How To Fix Luggage Handle

One should always refer to the warranty of the suitcase to check when they bought it and consider fixing it after checking. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, and thus, under this condition, the suitcase gets repaired at no cost. This is considered as one of the best options, so it is advised to investigate it first.

On finding your suitcase to be damaged, the first thing to be done is to enquire and check if it can be fixed. People tend to make mistakes and think that once broken is permanently broken and needs to be replaced.

Luggage parts are fundamental and gentle things. Hence, they break easily and often.

The parts are mostly standard and can be easily replaced, and even if they can’t be replaced, spare parts to replace the problematic parts can be found.

To find out the issue and replace the luggage handle, there is a proper procedure to follow. Usually, the handle gets stuck when it is in an open position and is extended, or the complete closed position where it won’t even come out.

How To Fix Luggage Handle

  • The initial step is to find out what the issue is by having a closer look.
  •  Is it possible to release the mechanism by pressing the tab in the handle down?
  • Does the tab return to the original position?
  • Is there a possibility that the handle is trapped in the folder?
  • The handle sliders that extend down the back of the suitcase are visible when the case is opened. Are they twisted or damaged in some way?

You need to follow some initial steps to get to the exact fault, and once done with them, you know what next to be done.

Can suitcase handles be repaired?

If what you want to do is fix a suitcase handle and get suitcase handle repair, I have two ideas for you. If you have a softshell suitcase with a silk handle, the only thing you can do is stitch it back together. If your plastic handle has cracked, it’s time to get your super glue out again.

How do you fix the pull handle on a suitcase?

What to do when a handle is stuck in a closed state?

To fix the handle, which is stuck in a closed position, is the easiest fix to the problem.

It is often seen that people get frustrated by doing all kinds of weird things and trying to fix the Luggage handle.

But the solution to it is simple. Slide a flathead screwdriver between the push tab and the back of the frame with a flathead screwdriver. This should loosen it up and allow it to resume regular operation.

Why is my Luggage handle stuck?

The handle may be stuck in an open position due to various reasons. The main two reasons are-

  • The pins that are found in the telescopic handle luggage get stuck in their position holes.
  • The telescopic poles are not in contact with the handle’s control mechanism.

What to do if the handle is stuck in an open position?

In case these issues arise, the following needs to be done.

Pins in the telephonic handle are getting stuck.

If this issue arises, the easiest way is to open up the suitcase and keep it aside for at least thirty minutes.

Inside the suitcase, some telephonic runners need to be exposed. In most cases, it includes a zip at the base inside the suitcase. When you unzip the part, you will find the runners, the handle, and the internal frame.

After unzipping, the next step is to press the trigger and observe what happens. The pins of the handle, if operating fine, should move in and out. Whereas in some cases, they get stuck in the tiny holes that hold the position of the handle.

Sellotape can be used for this purpose. Wrap the tape around the holes to prevent the pin from settling in. The pin is held inside the telescopic hole in this manner.

This method will help prevent it from getting stuck and should free the handle to move in and out. Since one side will be in proper working condition and running, the other side will trap the telescopic pole.

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Another method is to make larger holes in the telescopic poles and ensure that they move freely in and out. For making larger holes, a drill or a file can be used. A marginal increase will help to make holes slightly more prominent. This makes the pins more versatile to move in and out.

Telescopic poles does not touch the trigger system

When the internal trigger mechanism changes in certain situations, it no longer touches the telescopic poles. This symbolizes that it won’t be functional. Primarily, one side is the issue; both sides are rare.

The solution is to put the handle open. In the great majority of cases, this entails loosening a few screws in the suitcase’s handle frame.

Undo the opening up of screws and have a look at the wire. Does the wire sit in the handle or stuck in any way? Mostly, a ‘rough’ wire is the problem. The wire needs to get smoothed with a file and reinsert with a handle.

This solution should be the maximum to fix the issue.

Also, there might be certain cases where the handle does not touch the telescopic handle and is not able to move in and out.

Applying some tape to the handle internally would help to fix the problem where the telescopic pole sits.

How much does it cost to fix a luggage handle?

