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How To Reset BMW X5 Computer After Battery Modification

If you are seeking guidance about the reset of your BMW computer? BMWs are modern cars that operate like a computer.

When you undertake maintenance in the car like battery replacement, replacing the oil, the technician wants to reset the system to begin counting upto next slot.

This article will help you if you need to change the oil or the battery.

I assure you that this article will help you to know about the reset of the BMW system after an oil change or a battery change and reprogramming codes of all BMW battery series.

Substitution of BMW computer

Reprogramming of the BMW battery

When a divergent battery has been mounted, reprogramming or encoding of the battery must be done.

Curiously, the car recognizes the spectacles of the replacement battery to change the whole charging mechanism.

For eg, A 330i E90 2006 BMW battery model gives you various options when coding a battery.

80Ah, 46Ah, 70Ah, 46Ah, 90Ah AGM, 70Ah AGM, 80Ah AGM, 90Ah.

In case our specs model arrives with a high 90Ah AGM battery configured, but you want to gain money by attaching a 55Ah lead/calcium battery.

Then remember that cars using an AGM related charging technique are going to be horrific for calcium/lead.

If you’re driving less and have an improved AGM, it’s ideal for downtime. You’ve got to be vigilant of overcharging.

The battery is not correctly programmed, resulting in a significantly shortened battery life.

Make sure that the VW is asking for a particular key to be inserted. Buy a battery that will not have a known retailer’s code written on the battery. Then it’s best to suit  and enter the key with the chemist and install the battery. It’s not hard, I’m sure.

When the battery is in the same chemist then the Ah rating is variable. There are some suggested reprogramming of the appropriate score as provided by physicians.

The machine needs to keep the battery at 80 percent SOC level (State Of Charge).

This leads to a demand for additional power or more resources. If a small battery is mounted, the logic will be eliminated based on the state of charge, but the condition can result in more or more energy.

You should realize the system of today’s BMW car model is complex. And must make sure that all types of battery replace can be charged in close proximity.

It has a software program designed to monitor and operate the alternator. If you change the battery, the BMW machine is required to be conscious about the changes.

The program needs information on the upgraded automobile from the regular lead-acid battery to the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat Type) and saves electrical batteries that differ from the primary battery.

You should be careful about the method of upgrading the system controlled alternator known as the reset of the battery. Battery verification process or failure of the device does not cause DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Code) and MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp).

The car buyer must be reminded  of the risk of missing the charge of the BMW battery because it reduces the lifespan of the vehicle. It can also affect all parts of the car’s electrical system.

The key reason for using the BMW development is the modern way of controlling the charging output by resetting the BMW device after the change in battery to increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

The business plans to cover the car owner’s pockets, long battery life or further profits.

Many BMW shops had a diagnostic concern with customers who refuse to install their BMW machine after replacing the battery will have a less life span..

Usually, the vehicle’s charging device decreases the life of the unlicensed battery by allowing intense charging of the battery, particularly in cold weather conditions, and also destroys the car power system.

In comparison to the LAB, the AGM has no sulphuric acid in its casting and it is free of charge. Instead, the acid is bound to the fiber fleece glass. It is the justification that there is no acid leak in the event of damage to the housing.

The AGM battery is sealed tightly to avoid water reaching it. You should realize that the following tasks should be done by resetting the BMW device after replacing the battery.

  • The machine reports that the modern battery authentication has been victorious.
  • Ensures car battery has a power of 80 percent as a relating point
  • Make sure the latest readings of the odometer are determined
  • Also allows battery accommodation statics such as voltage, temperature of the battery, and the degree of charge to be detected.

These are the BMW versions that need a computer to reset.

  • The 2007 and newer X5 E70 chassis
  • The 2008 and newer X6 E71 chassis
  • The 5-Series chassis of 2004
  • The 6-Series E54/E63 chassis 
  • The newer X5 2005 E53 chassis
  • The 2002 and newer 7-Series E65/E66 chassis
  • The 3-Series 2006 E90-E93 chassis

How To Reset BMW Computer 

Follow these measures to reset your BMW machine

  • You want to turn on the combustion key to the extension place while the lights and the radio are switched on before driving the vehicle.
  • You want to click on the “Trip” button on the device before the red light arrives on.
  • Click the Trip button and continue until Reset arrives.
  • Then, press the Trip button. The BMW is certainly reset.


Don’t ever gamble on resetting your machine after battery replacement. The system is cost-effective and there are several BMW shops with well-equipped practice to assure precise certification of the vehicle’s battery and to replace, insure that the manufacturer’s warranty standard is in place. The measures may not be really difficult.

We hope that this article allows you to reset your BMW machine after replacing the battery.