How To Remove Vinyl Windows

Some types of vinyl windows require a different way to remove them. The most common types of vinyl windows are double-hung windows. Removing these windows is a straightforward task. But removing the glass of the window will be a very tough task. The vinyl windows are cost-effective. But the major problem is glass breaks.

Steps to remove the vinyl windows

Lift out the window

Free the windows from the frame by removing the mouldings. If it is catchy, then you need to remove them with a utility knife. Lift it to remove the sliding window from the frame. Hold it tightly as it may sometimes swing unexpectedly. You can also call out your friend for help. You can also put a masking tape in X’s shape if you are worried about the glass.

Pull the tabs

You will find some tabs at the top of the window. It would be best if you pulled them out from the frame. When the tabs are removed, the sashes can be tilted.

Tilt the sash

Move one corner of the sash while holding the other corner in the place. This will free the metal posts that help in securing the window.

Remove the sash

When the posts are freed, then remove the sash.

Determine if the glass can be replaced

If you have an insulated glass like a double pane or a triple pane where the airspace is filled with gas, you must ensure that the glass can be replaceable. To determine whether the glass is replaceable or not look at the glass from inside the room and see whether the black plastic piece is running towards the glass. These plastic pieces are stops. If you see these stops, the glass can be replaceable.

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Remove the pane

The glass in the vinyl windows is held in the position by using silicone or double-sided tape. This will hold the glass in position. Then black plastic pieces called stops are applied on four sides of the glass. First, remove the stop with a knife carefully. Make sure that you do not damage the stops. Now flip the panel and break the seal holding the glass with the help of a knife. Save the old spacers.

Clean the frame

When the glass is removed, clean the excess tape that is stuck to the frame. Clean the frame before installing the new glass. Don’t remove the old pane until the new pane arrives. The new pane takes two weeks to deliver.

Replace the glass

Take the frame that you have removed earlier to a glass shop to ensure that the new pane will fit perfectly. Place the glass pane around the frame using silicone at the bottom of the glass from inside.

Rehang the window

Place the stops in the correct position and rehang the window.


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