Repairing luggage handles will cost anywhere from $28 to $95, with the cost of replacing a bent luggage handle that won’t pull up being at the higher end of the scale.

Retractable handle mechanism

The retractable handle mechanism of one embodiment of the present invention contains a base frame fixed to the shell of a wheeled suitcase. It has two axle housings disposed of in parallel and a retractable handle positioned in the axle housings and relocated between an expanded position and a collapsed position.


The above article must have given plenty of information on how to fix stuck luggage handles.

The main thing to keep in mind is that it is a simple primary mechanism, and even specific points can go wrong over time.

But, nothing to worry about. This can be fixed too. Research and exploration are needed, and you are good to use the broken suitcase by repairing it.

How to protect Luggage from damage?

It has usually happened to many of us how we line up at the airports and look for our new and natural-looking suitcases. After the flight is over, we come for baggage reclaim. On the carousel, we tend to ignore a similar suitcase just because we believed that our suitcase was pristine.

After much pressure, the suitcase becomes a little damaged, bruised, and much more.

Studies reveal that a vast number of suitcases are getting damaged. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to protect our suitcases and preserve them.

However, to protect the Luggage, some ways can be worked on protecting them.

Fix Luggage Handle

What can I do to protect my Luggage?

Here is a list mentioned for ways on how you can protect your Luggage.

  • Buy bag protectors
  • Minimal traveling
  • Select the right bag
  • Wrap it up in plastic
  • Decorate your bag
  • Zip up toiletries
  • Keep duct tape handy
  • Ask for a fragile sticker
  • Purchase excess valuation

Buy bag protectors

One of the simplest and the cheapest things that can be done is buying bag protectors. They are made of PVC, with cutouts at particular places, made specially to fit suitcases. They are protected with velcro.

The Luggage is kept clean and protected from the weather. However, they are not fully water-proof and offer protection up to some degree.

Apart from being inexpensive, luggage protectors have a long life, and the fundamental issues that arise for protecting your Luggage are also solved easily. They also excel in protecting the plastic from scratches.

Send your stuff ahead.

Since this option is getting popular these days, people are opting for this as their way. Nowadays, people prefer delivery companies to ship their Luggage. The benefit that these delivery companies offer to you is protecting your luggage inboxes and making them safer than standard delivery.

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Flexibility is granted for sending in things that can not be sent in the Luggage. Even the luggage allowance can be exceeded.

This way, sending stuff is becoming cheaper day by day to send parcels abroad compared to checking in the Luggage.

Minimal traveling

It is advised to carry less of the Luggage. A Minimal number of things tend to contribute to lesser damage. Also, when the Luggage is minimal, it becomes a less stressful traveling experience and even prevents it from getting damaged.

People say that the more bags are heavy, the more carelessly they are treated.

Therefore, it is advised to limit the number of things to carry, limiting the number of suitcases. Also, ensure that the suitcase you are carrying is not so heavy. It is better to have two light to medium weighted suitcases than a single heavy one.

Choose the right bag.

The first thought that a person should think over is the potential damage that the suitcase is suspected of having. Do those suitcases that look stylish and sleek more prone to damage?

There is a misconception that complex cases on the face of the suitcase protect the content but are not prone to damage. But, this is not true. They are prone to damage.

The hard shell is not versatile, and when some heavy surface is put, it may crack. In cold weather, they tend to crack.

Soft cases are more suited to impacts and are more likely to survive, particularly if they have recessed wheels, as the majority do.

The soft cases can handle the other items placed on them, and they also protect the contents well.

Buy the same Luggage.

When two people are traveling together, preferably a couple, it is suggested that they should use the same Luggage. Two pieces that are the same are likely to remain the same. They would be kept together because of the similar style and size too.

Wrap it up in plastic

To protect your Luggage from dust and dirt, it is an easy and straightforward step to cover it with a plastic cling film. This service is nowadays offered at most airports. It also ties the baggage for the worst to happen.

Since many people are carrying the Luggage, there are lesser chances of employees who tend to steal.

Also, for checking at any point at the airport, the Transport Security Administration can open your Luggage, whether clingfilmed or not, at any time to assure a full check.

