How To Dry Shoes In Dryer

If you people fall under the category of people who may be confused to dry the shoes in the dryer, then don’t worry even I fall in this category before I have figured out a solution to this. By drying a couple of shoes in the dryer, I have found that drying shoes are not as comfortable as drying the clothes in the dryer. Drying shoes in the dryer takes time and effort; otherwise, the shoes may get wasted.

However, drying shoes in the dryer may cause problems like irritating noise caused due to the bouncing of shoes inside the dryer. To check this problem, I have come up with a solution. So keep reading this article to find the effective ways to dry the shoes inside the dryer.

Baseball is a great physical sport. However, if you play baseball with wet feet, it may cause problems like blisters and irritations on the feet. They may even lead to the athlete’s foot. So remove your shoes as early as possible if they become wet. If you don’t have much time to dry your shoes, then the best way to dry the shoes is using a dryer. But this may depend on the type and construction of the shoes.

So how to dry shoes in the dryer without getting noise. To avoid the noise caused during the drying, pull out the shoes’ strings outside the dryer’s door by keeping the shoes inside the dryer and closing the door.

Cleaning the shoe is a hard thing because of the nature of the fabric, shape and colour. Depending on the amount of dirt, we decided how to clean the shoes.

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If you take the sneakers, they will get dirty and are difficult to clean. There is a way to clean the shoes, just like other clothes.

Depending on the shoe types, you will need specific cleansers like soap water or other drying methods. But if you do not have enough time, then it is better to use a dryer. You need to be aware of some steps in drying the shoes.

Things to know to dry shoes in the dryer:

  • Need a quality dryer from the well-known brand
  • It would be best if you filled the shoes while drying
  • Need warm water and mild detergent to clean dirty shoes
  • You can also use your washing machine to dry the shoes
  • Need small and large towels

Step by step instructions

  1. Check the construction of the shoe: This is the first step in drying the shoes. First, check the material of the shoe. If the shoes are made with cotton or without stiff soles, they can be dried in the dryer. Do not dry the gel core athletic shoes and clogs in the dryer.

Tip: Never dry your leather shoes inside a dryer because the heat will damage the leather shoes.

  1. Wash your shoes: First clean your shoes with warm water and mild detergent. You can use a washing machine for this purpose. First, you need to pad the washing machine with plenty of towels. This will help the shoes not get damaged.
  2. Remove the lint: Make sure to remove the lint filter from the washing machine. This will help to provide excellent air circulation.
  3. Stuff small towels inside the shoe: Stuff some rags and shoes into the shoe up to the toe. This will help to maintain the shape of the shoe after washing and also absorb the moisture present in the shoes.
  4. Set the temperature: Always set the temperature to the low level because the shoes’ rubber will not be damaged due to the higher temperature. This is an essential step if you are drying inside the dryer.
  5. Untie the shoelaces: Before drying the shoes, you need to untie the laces because the laces will take more time to dry than the shoes.
  6. Fill the dryer with towels: Make sure that the dryer is filled with large towels because the towels make the shoes dry faster and reduce the noise caused during the drying process.
  7. Put your shoes inside: Open the dryer and put the shoes inside the dryer with the toes up.
  8. Loop your shoelaces: Place your shoelaces outside the dryers door and close the door firmly. Make sure that the laces of the shoe will extend beyond the door.
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Tip: If you place the shoelaces outside the dryers door and close the door. It will ultimately reduce the noise caused during the process.

  1. Set the dryer: Turn on the dryer and set the cycle to low or medium around sixty minutes. Do not dry the shoes for a long time because it will damage the shoes. Dry the shoes entirely for a time of sixty minutes. The time will be different based on the type of dryer you are using. This is the last step to be followed in the process of drying your shoes.

Drying the shoes in the cloth dryer will be the fastest and most effective way of drying. But these cloth dryers are used only for sneakers and canvas shoes. Do not dry the leather shoes in the dryer because the shoes may be damaged. Also, check the shoes periodically while drying the shoe inside a dryer. If you find your shoes completely dried or damaged then immediately remove the shoes from the dryer.

Some of the dryers will come with a separate area where you can place your shoes in that compartment, and warm air is passed to dry the shoes. In these types of dryers, you don’t need to follow the steps mentioned here. In case you do not find such types of dryers, then continue with the above process.

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