Honeywell Thermostat Reset Guide

Honeywell thermostats are great for controlling the heating and cooling of a room while managing energy consumption. However, we need to reset the device if the power fails or the wifi network changes or the programmable schedule becomes unwieldy. Below we have discussed the step by step guide for the most popular Honeywell thermostat models. Once reset, make sure to program it the way you want because the default settings may not be suitable for your home.

How To Find Out Your Thermostat Model Number:

Before resetting your thermostat device, you need to find out the model number of your device.

To find out the correct manual for your thermostat first, you need to find your thermostat’s model number. The model number is printed on the back of the faceplate. It can be removed by unscrewing it or pulling or grasping it. Sometimes the model number is also available on the interface.

How To Reset Honeywell Thermostat

How To Reset Honeywell Thermostat

1/Honeywell T5/T5+/T6 models

The Honeywell T5+ model is straightforward to install. You can adjust it manually, or it can automatically adjust the temperature. This model can be connected to the smartphone via wifi, and it can also be controlled by using voice commands.

The T5 model is smaller than the T6 model. There is a cover plate on the T6 model, and the screen will light up when it is touched.

Factory Reset

Steps to reset T5/T5+/T6 models:

  • Make sure your device is on
  • Press and hold the menu button for up to 5 seconds
  • Scroll to the left side until you see the reset option there
  • Select the reset option
  • Then you will be asked are you sure
  • Click on yes
  • Congratulations, your device is successfully reset

Wifi Reset

Steps to reset wifi settings:

  • Take your smartphone or tablet
  • Open settings and ignore all your wifi connections that are connected to your smartphone. It is advised to turn off the mobile data and turn on the airplane mode
  • Install and launch the Honeywell Home app
  • Select the COG wheel to access the settings
  • Click on the reset wifi option, and after that, it will guide you to complete the process of reconnection
  • Turn on the thermostat and hold the temperature display
  • Then press on the next option that is displayed on the smartphone
  • Select lyric network names and connect. The app will show you that your device is configured and press next to continue
  • To complete the process enter the four-digit pin on your smartphone that is displayed on the thermostat and press done
  • Choose your home network and enter your password. Then click on next to connect
  • Once the wifi resetting process is completed, give three minutes to the thermostat to sync with your smartphone
  • Once completed, your thermostat is ready to use

Schedule reset

Before starting this process, make sure that you need to reset your device schedule. If OK, then follow the instructions:

  • Press and hold the menu button or icon
  • When reset appears, press on it
  • Click on schedule
  • Congratulations, your schedule has been successfully reset

Homekit reset

Follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Press and hold the menu button
  • Select reset
  • Select Homekit reset
  • Congratulations, your device has been reset

2/Honeywell smart and Lyric round models

They have a robust control system with several buttons and control wheels. They can provide optimal energy savings. You can also use a smartphone to control this from anywhere. You can also adjust the temperatures and manage the schedules when you are leaving home. They can also measure the humidity levels and adjust automatically.

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Factory reset

How to reset Lyric round and smart thermostats:

  • Press and hold the weather button for some time, like 5-10 seconds
  • Wait for some time until the menu button appears
  • Select the reset button
  • Click on OK
  • Then click on yes
  • Congratulations, you have successfully reset your thermostat

Wifi reset

  • Press and hold the cloud icon
  • Please scroll down and find wifi options and then select it
  • Find setup option and then select it
  • Congratulations, you have completed your reset

Homekit reset

  • Press and hold the cloud icon
  • Find home kit reset option there
  • Please select it
  • Congratulations, your process is completed

3/Honeywell 9000 wifi models

These are wifi thermostats that offer several smart features that include voice control and are compatible with google assistant. They can provide alerts and notifications if something happens around your home. You can also control multiple other home thermostats. You can change it according to the climatic conditions.

