for price. It is the cheapest hammer in the market. It’s on the ball for tight-buyer.

Although it has an entry-budget price tag, Real Steel is rated at 21 ounces which are considered useful for most. This is combine along 15” hammer length. It seems shorter than another hammer but it is easy to moderate.

Taking a look at its warranty, you can experience a good lifetime warranty better than a product that has the same budget.

  • Available for many buyers
  • Trustworthy heavy of head and long of hammer
  • It’s fit not the most effective

3.Estwing E3-22S Framing Hammer 


Estwing is a hammer from a glorious brand of repair tools.

Estwing E3 is best for heavy-commission management. Estwing E3 is the same Spec Ops, it is also weighed 22 ounces. It is the standard number for many hammers.

Although this hammer is 15.875″ long, it’s not rocket science Estwing is even enormous for heavy-commission management. Based on a shock contraction grip, Estwing ensures the work continuously. We put in our two cents Etswing has a space time assurance with this framing hammer.

  • The standard for heavy-duty usage
  • Convenient and comfortable grip
  • High warranty for your work
  • The weight of the side is a bit big

4.DeWalt DWHT51064 22 Oz. Framing Hammer


If you want to balance decisive household tools for your work needs, you can consider Dewalt which is one of the most famous brands on the market.

DeWalt DWHT51064 is best for affordable. It starts with 22 ounces of weight. With its weight, it makes you work easily with DeWalt DWHT51064.

DeWalt’ head has magnetic nail start that help newbie break the ice to do. Eyewink easily on hammer length, 15.88″ is DeWalt’length. With its length, DeWalt has a long lifetime warranty for the long term.

  • Suitable for space-time period management
  • Perfect for the heavy head
  • Safety a hypnotic nail starter
  • The length of the hammer is shorter a bit

5.TEKTON 22 oz. Jacketed Fiberglass Magnetic Head Framing Hammer


This framing hammer is from Tekton is a new and small-scale company of household tools. However, Tekton a day keeps the doctor away. You also see gold dust on this product.

Tekton30325 is a great framing hammer that helps you save a lot of money. It is quality enough to compare with another higher price of hammers.

Seeing its weight, it is rated 22 ounces which is absolutely you could available from more costly choices.

Tekton30325 has a 16 ” total length appears inappropriate advantage and cohesion. Tekton30325 with a durable fiberglass handle, offering a great grip. So that, Tekton framing hammer also has a long lifetime warranty.

  • High quality for a cheap framing hammer
  • Durable fiberglass stem and grip
  • Long lifetime warranty
  • Don’t require magnetic nail start feature

6.Stilletto TI14MC Framing Hammer


Stilletto hammer has perfect premium choices if you want to consider a prime framing hammer for your work.

This framing hammer is best for titanium heads. Starting with its head hammer, it is rated 14 ounces. Gratefully, you gain a more length hammer 18″. It is helpful for many buyers. Especially, you also gain assurance of 1-year, you don’t annoy more about the similar due to its extreme build quality.

  • Exquisite build quality with extreme materials
  • The length of the hammer is extra
  • Made by titanium head
  • Premium price framing hammer

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7.OX Tools 18oz. California Framing Hammer


Ox Tools is the best framing for wooden. Ox Tools is a framing hammer with a classic look but with a modern twist. With a logo printed along with the handle. This is the hammer that lovers of simplicity will be attracted to.

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Ox Tool has a fairly user-friendly weight, 18 ounces. Thus, when you use this baby, you will not feel much hand fatigue. The length of the hammer is also a notable point. With a length of 18″, she will create a stronger force. Make your work more efficient. The tip of the Ox Tool is a steel tip, durable and efficient. Again polished to increase accuracy when nailing.

Overall, compared to the price segment, Ox Tool is a product worth investing in. And don’t forget, she has a 1-year warranty.

  • Perfect for wood-framed hammer lovers
  • Good price
  • Good work efficiency
  • A bit difficult to hold in difficult terrain

8.Fiskars – 750241-1001 Framing Hammer


750241-10001 of Fiskars includes framing hammer best for Isocore shock control system

Fiskars is a brand new launch, but the hammers it makes are quite multi-functional.

Fiskars hammer is a 22-ounce. At this weight, this is a handy hammer for everyone.

With a hammer 16″ long, you can easily control the hammer as you work, which is the highlight of an affordable hammer.

In particular, Fiskars has a powerful hammer thanks to the iso-core shockproof system. With this shockproof system, Fiskars can work for long periods of time while still delivering high productivity. And this is also a hammer with a lifetime warranty.

