How To Fix A Fuel Pump Without Replacing It

Fuel is an important factor for all automobiles to run on the roads. If you tend to drive the automobile in your daily routine, the fuel pump creates an issue because it may fail in some instances, so you want to replace them.

In this article, you will find out how to fix a fuel pump without any modification.

What is a fuel pump?

The role of the pump is to inject the fuel from the tank. It has a relay to monitor them. The ignition switch monitors the relays. Whereas few relays are monitored by ECM.

Fix Fuel Pump Without Modification ( Temporary Fuel Pump Fix)

A fuel pump is of three types. They are direct, mechanical, and electric high-pressure injection pumps. It has several characteristics on its own. You want to replace it before it fails.

Here, I help you to explore the bad fuel pump symptoms and also in fixing the pump without any modification.

7 Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms

If there is any issue with the wiring or fuel system, there should be no electricity to reach. On the same side, the fuel pump also terminates. There is a chance of getting fire on the engine. If the engine has issues at a regular interval of time, then it jerks and stops working.

These are the signs of bad fuel pump symptoms.

  • The engine sputters at continuous speed and suddenly goes to normal speed is a sign of the worst fuel pump.
  • When the temperature increases, the vehicle will stall. It shows the motor has some issues.
  • It has poor performance while carrying heavy loads or climbing hills.
  • If the car maintains the same speed it surges ahead suddenly.
  • It has a low gas mileage
  • The car fails to start after many attempts
  • You hear noise from the pump
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Remember these points to test before fixing a pump

  • Level of Fuel

You want to check the tank is full.

  • Sound of Fuel Pump

You have to test the pump whether it has a swish sound while the ignition is on. In case, there is no sound means you have to check the electricity or computer diagnostics codes(DTC).  Also, be cautious some cars may not power due to inadequate oil. Also, verify the car manual.

  • Fuel Filter

Authenticate the fuel is stopped or not. If you have used it for a prolonged time, you want to change it.

  • Pressure Regulator

Check whether the fuel is present or not or it becomes dry.

How can a temporary fuel pump be fixed?

First, identify the fuel system for supplying fuel or not. Ensure about the fuel diagnosis system. To perform the process of testing, you want a fuel pressure gauge.

Before checking, you ensure the car on the emergency brake, place the car on a vertical surface, and off the engine, and check if any smoke comes out from a hood.

Steps to fix a pump without any modification

Step 1:  There is a vacuum line that connects to the fuel pressure regulator. Eliminate the line and check it has fuel inside the line. If it has fuel inside the line which means the regulator fails.

Step 2: Vacuum line should be connected

Step3: Identify the protective cap and eliminate it. It will allow you to fix the hose of the pressure gauge.

Step 4: Open the test gauge for fuel pressure. It is a pro package that suits well for a pressure gauge.

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Step 5: Fix the gauge on the right adapter and attach a line to the test port. If it has no fuel test port means you want a fuel filter adapter. It acts as a fuel port.

Step 6: After the previous process, fix the gauge and on the ignition key. The gauge increases in the level of 45 – 58 PSI mainly in the direct port system. If the pump is attached to an electrical part, it works well. If it has a lack of pressure reflection, you have to examine the relay and power distribution center.

In case the pump denied to get the electric wire, you face a problem in another way. If you use a color wire to drive the energy you want to recognize the correct wire.

You may also refer to the manual to check the perfect color of the wire. You rectify the wire close to the fuel tank.

And, examine the light to probe more wires. If the light blinks mean the pump is a fault.

Step 7: If you ON the engine the pressure will stop at 52 PSI. When you free the throttle, the pressure rises at the range of 5 PSI. This indicates the regulator performing well. If you do not get any pressure after checking the vacuum line, then the pressure regulator has an issue.

Step 8: If you ON the engine, the fuel system runs at a full capacity of PSI. Normally, it should be in a range of 52 PSI.

Step 9: If you load the engine or it is in idle mode, you get a lower pressure. It indicates the pump is closed.

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Step 10: If you completed the previous processes, place the cotton towel under the port which sucks the additional fuel from the hose.

Step 11: If you eliminate the hose, the fuel constantly leaks, and fix the hose at the top of the cotton to extract fuel.

Step 12:  When the gauge hose is completed, you reestablish the dust cap and remove the surface with the help of a cotton towel. At last, check it for leakage.

Price of a fuel pump

The price varies from $300 to $1000 according to the quality of the fuel pump. You can pay $200 to $400 for labor.


In this article, you previewed the signs and important things about the temporary fuel pump.  The fuel pump plays a vital role in the process of supplying the fuel. You rectify the problem with the above-mentioned steps.

I hope this article can provide you more information about fuel pump replacement.

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