How To Dry Wood Stain Faster

Wood stains are a type of liquid applied on the wooden surfaces to bind the wood’s body. It is not a type of paint. The paint you use will stick to the surface, but the wood stains will penetrate the wood. So it lasts longer when compared to the paints. It also takes a longer time to dry. You cannot use your wooden piece if it does not dry completely. Today, in this article, we are discussing how to dry the wood stain faster.

These are the things that the drying time depends on.

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity


The temperature takes an essential part in drying the wood stain. If the environment around the wood stain is warm, the wood stain will dry faster. When it is in a cold environment, it takes time to dry. In a warm environment, the chemicals that are present in the wood stain will evaporate faster.


This is the second important thing in influencing the drying process of wood stain. Humidity is nothing but the water vapour present in the atmosphere. So it is clear that the humidity will be more in cold climatic conditions. So it takes a long time to dry.

These are the two factors that play an essential role in drying the wood stain.

Seven ways to dry wood stains faster [oil and water based] and Polyurethane:

Using heater

This is an easy way to dry the wood stain. With a portable or permanent heater, it will be an easy task to dry the wood stains. It will be a great way to dry the wood stains when you are working in indoor conditions. By using the heater, the temperature increases gradually. The chemicals present in the wood stain will start heating up. After it reaches the maximum temperature, the chemicals will start evaporating. So the wood stains will dry quickly. If the size of the room is small, then the temperature will increase quickly.

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Decreasing the humidity by the air conditioner

We all know that humidity will play an important role in drying the stains. Suppose the humidity is low, the time of drying will be fast. If the humidity is high, then the drying time will also take a long time. To get rid of this problem, you can use an automatic air conditioner. If you have an automatic air conditioner, you can increase the humidity if you decrease the humidity. If you decrease the humidity, the moisture also will be decreased. This will result in drying the wood stain faster when compared to the average room temperature.

By using a dehumidifier

If you don’t have an automatic air conditioner, then you can use a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is a great way to rescue the humidity in the air. This will work in the same way that an air conditioner works.

Create a great flow of air

This is one of the most incredible and easy ways to dry the wood stains. You don’t need to purchase anything or don’t waste your current. Just open your windows to allow the air to come inside the room. You can also achieve this by using a fan.

Use of proper ventilation

If you don’t have proper ventilation, then it takes so much time to dry. In a well-ventilated room, the wood stains will be absorbed quickly. This will result in the wood stain in quick drying. To ensure proper ventilation, you need to open a window.

Place the piece outside.

If you want to place the wooden piece outside, you need to look for the temperature and humidity. If the temperature in the surroundings is high and the humidity is low, then you can place the wooden piece outside. If the surroundings’ temperature is low and the humidity is high, do not place the wooden piece outside.

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Oil-based stains

Oil-based stains will take less time than water-based stains. Before using the oil-based stains, you need to leave the wooden piece for eight hours. And if you use water-based stains, you must dry at least 24 hours before applying the Polyurethane.


If you are using a wood stain, then it will take a longer time to dry. It will make you feel bored. If you want to make your work faster, then try the above methods we mentioned.

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