  • There are many convenient features
  • Suitable for many consumers
  • Experience the Isocore system shock

    9.STANLEY 22-Oz Framing Hammer


    The Stanley brand has a Stanley FatMax Rip Claw which is a powerful framing hammer. Stanley is a brand of household tools with an affordable price but very good quality.

    The Stanley FatMax Rip Claw 51-167 has a torsion control handle combined with a 22-ounce head weight. Thanks to that, creating an extremely powerful hitting force on the surface. This is the biggest advantage of the framing hammer.

    In addition, this hammer has a shock-absorbing technology called AntiVibe and is incorporated in the deep-seated magnetic nail starter. This is a modern framing hammer well worth owning. This hammer also comes with a space-time assurance. So, you will be very assured when trying this hammer.

    • Possessing Anti-Vibe technology
    • Affordable price
    • Strong impact force
    • Hammer length is a bit limited

    10.Estwing MRW25LM Sure Strike Wood Handle Framing Hammer


    The Estwing MRW25LM is a framing hammer from the famous Estwing brand. This is the best for a heavy-duty framed hammer.

    The Estwing MRW25LM is an eye-catching classic hammer. When you hold the Estwing MRW25LM in your hand, you will see a beautiful combination of hammer steel head and wooden handle. Both powerful and sophisticated.

    The Estwing MRW25LM has a weight of 25 ounces, which is a suitable weight for heavy-duty jobs. And yes, the Estwing MRW25LM is called the must-have tool for tough surfaces. This is an effective aid in construction projects.

    One more point worth noting, the length of the hammer is 18″, creating a strong structure. Although it is a classic hammer, the balance of the Estwing MRW25LM is truly admirable.

    • A powerful hammer for the construction site
    • Classic style
    • High balance
    • Not suitable for beginners

    11.Vaughan & Bushnell 999L 20 Oz Professional Framing Hammer, White


    The Vaughan & Bushnell 999L framing hammer is the best framing hammer for experienced.

    With a beautiful design, the handle has a white stripe that is polished and combined with blue and red details, creating a beautiful whole.

    The Vaughan & Bushnell 999L is a 20-ounce hammer, shaped like a straight-bladed hammer, with a high-carbon steelhead. Add more power to the hammer, both durable and good.

    In particular, Vaughan & Bushnell 999L possesses a great balance. Even though it was used to drive a lot of nails, that balance was not lost. The nail is still neatly on the surface.

    • For jobs that require professionalism
    • Beautiful design
    • Perfect balance
    • Not suitable for non-professionals

    12.Estwing Ultra Series Hammer 19oz Rip Claw Framer with Shock Reduction Grip EB-19SM And Milled Face


    Estwing Ultra Series Hammer 19oz is a framing hammer best for a comfortable grip. It is a “death stick hammer” for construction hammer.

    The Estwing Ultra Series Hammer 19oz is a comfortable hammer for the user. That is the delicate black shock absorber handle. According to user experience, this hammer has an amazing ability to reduce shock during use.

    As an added plus, the hammerhead has a grinding surface that makes it hard for the nail to slip out. Very suitable for beginners.

    In particular, this hammer is very comfortable to hold. Weighing in at only 19 ounces, this is just enough weight to keep the hand from getting tired, and with easy control of the hammer.

    • Optimal shock absorption
    • Reduce nail slip
    • Bring a sense of comfort
    • Less suitable for those who like the simplicity

    13.Vaughan CF2 19-ounce California Framer


    Vaughan CF2 is a framing hammer from USA. Vaughan CF2 is best for California framing hammer.

    The Vaughan CF2 is a classic framed hammer. The design of this hammer is extremely beautiful and eye-catching. The handle is made of sturdy solid wood, again polished, and features a signature California drawing. Anyone who is a follower of California will be captivated by Vaughan.

    In addition, the Vaughan CF2 has an extra-wide hammer surface, helping beginners to hit the hammer with more precision. This is a product voted by many consumers.

    The hammer weight is only 19 ounces. This is a golden weight in the framed hammer world. Thus, the user’s hands and arms will be maximally protected.

    • Eye-catching design
    • Standard weight, powerful shot
    • Convenient accessories included
    • There is a very small possibility of a hammer breaking

    14.Estwing GG417 Framing Hammer


    Estwing GG417 Framing Hammer is a framing hammer from a famous brand. It is the best framing hammer for an awe-decrease grip.

    The Estwing GG417 is a dependable straight-claw framing hammer. Estwing GG417 is loved by many consumers from semi-professional to professional. With a straight claw frame, this hammer makes nail removal from the surface a breeze.

