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Best Track Saw Reviews 2021

Working with extensive lengths of lumber or ripping sheets, a track saw is the best tool. The track saws work on the top of the sheet instead of manipulating through a table saw. This makes it safe to use and operate. The track saws are in the market for a long time, but they have gained popularity for the past few years. These track saws are used to do the work accurately and fastly. These track saws can be used on materials like lumber, fiberboards and plywood. The best track saw can do the work of a table saw, miter saw and radial arm.

The best track saws can provide accurate cuts. When you are buying a track saw, make sure to buy a tool that comes with high quality.

What is a track saw?

Track saws are a type of circular saw that can be used to perform long and accurate cuts. Unlike circular saws, these track saws can penetrate the material that is predetermined during the cutting process. It also offers excellent safety and reduces splintering and tear-out. You can also adjust the cutting depth, which allows you to make shallow grooves on the material.

How to use a track saw?

If you are newly working with a track saw, then follow these steps to use this:

  • The primary move you need to do is select the right blade. For many tasks, 14 tooth blades are perfect, but 48 teeth are ideal for working with melamine and plywood.
  • Then the next step is selecting the cutting depth. This will make you adjust how deep you want to cut.
  • A guide rail allows you to make perfect and straight cuts on materials like plywood, doors and melamine.
  • Then start your tool by pressing the trigger and wait until the blade reaches ideal speed.
  • A wrong speed can damage your material. So always make sure that your blade reaches the ideal speed. The blade that is spinning makes the cuts accurately and precisely.

Considerations before buying

Blade size

Blade size is an essential factor of a track saw. Most of the track saws come with 6 ½ inches blades and are compatible with two inches thickness. Track saws that come with larger blades can cut two ¾ inches thick material.

Speed settings

Some of the track saws come with variable speed settings that help you adjust the preferred material’s speed. The speed control also helps to make the wood burn when you are working at high speed. Most of the track saws typically range from 2000 RPM to 5000 RPM.

Bevel capacity

Most of the track saws also come with bevel adjustment. These adjustments in the bevels help you to make cuts in an angle up to ninety degrees. This also helps to create a joint between the plywood edges.

Motor power

Motor capacity is also another factor that affects the cutting of any material. Most track saws that are corded are more potent than cordless track saws. So if you are searching for track saws that offer incredible power, then prefer the corded ones. Cordless saws come with a battery, so they provide only limited power. Also, the cordless saws need to be charged regularly in between the works.

Corded vs. cordless

Corded track saws are a type of machine that can be used directly by connecting to a power source. Cordless track saws come with an inbuilt battery that needs to be charged. The corded tools can be used without any interruptions, but the cordless tools need to be charged regularly to work.

Cord length

Cord length is also an essential factor if you are buying a corded track saw. If the cord’s length is more, then there will be high chances of comfortability, like you can carry to the objects that are far from you. If you do not have sufficient cord length, then you cannot work correctly. So it would help if you connected the tool to an extension board to work.

Safety features

Safety is also a fundamental aspect of any electrical device that comes with blades. Unless circular saws, the track saws are safe to use, and you can make longer cuts. Even if they are safe to use, you need to follow safety precautions before using them.

Best Track saw reviews

Makita – SP6000J1 6-1/2 Inch Plunge Circular Saw Kit – Plunge cut saw

This is the best plunge cut circular saw that has everything. This kit comes with a 55-inch track. This plunge saw has a 12 amp motor, and the bevels range from 1 to 48 degrees. Also, this tool can cut a depth of 2 to 3 inches. It also comes with a depth stop feature. You can adjust the speed from 2000 RPM to 5200 RPM. Overall this is a great saw.

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DEWALT Flexvolt – 60V MAX 6-1/2 Cordless TrackSaw Kit – Best cordless track saw

If you are exploring for the best cordless track, saw, this might be the one you are looking for. Woodworkers, DIYers and carpenters can use this tool. This tool also can plunge cut the materials. This track saw uses 60V batteries, which can automatically adjust the voltage. This track saw uses blades that are 6 ½ inches and bevels up to 48 degrees.

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Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw – Best rail saw

If you are looking for the best track saw that is budget-friendly, then this one’s for you. This track saw makes plunge cuts and works on guide rail materials that come with a thickness of 1 to 1/32 inches. This track saw comes with a 9 amp motor that provides 5500 RPM. This track saw also comes with kickback protection. The only cons of this track saw are that you need to purchase the track separately.

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Festool TS 55 REQ – Plunge Cut Saw with T-Loc and Rail – Best upgrade pick.

This is a corded track saw that offers a cutting depth of two inches. This track saw comes with a fine-toothed blade that makes cuts on almost any type of material. This track saw comes with adjustable speed settings that can be used between 1350 to 3550 RPM. Also, it can bevel around 45 degrees. This track saw also comes with several safety features.

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Kreg Circular Saw Track kit – Best portable track saw kit.

If you are exploring for the best portable track saw, then this one’s for you. An outstanding and incredible feature of this blade is that it fits on both and left sides. This feature makes the saw flexible and can be used with any blades.

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Milwaukee track saw

Milwaukee track saws are not released yet. Most of the people are eagerly waiting for the Milwaukee track saws. Milwaukee is one of the best companies that produce many power tools.

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Makita SP600 Track saw review.

This track saw comes with a 12 amp motor that is suitable for most of the materials. This track saw also comes with a soft start technology that provides enough torque when the track saw starts. This track saw also comes with an anti-tip lock feature that helps the saw from tipping. With this powerful motor, the track saw can make the cuts up to two inches in depth.

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Kreg tools Circular saw the track.

These circular saw cuts offer cross cuts and make angled cuts up to 48 inches long. This saw can be used on plywood, MDF and panels. This circular saw offers straight, splinter-free and accurate cuts. This saw sled offers any circular saws. This feature helps to turn an ordinary saw into a precision cutting tool.

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Difference between track saw and a circular saw

The main difference between a track saw and a circular saw is that the track saw comes with a long track on the front side, but the circular saw doesn’t. The track saws can cut cross cuts, rip cuts and angle cuts very easily. But the circular saw makes only rip cuts and crosscuts.

Circular saw buying guide

  • Cordless or corded tool
  • Extra features
  • Safety
  • Circular saw blades
  • Speed settings
  • Power of the motor

These are the elements you need to know before buying a circular saw.