How To Clean Styrofoam

Learn how to clean styrofoam and use it for your next move

With Styrofoam, you can store your delicate items at home. You need to learn how to clean styrofoam to reuse it if you have a water spill or other item. You will always need polystyrene at home to insulate various things, assemble or even use it as a pillow.

How To Clean Styrofoam

The great thing about polystyrene is that you can mold it from whatever material you put on top of it. If you have a valuable pot and want to store it in a box, you can use Styrofoam. The crock you just stored will not have a problem with dust or break from the box’s poor handling.

Now that you know the importance of Styrofoam in your home, you should know how to clean it with a few steps. Before you start the cleaning process, you should have some materials and tools on hand, such as:

• A lot of soap with which you clean the dishes.

• A bucket of water

• A very soft sponge

• A hose that is provided with a water inlet

• A large towel to finish the cleaning process on the Styrofoam

You should consider when cleaning styrofoam balls is that this material is very sensitive to chemicals. The best thing you can do with cleaning the foam is to use dish soap with a weak composition. If you use other chemicals in the styrofoam, it may melt it or disappear on contact.

How to clean styrofoam process

The process of how to clean styrofoam is simple, and you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Find water

You have to find a lot of water to clean the styrofoam. There are many reasons that make the foam dirty and these things include dust, water spills, and many other things. You have to grab your cleaning bucket and look for the hose in your garden or inside the house to take water.

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Step 2: Use the detergent to wash the dishes

You have to pour at least five drops of the detergent you use to wash the dishes in the water. If you feel that the water needs more dish soap, apply it, although you should not be overdoing it. Depending on the cleaning product you use, it can produce a good amount of foam that makes cleaning easier for the Styrofoam.

Step 3: Use the extra soft sponge.

It is time for you to get your hands dirty, take the extra soft sponge, and dip it in the water pot. You have to moisten the sponge very well so that the polystyrene’s cleaning process is not annoying. You should forget about hard foams for this process because you will only damage the polystyrene piece to be cleaned if you use them.

Step 5: Rinse non-stop.

You should rinse the extra-soft sponge with the hose you have in the yard or inside your house very calmly. It is good that you also rinse the styrofoam with the sponge, remove the dirt, and rinse again. You should take the time necessary for this process. The time depends upon the amount of dirt and dust present in the foam.

Step 6: You should use the big towel now

It is time for you to use the towel to be your Styrofoam cooler. This will help in removing all the moisture. You should spread the large towel in an area of ​​your house where the sun shines for most of the day. With the towel spread out on the floor or a table, you can easily place your poly foam to dry.

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Step 7: Wait for it to dry.

You have to wait until the Styrofoam dries, which may take a few hours, depending on its size. If you have a 45 x 45 cm polystyrene piece, the drying time may take 2 hours. You should not be impatient and let the foam dry all day to use it again at home.

Tips for quick cleaning of your polystyrene piece

If you are looking for how to clean Styrofoam alternatives, you can have it now with some cleaning tips. You may need the polyester piece urgently, so a thorough cleaning with water is not an option. If you want quick solutions, you can take the following tips:

·         Clean dust with compressor

You can save time cleaning styrofoam by using an air compressor to clean up all the dust. All you will do is turn on the compressor, place the nozzle on the foam, and remove the dust. You may need a facemask to avoid absorbing the dust that the styrofoam will release.

Cleaning styrofoam with an air compressor can take about 5 minutes or less to process. With such a short time, you will have your assembly part ready to go.

·         Shake the styrofoam

A very quick solution to cleaning styrofoam from dust and other dirt is by shaking it against a solid object. You need to tap the foam against your garden table, wall, or even floor to remove the dust. With the low price you apply to this element, that annoying dust will quickly come out, and you can use it.

Sometimes this quick cleaning method on polystyrene is not convenient because you can break the piece. If you want to clean and not buy polyester foam, don’t be aggressive with the material.

·         Used without prior cleaning

If all you want is to store and protect your glass pieces or other delicate material, no matter how dirty, reuse the polystyrene. When you are anxious to move or transport some items using Styrofoam, you will not worry about how dirty it is. You should think about protecting the valuable object to arrive and not how clean it looks with some dust.

You may ignore this solution if the polystyrene is very dirty with water, some chemical, glass, among other things. You need to test the styrofoam before cleaning to see if the procedure is necessary. This packing material is unlikely to get stained or dirty when you have it in a box.


Finally, you should always think about solutions for the protection of your valuables. The polystyrene foam will take care of your objects at all times, although sometimes you must take care of them with a quick cleaning. You will have nothing to invest in cleaning the polystyrene except for the time it takes for each method to be used.

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