    Plus, the hammer weighs 22 ounces. With this weight, the impact of the hammer on the nail is extremely strong. In particular, the hammer also has a shock-absorbing grip, which helps to prevent vibration, and has less impact on the user’s wrist and elbow. This is a very suitable hammer for construction sites, jobs that require high expertise.

    • Powerful hammer for the construction site
    • Improve work efficiency with powerful hitting power
    • Contains quality shock absorbers
    • Not an easy start for beginners

    15.Dalluge DDT16 16 oz Titanium Framing Hammer


    Dalluge DDT16 is the famous Vaughan framing hammer.

    This is a titanium hammer, weighing in at 16 ounces. Dalluge DDT16 are lightweight framing hammers. So Dalluge DDT16 allows users to create large movements but is also extremely effective with each shot.

    The Dalluge DDT16 has a wooden hickory handle and reinforced base from Nailoc, which somewhat reduces the impact on your hand.

    A wooden handle from Dalluge DDT16 will probably conquer those who love the classic.

    • Made of high quality titanium
    • Has parts to improve grip comfort
    • Gentle for those who are physically weak
    • Difficulty driving nails at an angle

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    The Benefit Of Owning A Framing Hammer

    Head weight

    A framing hammer will give you enough force to make a powerful shot. The advantage of a framing hammer is that the heavier the head, the more powerful force you can generate with a single swing. And note to choose a hammer suitable for your condition.

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    Another plus, the framed hammerhead doesn’t generate much vibration. You won’t mind bumping the hammer against the surface.

    Framed hammers are also available in a variety of hammerheads and materials. Hammerheads range from 20 to 32 ounces. The material is from titanium head to steelhead. You are free to choose according to your physical condition.

    Handle Material

    framing hammer handle is usually made of a shock-absorbing material that prevents the builder’s elbow and arm from being subjected to strong impact.

    Framing hammers also make grip materials suitable for a wide range of subjects. If you are an experienced craftsman, choose a hammer with a sturdy steel handle. This material will help prolong the life of the hammer. For experienced hunters and hard to control hands, use a hammer with a combination of steel and glass or a rubber coating. This way, you will be able to nail the nail easily without slipping.

    Face Type

    The framing hammer has the advantage that it has both sides: the nail and the “waffle” side. With both sides, you are free to choose according to your needs. Whether you can make a powerful hammer or not leave a scratch on the wood grain depends on the face you use. However, be careful when using the hammer. Otherwise, you’ll get hit on the tip of your finger. Practice a lot on smooth surfaces before trying on more difficult surfaces.


    The tang is the part that connects the hammerhead to the bottom of the handle. The drum is the part that helps the hammer not to break when the hammer is subjected to too much force.

    Usually, a good framing hammer will have only one tang. As such, the hammer will tend to be lighter. And the drum is made of steel material, increasing the weight of the hammer. And in particular, a part tang will help the framing hammer to vibrate less than a full tang framed hammer.


    How many types of the hammer in use?

    Ball pein hammer

    An engineer usually works with this hammer. Ball pein has round pein which to round steel pins’ edges, holders, to combine rivets and shape steels.

    Curve claw

    Curve claw is mostly hammer in the market. Curve claw has a curved forked claw placed at the back, which makes it easier to help nail puller. It is excellent for pulling nails, and its adaptability is a symbol claw contributor.

    Framing hammer

    Framing hammer can be known closely as “claw framing”. The characteristic of a framing hammer features a vacillated head and a straight claw. It acquires its name from its essential function; constructed house frames. This framing hammer’s vacillated head curtails slipper when driving nails. However, it contributes to mar the wood handle.

    Lump hammer

    A lump hammer is in some examples known as a club hammer. This performance features a short, wooden handle, duplicate-side heavy head. A lump hammer seems not to combine with commercial work, but it is perfect with hardened steel.

    Dead blow hammer

    This hammer is creat for soft blow and minimal balk work. The head can make of various materials: plastic, solid elastic…In the head, includes with soft or sand. A dead blow can be work for automotive functions or lumber working where supporting is allowed in ejection parts, knocking lumber apart or together, or fixing tiny incisions without marring the material’s face.

    Sled hammer

    Sledgehammers which are hand tools feature a long handle hammer. Thanks to a pair-sided head, the Sledgehammer has a draft for big and abundant blows. Driving paling, or break up brickwork and detailed, creating it an extremely durable hammer.

    Blacksmith hammer

    The blacksmith hammer has the same design be like a sled hammer. The only contrast thing is to handle long and lightly-tapered second hammerhead. The blacksmith hammer is a hammer that works to form silver-hot steel. It was originally made for that aim.

