How to Erase HomeLink Garage Door Opener

We adore the comfort of garage openers. It has a glitchy transmitter that appears like it was constructed in the early ’90s.

Almost all Ford automobiles have a configurable collection of smooth transmitter switches incorporated in the right side of the driver’s view with the help of the HomeLink system.

In this article, you will find out how to script your door with the help of Homelink.

Scripting the Garage Opener with the help of the HomeLink button

  • Switch on your automobile
  • Keep your vintage door transmitter a few bits aside from the HomeLink pin
  • Select the HomeLink button that you want to program
  • Carry and click the two transmitters button and then pick the HomeLink pin
  • The HomeLink light turns from a quiet blink to a stable flashing fast
  • Click and retain the pin for 5sec.

Solid Light – HomeLink light would be solid when you have an attached code design, then you need to begin your garage by pressing the button.

Quick Flashing – When your light beams quickly flashes, then it changes to continuous light. You need a spinning code device that involves further steps. These steps should be achieved within 30 sec that helps the other person to perform the method easier.

  • Click and retain the smart/learn button on the garage door.
  • Click and retain the chosen button on the HomeLink for two sec, reveal it, and again click it for two seconds.

How to Reset Your HomeLink System

To remove all programming settings from your vehicle’s HomeLink system, click and retain the outer 2 HomeLink buttons continuously, up to the light turns from stable to glancing around ten seconds.

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I hope this article can provide you more information about how to reset your homelink system.

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