How To Remove Spray Paint From Concrete

The tricky part of the painting process is its removal. Usually, after you paint after some days, the pain may turn into layers. Some paints are easy to remove, while some others are tough to remove. But this is not impossible. You need to find the right paint removal from the market. The paint surface on the concrete can be removed using paint strippers, pressure washers and other tools.

Protect your concrete while removing the paint

When you are removing the paint from the concrete, you always think not to damage the concrete. It is essential to rinse the paint thinner or graffiti remover with hot water. Please don’t leave this for a few minutes, and it will start eating the concrete. You should have observed the same situation in nail polish remover.

If you are using the compounds that will dissolve the concrete, there may also be a risk to your health. Avoid direct contact with these solutions. While using these sprays, you need to wear glasses, masks, respirators, and gloves to protect you from harmful chemicals.

Things you need

  • Paint thinner or remover
  • scraper
  • Pressure washer
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Grease
  • Scrub brush
  • Waste time

How to remove paint on concrete

Follow these steps to remove the paint on the concrete.

  • Use the solution to saturate the area you want to remove
  • Go to the area with a sprayer full of hot water
  • Scrub with a brush
  • Reapply the solution until the paint is removed completely
  • Rinse the concrete with a soap water

Use the solution to solve the area you need to remove

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First, you need to saturate the area where you are thinking of removing the paint. We recommend using goof off here to saturate the area because it is a dedicated paint remover.

Before using this solution, use your paint remover to see how it reacts with the concrete. If it is reacting quickly, then change the solution. If it works fine, then continue with the same spray.

Go to the area with the sprayer full of water.

Next, go over the area with a pressure washer or sprayer. This helps to blast the paint that is loosened by using the remover. It also helps to dilute the solution. This will help to minimize the damage caused to concrete due to the paint thinner.

Scrub with a brush

If you are lucky and remove the paint in just two steps, you need to follow them. If the paint is not removed, then brush the area.

Reapply the solution until the paint is removed completely

Repeat steps one and three here. Most of the solutions support reapplication on the concrete. Some of them do not support it. You should have noticed this because you are watching closely. Follow the same steps until you altogether remove the paint from the concrete.

Rinse the concrete with soap water

This is a fundamental step because if you do not follow this step, there will be many chances of damaging the concrete. If you have a pressure washer, then you can also use this with soap water. This force will help you to remove any signs of solution that are still in the concrete. Once you complete this step, then you are free to go.

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