    Brick hammer

    To see its performance, the brick hammer act as a blade for scoring. A brick hammer has a narrow hammerhead that can divide bricks. It is easy to use when it comes to stonework projects and cobblestone. A brick hammer is also recognized as a brickwork hammer.

    Drywall hammer

    This hammer has a solid peen and a special design end that features a hatchet. It also resembles a notch at the end. This notch is similar to a nail head on the surface without causing a bad situation on the drywall paper. This hammer also has the pein cutting tool which takes out surplus bits of drywall.

    Bushing hammer

    The bushing hammer features a slice of meat soften. It has an in pair of side heads. It makes to do rough places. The bushing hammer works for the rocky texture of the hard piece of surface. Bushing hammer is designed for creative aims, or just to create a hard piece of surface walkway less break.

    Is a framing hammer necessary?

    Yes, of course, if you use it for the exact job. When you’re doing construction on a building, you should use the best framing hammers.

    The framing hammer has a straight claw which helps more effective for large nail pull. The handle length is up to 6″ and the aspect has a rooted bicuspid that leave a signature on the wood.

    You get more effective from it thanks to having in your hands as close to the base as feasible and fluctuating it in a long curve, almost as if you were featuring a poll. You can sink nails in two or three featuring.

    Which advice to get quality hammers?


    This is a must-have feature in a well-framing hammer. So, when choosing a hammer, choose a framed hammer with a curved handle, or a soft material to avoid creating excessive vibrations that fatigue your hands and elbows. Of course, that is the best choice. But if you like wooden handles, that’s okay too. You can practice improving your hammer skills. At that time, whether you use an anti-vibration hammer or not, it will not affect you much.

    Face surface

    When choosing a framed hammer, try touching the surface of the hammer to see if the surface of the hammer has any friction. If this property is present, then when you use it, it will prevent slipping when nailing. This is called the grinding surface of the hammer. Pay attention to this little detail!

    Handle material

    When choosing a handle, if you are not yet a pro, use fiberglass or rubberized handles. This way, your hands will be less tired. But if you want a long-lasting hammer, choose a steel handle. The steel handle is very durable. If you love the simplicity and a bit of nostalgia, choose a wooden handle.

    Hammerhead material

    This is an element to check for framing hammers. If you can afford it, try the titanium hammerhead, which is both light and powerful. If not, just use steel hammerheads. Because this is a popular hammerhead on the market, it is equally effective as the titanium head.


    The best weight for a framing hammer is between 16 and 20 ounces. If you’re looking for a hammer that’s easy to control, go for lighter hammers. If you are looking for a hammer to speed up your work quality, choose heavier hammers. However, each design will have different advantages and disadvantages. A lighter hammer will take you longer. Heavy hammers will make your hands more tired. Lightweight is free for you to consider!

    Wide face

    The face of the hammer also depends on your needs. If you want the hammer to be easy to use, choose a wide hammer face. If you want to see the view, the subject is easier, use a small face.

    Difference between framing hammers and claw hammers?

    A framing hammer (referred rip hammer) and a claw hammer have many same things that make you’re confused to find the right hammer. So looking at the two closest to find these differences between framing hammers and claw hammers.

    Handle Length

    First, we discuss basic knowledge about the activity hammer. To take out nails and astonish wood thanks to clawing on the hammer and handle hammer. Handle hammers have many types such as hickory handle, steel construction, fiberglass … A hickory handle is using extremely hard lumber, but it easily makes matters worse nail. Steel construction uses one-piece forged steel, but it doesn’t absorb shock while hammering. And fiberglass is boosting to absorb shock, helping softer and more improved grip.

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    Steelhead and fiberglass are frequently made of the claw-on hammer. However, lumber is as possible as a material of claw. In hammer reviews, lumber has a bit of grip so the hammer often drives a side nail puller.


    Normally, a framing hammer is heavier than a claw hammer. The framing hammer is rated between 16 to 32 ounces. And the Claw hammer is rated between 10 to 16 ounces. However, their weight is not affected by a productive job. A framing hammer belongs to a less professional job. Claw hammer belongs to a professional job. You can’t use framing to hit hard large nails. It takes you a lot of time.

    Milled Face

    The milled face of a claw hammer and framing hammer is evident contracting. The claw hammer has a waffle face. Waffle face avoids disrobing of the nail head and being of the nail. In almost every situation, the face of the claw hammer helps smooth the face on the surface. And these performances are not now in a framing hammer.


    Of course, framing and claw hammers are made to execute a contracting job. The claw framing hammer (also referred rip hammer) is complemented related to that of a claw hammer. The claw of framing hammer is related to mounting and is an astonishing evolving job. Besides that, a claw of claw hammer is worked to displace nails and banging. This calls curved claws which have rooted curves on one edge to enable it to critical well so you can less energy to displace nails.

