Top 7 Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets

A fresh coat of paint makes the entire room look new. But this happens when the job is done right. If you use a quality paint sprayer, then you can achieve a professional look. This quality paint brush also saves labor costs.

A paint sprayer has a canister that holds the paint and a trigger operated nozzle that sprays the paint on to any surface. Since these paint sprayers give you a smooth finish and distribute the paint well, they are better than rollers or standard paintbrushes.

Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets

Types of paint sprayers for cabinets

Air compressed or conventional

Traditional paint sprayers have a powerful nozzle that helps to throw the paint at high pressure. This paint sprayer provides a thin layer of paint on any surface. This paint sprayer is best for kitchen cabinets because these sprayers will provide a smooth finish and a professional look. These are difficult to control as these sprayers provide high pressure.


HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. These paint sprayers come with a small electric turbine that compresses air to provide paint. These are the most affordable sprayers that are best suitable for home projects. These sprayers will provide a less output when compared with traditional air compressed sprayers. This makes this sprayer inadequate for large projects but suitable for working with kitchen cabinets.


LVLP stands for Low Volume Low Pressure. These are less powerful than the traditional type of paint sprayers. These types of paint sprayers are best suited for small projects. These sprayers produce small patterns when compared with conventional air sprayers. As these paints provide small patterns, it takes more time to paint a kitchen cabinet. Sometimes these sprayers need thick paints as these provide low pressure.


These are electric paint sprayers that are very powerful. They will work by using a pressure up to 3000 PSI. These sprayers produce thick coats of paints, which will minimize the amount of application of paint. Airless paint sprayers come with different types of tips. So they can produce different types of patterns. Due to more power, they can produce overspray.

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Consider the following things when choosing a sprayer for a cabinet.

Consider these things when you are buying a paint sprayer for a cabinet.

  • Project size
  • Tip size
  • Manual or electric
  • Power rating
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Capacity
  • Ease of use

Tips for using a paint sprayer for a cabinet

Follow these tips when you are using a paint sprayer for cabinets. Follow these instructions to get a smooth finish.

  • First, you need to choose a proper tip
  • Then practice with the sprayer to get used to it
  • Apply paint by using overlapping passes and also maintain a distance of twelve inches
  • Once the painting is completed then clean the sprayer

List Of Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets

1/Wagner Spraytech 0529091 FLEXiO 5000 – best Paint Sprayers

When you buy a paint sprayer, choose the sprayer that gives you adequate coverage, accuracy, control, and minimum overspread. All these characteristics are present in this paint sprayer. You can adjust the sprayer’s hose to change the width of the pattern, direction and flow. This paint sprayer comes with a turbine situated separately in the base connected to the sprayer via a hose. This makes the sprayer lightweight.

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2/Graco 17D889 TrueCoat 360 Handheld Paint Sprayer

Thin paint, unclogging nozzles and cleaning the sprayer for color changes cause inconvenience to the users. But if you want to check these inconveniences, you can choose this paint sprayer. This sprayer comes with a steel piston that gives you more pressure. It comes with a reverse nozzle that fixes the clog within seconds. It comes with disposable bag liners that can easily change the colors and hues. It comes with a storage case, and when you complete the work, you can store it conveniently.

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3/Dicfeos Paint Sprayer, 700W HVLP Home Paint Gun

It comes with a powerful motor and an attractive price. This is an HVLP paint sprayer. This sprayer is perfect for the one who wants to paint their kitchen cabinets without investing in highly expensive paint sprayer. The motor comes with 700 watts that help to provide a steady and even finish. It comes with four different nozzles that will help use various types of appliances or materials. It would be best if you use diluted latex paints before using this paint sprayer.

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4/Fuji Spray 5175G – T75G Gravity best Spray 

This paint sprayer offers you a pro-level performance. This sprayer is made with stainless steel material, which makes it easier to clean. This paint sprayer comes with a pattern control knob and an adjustable air cap for an even and pleasing finish. This paint sprayer comes well balanced, which reduces the fatigue of holding. As this sprayer is a pro-level sprayer, it is costly.

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5/Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

If you want to paint your kitchen cabinet very fastly, then this sprayer will be the best choice for you. If you are using this paint sprayer, then there is no need to refill the paint bucket because it can spray the paint directly from the bucket. So due to its fastness, it can handle all types of big projects. It comes with a piston pump that can provide you a thin layer of paint. If the nozzle is clogged, then reverse the nozzle to continue your work. All these features will help you to do your work comfortably without any interruption.

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6/Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Spraying the kitchen cabinets requires some skills. It also needs a sprayer that will give you excellent control when you are spraying. It would be best if you spray the paint evenly. All these tasks can be handled with this sprayer. You can also adjust the spraying width from ½ inches to 12 inches. It also comes with pressure control and flows control dials that will help you to tune your sprayer. It will spray evenly by providing a minimal overspray.

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7/SPRAYIT SP-33000K LVLP Gravity-Feed Spray Kit

For the persons who already own an air compressor buying a sprayer is just a simple task. This sprayer turns the compressor into the paint sprayer. This kit comes with an aluminum spray gun that handles low pressure. The pressure is between 28 to 45 PSI. With this low pressure, the sprayer can handle small projects like spraying the kitchen cabinets and furniture. This sprayer comes with a pattern ranging from 7 to 10.9 inches. This sprayer comes with accessories like three tips, an air regulator, a cleaning kit and a plastic storage case.

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