Decorate your bag

Not only is a separate identity created of your bag by decorating it, but it is also protected from damage—one of the famous methods of decorating it by tying a scarf over the handle.

Besides, it has various advantages as well. By decorating it somehow, it makes the piece stand out, and it decreases its chances of getting picked by someone else at the luggage carousel. Also, there are fewer chances of that Luggage being picked by thieves. Even they prefer natural and straightforward-looking Luggage to steal so that they can claim it as theirs on being caught.

Keep it simple and generic.

Everyone wants to buy an attractive-looking piece for their Luggage, but it is recommended that one should prefer simple Luggage so that it is not in the eyes of any thief.

Also, while checking in the Luggage and reclaiming it, the attractive ones are in danger.

Even if the Luggage is generic and straightforward, it does not affect the value of the Luggage contents.

Take a photo

One should take pictures of their Luggage, and if in case it goes missing, those photographs can be of real help. They will serve as a help for the staff to identify your Luggage easier. Even if it gets a bit damaged for some reason, it can be recognized through pictures and retrieved. So, a slightly damaged suitcase is better than no suitcase at all.

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Zip up toiletries

It is advised to keep the toiletries in a clear zip bag, saving contents from their spillage or leakage. If a shampoo or a lotion leaks, it will damage many other contents in the suitcase. There is no point in taking such risk when it can be prevented by just safely keeping things.

Purchase Excess Valuation

Purchase excess valuation is not directly related to damage to the product, but it is a way of protecting it. The Department of Transport set for domestic flights is liable to pay a maximum of $3300 if they lose your Luggage.

But when your contents in the suitcase are more than the liability value, it will not be worth it.

You may, however, purchase excess valuation (EV), little-known insurance offered by airlines. If they destroy your baggage, this will increase the gross insurance payout. If you are sure that the value of your contents is more than $3300, ask about the EV insurance at the check-in desk.

Keep duct tape handy.

Duct tape can be of much use while traveling. Either you have a broken zipper or a hole in your Luggage, the duct tape will let you mend everything.

Ask for a fragile sticker.

There’s no way that someone working with luggage handling would notice a brittle sticker. The pressure to turn an aircraft around in an hour usually means they perform quickly. As a result, baggage is handled so poorly.

How to protect Luggage wheels

Travelpro, a pilot, was the first who introduced wheels on Luggage and realized that wheels on Luggage would sense and grow.

However, wheels are the most at risk in Luggage. Does the question arise how to protect them?

Using covers can be a great option. On the existing suitcase wheels, wheel covers can be purchased and attached over them. The covers that are attached to the wheels protect the wheels from the direct effects. Since they are cheap to buy and also offer some level of protection, they are worth considering.

Mainly some covers cover the bodies of the Luggage but skip the wheels. So, ensure that wheels are covered too.

Make sure that the suitcase is not very heavy but lightweight. There can be damage to the suitcase when a heavy load is being placed on its surface. Keeping it lightweight keeps less content and spreads the content in all directions rather than placing heavier material at the base, making it heavier.

Apart from this, the surface on which the wheels are rolled is also to be considered. If the surface is smooth, there is nothing to worry about. Whereas on rougher surfaces, they tend to damage luggage wheels. All that you can do is lift your Luggage from these surfaces and move.

How to protect your Luggage from tampering?

Thieves, nowadays, are aware that most people carry valuables in their suitcases.

When the Luggage is at its most fragile, there are mainly two factors to consider. First, when you sign it in, and then again when you’re carrying it around. You may look away from it at times.

  • Never leave your Luggage unattended, as there is a high-risk possibility at stations and airports. Without anybody noticing them, the thieves can easily wheel a suitcase and go.
  • Luggage should be made identifiable. Put some mark or tie a scarf so that it looks different and chances of getting it picked by mistakes reduces.
  • Reduce your Luggage and keep less amount of contents in your suitcase. The heavier and more bags you have, the more prone you are to risk.
  • Never leave your Luggage with strangers. People can pretend to be very safe and decent, and as soon they get an opportunity, they fly away.


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