    The best weight for a framing hammer?

    Classic style

    Classic framing antique hammers will be a very suitable hammer for those who like simplicity. You’ll find finesse in grip, grip framing, and balance.

    Electric antique hammers typically have head weights of 16 to 20 ounces. With a weight of 16 ounces, you can use this hammer to hammer small work items like decorations or for the home. and 20 ounces, it will be suitable for framing jobs for the catwalks, suitable for heavy jobs.

    Classic hammers create a smooth flat surface. Because, these hammers are capable of driving nails accurately, without slipping the nail head.

    The material of the handle of the classic hammers is also varied. The wood material is suitable for small things. Glass or steel materials are lighter and more durable.

    The design of the rips is also very delicate. Usually, the classic hammer has a straight-swipe design that is easy to use.

    Modern style

    For those of you who love innovation, modern framing hammers are worth a try. These hammers have a very different balance from the classic hammers. Some modern hammers have lighter heads and shafts than classical hammers. However, when choosing a hammer, choose your favorite hammer because each type of hammer has its quality and advantages.

    Modern hammers often have nail starters. This is a part that holds the nail so that you can easily nail it with just one hand.

    Modern hammers often have a curved handle and a hook end compared to the classic straight handle. The feel of the curved handle gives you a firmer and more balanced grip.

    As an added plus, modern hammers have improved an anti-vibration element that makes nailing pain-free due to force impacts.

    And finally, modern hammers weigh quite a bit like classic hammers. Therefore, you do not need to worry much about the quality of a modern hammer.

    This is the video we would like to introduce to you. This video shows how to use a framing hammer to finish a finished product. Hopefully, this video will give you more inspiration to use the framing hammer more.


    Thus, the ranking of the 15 best framing hammers in 2021 has ended. This ranking may have somewhat covered many people’s wishes. No matter what job you do, whether it’s on the construction site or at the bar, or even at home. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. This ranking can all help you find the best framing hammers currently on the market that can go anywhere with you.

    One last reminder for you, when buying any hammer. Please read the specifications carefully, carefully check the materials that the hammer uses. And especially know what you want to use. That way, you can choose the best hammer for yourself. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time buying hammers again and again and still not satisfied, would you? Slow down, and choose wisely!

    If you are still considering, let us recommend the best 5 products for you:

    First, if you want to choose the most optimal solution and you are financially qualified. Do not hesitate to choose Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S. This is the most expensive hammer you can imagine. A standard 22 ounces weight, extremely strong but also does not hurt the arm when used for a long time. The secret of the Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S lies in the fact that this is a framed hammer with a good shock grip, with an additional tang running along with the handle. These two factors have made Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S extremely perfect. In particular, the durability of this hammer is also tested by dropping it from a height of 100 feet. And a lifetime warranty policy. This is a worthwhile investment.

    Second, if you want to buy a framing hammer that is affordable but also full of good features. Choose Real Steel 0517. A standard weight with full shock absorbers, handle length just right. Add a lifetime warranty policy. There is no reason why a buyer who wants to save money should ignore Real Steel 0517.

    Third, Estwing E3 will be a perfect choice for heavy-duty usage. Standard size 22 ounces, plus shock absorber, and hammerhead made of high-quality steel. Estwing E3 deserves an optimal choice. In addition, the Estwing E3 comes from the leading Estwing brand in framing hammers. This hammer will make you have a safe and reputable experience.


    Fourth, If you’re looking for a quality vintage-style hammer, try the Ox Tools 18oz. This is a classic hammer, but with an affordable price tag. At 18 ounces and 18″ in length, the Ox Tool 18oz provides an effective balance to your work. Don’t be shy about a hammer that’s easily damaged by a wooden frame. Ox Tools 18 oz. It is a product with a very reputable insurance policy.

    Finally, if you are already a professional and want a product that can enhance your work performance. Look out for Vaughan & Bushnell 999L. This is a framed hammer suitable for experienced because of its excellent balance, even after working for a long time, it still maintains its performance, does not deviate from the nail.

    Our best pick up

    To choose the best framing hammer for you, we will choose Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S

    Because of its versatility. To be fair, the price of Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S is equivalent to the quality that the product offers.

    This is a hammer that frames the fewest blemishes. Usually, a modern framed hammer will have a defect in the point of causing hand fatigue for the user because of the weight of the hammer. But, the Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S overcomes that with a design that we consider very smart and sophisticated, the Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S attaches a drum to the hammer.

    Besides, Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S also highlights the advantages of this modern hammer. It’s precision, balance, shock resistance.

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