How To Shorten Levolor Blinds

Levolor blinds are a stylish option to flat window shades and curtains. Levolor blinds provide a decorative alternative to flat window shades or curtains. Window blinds have slats that can be rotated 180 degrees to allow light to shine into a window or obstruct light entirely and facilitate privacy.

Levolor blinds may be modified to the window’s length by taking a set of slats from the blinds’ bottom. Using a few essential tools, you can cut slats to shorten the length of the blind and tailor these modern blinds to your window size.

Steps To Shorten Levolor Blinds

1. Release the blind cord to extend the blinds down. Place the slats horizontally using the twisting rod.

2. Measure the precise length of the blinds where you expect them to finish. The blinds should sit on or just above the windowsill. Excess slats would be bundled to sit in a heap on the windowsill. Count the number of slats to be replaced, but omit the bottom slat, which serves as a cap slat to add a finished look to the blinds.

3. Place the two caps on the lower slat of the blind on the underside. Each pair of blinds has a left and right button cap that includes a cord function. The rope loops around any slat, helping the user to twist, lift and lower the blinds.

4. Remove the button cap on the bottom right-hand side of the blind with a flat-head screwdriver or a butter knife. Don’t forget the button, because once the blinds have been shortened, you need to reinstall it. First work on the right side to avoid a plurality of slats from falling through the ropes.

5. Pull the cord out from the bottom slat of the blinds. At the end of both cords, untie the knot. Pull through the cords and free them entirely from the slats you choose to remove.

6. Retighten the cord through the bottom slat of the buttonholes. Adjust the knot in the cord, so that the length of the bound ends allows the bottom slat to lay flat against the window sill and be spaced in the same manner as the other slats on the blinds. Remove the extra length of the cord. Your additional slats will only be hanging by the left-side cords.

7. Switch to the blinds’ left side and release the button cap on the slat’s bottom. As you did with the first hand, untie the knot and remove the slats. At this point, the slats should be separated from the blinds entirely.

8. Measure the cords’ length on your left side to the cords on the right side. This means that the bottom slat of the blinds is level hanging positioning. Tie the strings to the knot, cut the excess cord, and force the thread down into the bottom slat. Pop the cover button back onto the bottom blind slat of the hole.

Things You Will Need To Shorten Levolor Blinds

1. Flat-head screwdriver

2. Butter knife (optional)

3. Scissors

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