Best Dado Blades Of 2021

As an expert woodworker, you might need to cut some pieces on your wooden pieces for a long term project, like combining two different parts of wood for decor purposes.

Whatever the objective, all these targets are not attainable unless you possess a dado blade.

A dado blade is a particular type of knife that is always operated by using table saws to cut rectangular shapes of the woods of a certain width.

The MIBRO unit has two different designs. One of the models is stacked knives, and the other one is a wobble blade.

The stacked knives have two round blades on each end that are separated by different machine parts while the wobble dado blade is just a single blade that is slightly wobbly. You can cut it with varying widths depending on the knife adjustment.

No matter what design you desire for your project, you need to get tip-top results. To achieve tip-top results, you have to purchase a high-quality product.

Below are some suggestions that we have compiled for you:

List Of Best Cut Dado Blades:


1/Dewalt Dado DW7670

If you have purchased hardware before, then DEWALT is not a new term for you. DEWALT is one of the most popular brands of hand and power tools that people use to manufacture and perform woodworking projects. If you love Dado blades, then the DEWALT brand will not disappoint you. Today we have the DEWALT DW67670 Dado Set that comes with lots of construction for many years of use. This device has a 5/8inch hole in the arbor set and can cut up to 8 inches and is 32 inches wide.

Sharp Grinding Teeth

One of the best parts of the DEWALT device is that it has a lot of micro-grain carbide teeth in it. The teeth can get you clean wood finishes and avoids wood from splintering. The feature accessories are one of the best options for any construction owner that is serious about his job.

Chipper Teeth

Next, the dado blade set has four teeth to get rid of any excess waste material with more accuracy. On the other hand, the design make sure that the finishes are smooth and you would have the polished finishes that you wished for. The plan also keeps the blade’s weight down so that you can use it with any table saws as well.

Steel Shims

The blade steel shims are made out of stainless steel to enable the best strength of all. The shims let you adjust the width of the steel cuts easily and make sure that the cutting job is done correctly so you would not have a difficult time combining the two pieces of wood later.

  • It comes with a free, durable case.
  • The blade has flat cuts. You can shop on Amazon.
  • It is easy to set up the whole thing.
  • Some steel shims are burr edges.

Inspect Latest Cost

2/Oshlun Dado 0842

If you do not have much money to spare, then this model is designed for you. When comparing the price to the quality of the blade, it is evident that this blade is a product that has the best value for money. This Dewalt model comes with 24 teeth, and the Oshlun Dado Blades has 42 teeth. The device has dados that are flat and can cut up to 4″x32″ in width.

Sharp Teeth Tips

Some teeth only suit cutting a type of material. However, the carbide teeth of the dado stacks blade can be used to make dados of different kinds of wood without much effort. Moreover, these commercial carbide tips would remain sharp for a more extended period compared to other models in the market.

Chipper Teeth

Most models have arched like wings, but this model comes with a full-body packed with chipper teeth. The dado blade set has less vibration and has a lot of different chippers altogether. If you do not know the procedure of how to set up the dado blade set, then the package comes with a guide to learn that can aid you through the setup process.

Special Case

To make the product live longer, you need to have the proper care. The dado blades are sitting with an appropriate case of storage. The case helps you to store the tools when it is not in use for easy transportation.

  • The shims can be adjusted with ease.
  • You can keep it in your pocket.
  • The cutting quality is excellent.
  • The free case is not up to the standard of the dado blade sets.

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3/Freud Inch Dado Blade

Another blade on the list is also an excellent option for people on a tight budget. The model comes from the top manufacturers out there, so you will not face any quality issues when handling these sets. The dado blade sets have two blades on the outside, with six chippers along with it. The dado blade will produce clean cuts without leaving any wooden splinters.

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Many Set Of Chippers

The blades cut the wooden walls, leaving them with a smooth finish. The chippers come out of the middle material. Freud Dado Blade has three two-wing and three spacers that give you proper cuts. The number gives you more flexibility in producing appropriate grooves.

 Protective Set Design

When you purchase the dado blade set, your safety should be the top priority. This unit comes with safety features. In other words, when you use this model, there is an extra level of safety protection that does not come from other models, so you can now start cutting woods with confidence!

 Chipper Teeth That Lasts

The larger the carbide, the easier the teeth wear out. However, this model carbides have a small carbide size. This means the teeth will retain their sharpness for a long time as the carbide teeth size is more modest. You do not need to sharpen the teeth all the time.

  • The teeth are natural to sharpen.
  • It costs a little.
  • It is very versatile.
  • It doesn’t give a smooth finish.

