How To Pick A Garage Door Lock

Learn how to pick a garage door lock, so you can use the technique whenever you want

You don’t necessarily have to intend to break into a house to learn how to pick a garage door lock. Suppose you are curious about the action movie-style lock picking technique with two-wire pieces. You should know how to do it. This process to open garage door locks or other access to your house is simple to do and practice.

For this technique of opening locks for your garage, you must consider that not all locks are the same. If you have a high-quality padlock in your home with a special key, the technique may not work. For common padlocks with four locking points, opening the lock is easy, but you must know its structure.

How to pick a garage door lock

The function of the classic padlock with pin

You may need some basic information about the garage door handle and how it works. These classic locks have four pressure drums that are released by the key upon entry. For the lock to release and open the lift you will give, the drums must be standard.

Although the lock’s structure in question sounds quite simple, it is somewhat complex to release it without a key. Typically the lift on each of these internal drums is minimal until you turn the key. You should only try to use the necessary tools to raise each of the drums to the correct height.

Tools you need to open a lock

Many tools will help you know how to pick a garage door lock, but you should focus on the classic ones. The tools that will help you access your home garage in case you forgot your key inside are:

  • Standard size lock picks, this piece is usually sold complete
  • Pins
  • Click
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You can experiment with these different tools and take the one that gives you the best facilities to open the lock. You have to practice enough with these tools because the process of opening the lock is not easy.

Steps to open your garage lock

You have to rush to open your garage lock and access your house with some pressure using tools. Among the things you have to do to open the lock are:

Step 1: You have to insert a tension wrench

You must use a tension key that will certainly give you access to open a lock with total success at home. With this special key, you will lift all the drums or internal pins of your classic lock. You have to insert this small pointed element and feel each internal drum rise.

You need to apply a good amount of pressure to the lock until it finally passes its lines from the drum. When you feel that the piece passed the drum successfully, you have to turn it counterclockwise.

Still nothing?

If you still have not raised the lock barrel, you are probably doing something wrong in the process. You have to apply exact pressure when inserting the key or long piece into the lock. This piece’s elasticity should be fair and not excessive so that you do not lose strength when trying to open the lock.

Step 2: Place a pick in the upper area of ​​the lock

You can choose the pick that suits you best to help you in the process of opening the garage lock. You can take a Bogotá rake pick for a professional choice that has three types of edges in its composition. You should place the tip of the pick inside your lock to apply a little extra pressure.

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Step 3: Float the makeshift key

You have to master the process of opening your garage lock and applying a repetitive back and forth motion. When you place the special key inside the lock, you must move it in both directions so that the pressure exerted is good. You need to do this move to adapt the makeshift key to the drums that the lock you want to open has.

Step 4: Fix the pins correctly

How long you can set the lock drums is subjective because it all depends on your repetitive movement. You have to apply pressure at all times until the key locks onto the edge of the lock. With some experience, you gain you can set the pins naturally, making the whole process simple.

Practice how to open a lock without stopping

Practice makes perfect, so you will have to learn how to pick a garage door lock in your home. You don’t have to give up trying to unlock your doors and only accomplish the goal by completing the steps. The pressure you exert on the lock as standard, which is essential for access to the drums.

You should also consider when picking locks is the tool used and that they are the correct ones. You can become a professional lock picker by adopting a new technique in your life. Perhaps picking locks can help you at any time in your life to access your home.

Why should you learn to pick garage locks?

The main reason you should learn how to pick garage locks is to notice how protected you are. The garage door security should be essential for you can from there thieves can take your car. If you can open your garage lock, this is the signal you need to change it for a complex configuration.

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You may have understood in this technique that not all locks have the same drum configuration. Some locks that you can buy have a complex system that only your special key has access to. For traditional locks with four drums, these accesses are simple, which means you can open them with good tools.

The tools you should use to open the locks are another point to take because some thieves may not have them. Although they are basic tools to open locks, the consistency and size may not be correct. You may have a plus for not changing your garage door lock for fear of being robbed.

If you think about your security and increase it to the maximum, you may need to change your garage lock now for a better one. You have to prevent not to regret a robbery that could easily be avoided by changing the lock in one day.




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