How To Cut Steel Rod

Discover how to cut steel rod using elemental techniques

When you set out to cut steel rods at home to serve different purposes, you should know the easy ways to do it. You have to learn how to cut steel rod using efficient techniques involving easy-to-use machines. Although cutting a steel rod turns out to be a simple action, you should know that it becomes complicated if you do not have the machinery.

It’s time for you to have critical information on methods to cut steel rebar in seconds. You only have to follow the steps that each of these ten techniques indicates and thus have good results. With the rebar cut to the desired distance, you can meet your proposed goals for use at home or other construction activities.

Techniques for cutting steel rods quickly

It’s time for you to adjust to metal cutting tools to meet your goals for the day. You have to know the unique techniques to cut steel rods or other material that you come across. Among the techniques selected to cut the steel rod quickly are:

1. Use an angle grinder

The first tool that will be a great companion for cutting all metal types is the angle grinder that you may have at home. This tool bypasses any metal you put in front of it, from bolts to sheet metal. The grinder is easy to use, so you don’t have to be a construction expert in using it at home.

The only disadvantage you have with the grinder in your doubt of how to cut steel rod is that its disk does not last. The grinder discs’ wear is very excessive, so it will not perform if you use it for thick pieces. You can avoid this excessive wear on angle grinder blades by purchasing a diamond blade, but the price is high.

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2. Have the back of a circular saw

If you want to cut metals quickly, you can do it with a circular saw after the operation. These saws cut through metal like butter, making you do the job very quickly. Saws have a short limit supporting a 3/8 inch thickness for whatever ferrous metal you have around the house.

With the circular saw, not everything is perfect, and for its use, you must wear glasses and elements that cover your body so as not to hurt yourself. This saw makes metal shavings jump everywhere, being very dangerous if they fall in your eye. You can buy different blades with the circular saw that have steel or carbide for long life.

3. Cuts aluminum smoothly using a miter saw

If you want to cut aluminum with an angle, rods, or other pieces, you have to use a miter saw to back you up. These saws are exclusive for aluminum and their motor, like the disc, is so powerful to withstand a good thickness. You have to watch out for aluminum shavings that the saw can expel to protect your eyes or skin.

A very good tip that you can take when using the miter saw is to place a piece of cloth over its openings. You can start cutting a piece of aluminum and placing a cloth that creates a border between the saw and your body.

4. Use an abrasive disc

You can give the abrasive disc multiple uses, serving to cut small metals or large pieces with good thickness. The good thing about these discs is that they don’t release many metals or aluminum shavings that you cut, thus increasing their safety. You can adapt the abrasive disc with an angle grinder to do all kinds of work at home.

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5. Give score and easy adjustment to metals to be cut

You can easily cut metals and aluminum using a technique many contractors have in mind on the job. The technique consists of adjusting the piece to be cut with a square or large ruler and mark the point. You must place the entire rod’s cutting point to have a guide later and do it with your preferred machinery.

This simple scoring and setting technique will save you a lot of time and produce a cleaner job. You will not regret using this technique that even if you are not a contractor, it is efficient.

6. Tips to cut metal safely

No matter what type of metal chop saw or aluminum you use at this time, you must protect your body. How you can cut metal while keeping your safety are:

• Wear gloves when using metal because you can cut yourself with some very sharp edges.

• Read carefully the instructions that each of the cutting discs indicates after purchase.

• Try to work in a safe environment where no one else comes near you while cutting.

• You must wear glasses that try to have your vision safe when jumping a steel or metal chip.

• You must cover your skin by wearing gloves, pants, and a long-sleeved work shirt.

• You must hold the metal or aluminum very well before cutting it.

• Do not touch the metal you just cut; let it cool naturally

7. Use oscillating tools

If you have to cut in tight places, you should use an oscillating tool with metal cutting blades. When you want to cut nuts from some mounts, you must do it with this swing tool that opens the way to the target. You can also buy plumbing parts, nails, car bolts, or other parts that are traditionally difficult to access.

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8. Have a combination of the blade together with the metal

When you know how to cut steel rod, you should try all kinds of techniques, such as combining blades with metal. Abrasive wheels are a great option you should adopt for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The sheet metal you use must be capable of cutting both types of metals, no matter how thick they are.

9. Use the reciprocating saw

You can now take a reciprocating saw to make all kinds of cuts for bolts, aluminum angles, rods, or tubes. Among the tips you can take when using a reciprocating saw are:

• You should buy a blade that has bimetallic teeth so that it lasts for a long time.

• You must place the saw in a straight position

• You must choose a cutting blade with 24 TPI in the thickness of its teeth

• To increase the lifetime of the reciprocating saw, you must use it at low speed for a time limit

10. Start cutting mesh and metal slats using a grinder

If you are tired of cutting mesh with tin snips, you have to use a grinder to make the process simple. You must assemble your machine with a diamond cutting disc and start cutting all these elements in the desired size. The grinder is great for mesh or slat cutting, so you should make it a priority for the job.

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