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4/Forrest Dado Blade

This dado blade costs more than a wide dado blade, and it is worth it if you use the dado blade daily. Like the DEWALT series, this set of knives has 24 teeth in one set. The teeth are sharp and can grind on any type of wood. The hook face reduces any splinters when you are cutting hard wooden while the plate gives extra stability for clean cuts.

Modern Stylish Design

This ATB tooth design cuts down the wooden splintering when you cut wooden with table saws or different saws types. The blades are adequately crafted over and over in the manufacturing process so that it has smooth finishes all the time.

Great Construction

It is created out of the best materials and unique design so that the production process will make sure that the unit will give out the best performance and lengthen the lifespan of the blade.

Sharp Set Shims

We no longer cut wood based on trial and error. Therefore, we create accurate cuts with shims that give you a lot of control over your cuts. Consequently, you will get accurate results on the first try.

  • The blades are great to use.
  • The edges are rigid.
  • The design has fewer splinters.
  • The price is not for people on a budget.

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5/MIBRO Blade

If you love cutting wood as a hobby, then you should use this model as a starter kit. It is an excellent option for beginners. This set of blades starts at 5000 RPM and can cut different types of wood, including hardwood. The blade collection maximizes the adjustability for cutting more substantial pieces of wood.

8” Blade

When you buy a dado blade, you need to think about what type of saws that you use. This model comes with a width of 8,” which ensures that you can use it with any table saws. It is highly compatible, making it more convenient to carry out the task.

New Cutting Technology

The blade has healthy, sharp teeth that can be welded using the latest technology to make sure that you get accurate cuts. The feature makes sure that you cut in the right the first time, so you do not need to spend a lot of time finishing the whole piece after cutting the wood. The carbide is made out of high-quality also cuts down fracture problems to extend the lifespan of the blade.

 Extra Chippers

Apart from two different outer blades, the set comes with four small and one last chipper blade. There are also two large carbides on each chipper that have the latest technology to produce the best flat bottoms to make sure the operations will carry out smoothly.

  • It comes with a particular case for storage.
  • It is light.
  • The set of blades has a full set of knives.
  • The cutting dimension is lesser than other models.

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6/Freud 6” Pro Dado Blade

This model is the 6-inch model, and like the larger model, this blade set has high-quality features for extra durability. The price of this blade set is for beginners that are new to woodworking and other woodworkers that carry out projects with fewer budgets. The blades have ten teeth that make sure no fragments occur, and the cuts are delivered with accuracy.

Special Carbide Ends

The two blades are equipped with high-grade carbide teeth that have silver coatings. The edge makes sure to reduce any splintering. The silver coating makes sure that the teeth have a longer life span. Moreover, the teeth stay sharp for a more extended period.

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Chippers With Wings

Like its previous model, this unit comes with wing-shaped that produce smooth horizontal finishes. Most of the users find that there are no ridges that require sanding. The ability to provide flat finishes will make your work simpler.

Tough Construction

All the blade parts are constructed from premium materials and equipment so it can deliver the proper product service that is unbeatable. The chippers have a wide selection of cuts, while the outer blade has healthy carbide teeth that provide precise cuts for general usage.

  • There is no kickback, and it is safe to use.
  • It produces precise cuts without any ridges.
  • It is an easy setup.
  • The width of the accurate cuts is not accurate.

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7/Irwin Tools

When you are referring to flexibility, this blade set can offer the best services. Moreover, this blade set lets you cut wood pieces of different sizes on different sizes of wood. This model enables you to cut metal easily.

 Coatings That Resist Heat

The outer blade has 12 teeth that let you create joints faster. When use on metal pieces, the design of the teeth doesn’t chip on the cut areas. The coating of the blade has an aluminium coating that allows the edge to resist heat so that the tip does not overheat when working on projects.

 Large Carbides

The carbides are high-grade and let you cut the projects with precision. The carbides can be sharpened at ease so you can get fresh, clean cuts all the time. There is also a coating that is a great feature that lets you clean away debris after you finish cutting.


The design of the chippers come with circular blades that make sure that you have the perfect finish for most experts in their projects.


  • It is flexible, and it works on both wood and metal.
  • The carbide tips can be sharpened easily.
  • There is a high-quality coating that releases heat.
  • The teeth turn dull fast.

Inspect Latest Price

8/Freud 24T: Best Dado Blade

This dado blade is high-quality and does not wear out fast, and it is one of the most durable blade sets that you can pick from the market. The edge lets you pick easy and precise adjustments on your wood projects, and it is a top pick for jobs to provide cuts that need subtle changes. The blade has chippers of different sizes in them. The chippers have a winged design of four blades instead of the two-blade systems that produce better grooves.

 Multi-Functional Blade

If you want to use a table saws, or an arm saws, this blade set is the best for either project. Moreover, the blade can suit a different range of projects, from hardwood to plywood, you name it, it can perform it. With this feature, the dado blade makes sure that it is a great addition to add to the workshop.

Strong and Best Dado Sharp Blade

The blades of the toolset have a lot of high-grade features that give you exceptional, accurate cuts every time you work hard on the project. The ability to let you get the right cut the first time saves your time as it gets rid of the need to make multiple cuts on the same piece of the project.

Special Silver Coating

The unique silver coating of the dado blade lengthens the life of the blade teeth by preventing wear and tear. Moreover, the layer can build up on the surface of the edges to maintain the coolness of the blade when in use.

  • You can change the width with the adjustment knob.
  • It has durable cobalt teeth.
  • There are smooth cuts without ridges.
  • The storage case design is not up to standard.

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9/Oshlun 0830

Some blade sets can handle different types of tasks, and some of them are created for specific projects. This model is one of the best models that are made for making finger joints until it reaches perfection. Not like other blades that come along with shims and chippers, this model comes with two outer edges for an easy setup process.

Simple To Use

This dado blade is simple to use and should be a proper option for you. This two-piece blade set means getting rid of a complicated setup process and letting you make tiny cuts quickly. It does not have shims, so you just need to change the direction of how the blades face so you can switch between two different swords.

 30 Teeth Chippers

You might be figuring that without chippers, you end up with wooden bits, right? However, this will not happen since each blade set has a set of 30 teeth in it that cut the dado pieces and chisel from the wooden material and get rid of chippers and give you a smooth finish.

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 Sharp Teeth

Like most dado blade sets, this model has a set of carbide tips that allow the projects to cut accurately and does not become dull fast. The tips can be sharpened as well, so you get proper cutting output quality.

  • It suits different types of wood.
  • It has a proper arbor size that can be fixed on most table saws.
  • Easy installation process.
  • It is less flexible and creates only finger joints.

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10/Amana Blade 

This is another blade set that has flat bottoms and edges that are chip-free. The whole collection has two blades, and a different set of chippers means that you can make wooden dado sets of different widths.

 Wider Cuts

This product comes with two-winged chippers. There are five of them, so you can change the distance between the two blades so you can create a proper groove of the edges. Moreover, the set has a width from 1″ to 16″, so you can buy extra chippers if you want to make more extensive cuts.


Some models are manufactured to suit specific wood projects, but this model can be used on any wood project that you have in mind. Moreover, the unit comes with different machines like table saws or arm saws.

High-Grade Components

The chippers are great at getting rid of waste materials after cutting wood. You will have clean finishes that do not need a lot of sanding. The outer part of the blade produces proper bottom plates that provide more immaculate finishes.


  • It can be appropriately adjusted.
  • It is multi-functional.
  • The option is expensive.
  • It does not have a smooth finish.

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11/Freud 22T

This blade is set by Freud and can be counted on to make the cuts more accurate easily with good speed. The dado blade set has two outer speed blades that create clean edges and two-winged chippers that get rid of wood material so that you have a cleaner workpiece after finishing.

Carbide Tips

The Carbide teeth are smaller and sharper. It also needs a high level of precision. Moreover, the teeth are heavy-duty and don’t get dull fast like other models. However, in case they do get blunt, the cutting maintains its precision even after several rounds of sharpening.

Strong Blades

There is an 8″ blade that has durable blades that are sharp for cleaning. The edges are created for versatility and have a large arbour size that can fit any table saws, or arm saws. The speed blades can be used for different types of wood or lamination.

 Protected Design

Freud 22T has dado blades with a protective design that gives the unit proper quality and protection for you in case you get hurt. It also eliminates any fragments that pop up.


  • High-quality.
  • Permanent teeth.
  • The sharp teeth cut quickly.
  • The case is not high-quality.

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FAQ of Dado Blades

Will an 8” dado blade be able to install on a 10” table saw?

To check the compatibility of the dado blade to the table saw is the diameter of the arbor hole. If the arbor hole fits the arbor diameter of the table saw, then yes, you can connect both items.

 How many teeth does a dado blade have?

There is a different number of teeth of each dado blade. Some come with 22 to 24 teeth while there are models with only ten teeth. Some individual blades have 30 teeth.

What does an adjustable blade mean?

A flexible knife is called a wobble dado blade. It comes with two edges on the outside that you can adjust the blade’s width.

Final Verdict

After reviewing this simple review, you can pick the right dado blade to suit you. Although each model in the guide is recommended, the best two models that we have selected for you are DEWALT 7670 and OSHLUN 0842. They have more compatibility with table saws compared to the rest. The other components also have higher quality and are somewhat flexible.

Start researching and save up to get your best dado blades for your project fast!



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