Factory reset

  • Select the menu button
  • Scroll down to find preferences
  • Scroll down and find restore factory settings
  • Press yes, and now you are done

Wifi reset

  • Click on menu
  • Choose wifi setup
  • Follow the instructions
  • That’s all. Your device is successfully reset

Schedule reset

  • Press and hold the menu button
  • Click on preferences
  • Choose restore default schedule
  • Your device is now reset

4/Honeywell 6000 wifi models

You need to set up an account before using this device. This feature allows you to navigate and control the temperature of your device remotely. If you are still confused about the HVAC system, you can find it more on the support page. It also provides a live chat option.

Factory reset

  • Turn on your device
  • Press and hold the fan button
  • Click on the upward arrow button
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds
  • Choose the fourth button from the left until it reaches ninety
  • Press the upward button until it reaches one
  • Press done
  • Successfully reset

Wifi reset

  • Press and hold the fan and up arrow button
  • Press the next button until it shows thirty-nine on the left of the screen
  • Press the down arrow until it reaches zero
  • Press done button
  • Setup wifi now
  • On the mobile, open the device settings.
  • Open the list of wifi networks.
  • Choose the wifi names and numbers and press connect.
  • Return to the home screen and open the Honeywell wifi page
  • Select your wifi networks and press connect
  • It’s all set. You can now enjoy the wifi thermostat.

Schedule reset

  • Press and hold the up arrow and fan button
  • Change the number that is on the left to 85
  • And change the number that is on the right to 1
  • Reset is completed

5/Honeywell 8320 and 8580 wifi models

These thermostat models come with a 10 inch LCD. It requires 4AA batteries to operate correctly. You can also use it remotely from anywhere by using a smartphone or tablet, or computer.

Factory reset

  • Choose system on the thermostat
  • Press and hold the center black button
  • Press and hold for 5 seconds
  • Choose factory reset
  • That’s all
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Wifi reset

  • Pop up the faceplate on the router
  • Unplug the wireless router
  • Plugin the power and reconnect it
  • Choose the system button
  • Press and hold the middle button until a new screen pops up
  • On the left side, change the number to 0900
  • On the right side, change to 0
  • Press done
  • Go to your computer and choose thermostat wifi
  • Then choose your home network. That’s all

Schedule reset

  • Select system
  • Press and hold the blank box in the middle
  • Change the number on the left to 0165
  • Change the number on the right to 1
  • Press done
  • Your schedule is now reset

6/Honeywell 8321 wifi models

If you want convenience, comfort and fast connectivity, then these models are the best. They allow you to change the settings remotely. These models come with a lot of features like security settings.

Factory reset

  • Press menu
  • Click on dealer information
  • Scroll down and write the date code
  • Press done
  • Scroll down to find installer options
  • Enter the date code
  • Press reset to default and press done
  • Then the device is successfully reset

Wifi reset

  • Choose menu
  • Press down arrow until you reach wifi set up
  • Select wifi set up
  • That’s all

Schedule reset

  • Press menu
  • Scroll down until you find preferences
  • Select preferences
  • Scroll down until you find the default schedule
  • Select the default schedule
  • That’s all

7/Honeywell T-6Z wave models

It is an energy-saving device that has a sizeable touch-enabled screen. These types of devices provide a high level of comfort to your smart home. This device requires 3 AA batteries to work.

Z wave exclusion

In this guide, we are learning how to reset your device through Z wave exclusion.

  • Press the menu option on the thermostat
  • Touch the arrow until you reach reset and then select it
  • Touch the arrow, and you will see the schedule option there and select it
  • Press yes to confirm
  • That’s all

If you see a blank screen, it is recommended to remove the batteries and leave them for an hour before reinstalling it.

8/Honeywell Home 9000 Series thermostat

This thermostat is a Wifi enabled device that comes equipped with a lot of features. One of this device’s best features is the smart response technology that will automatically detect the temperature and outside and determine whether your home needs heating or cooling. It also comes with a seven-day programmable feature. Other features include auto daylight adjustment, which helps save power usage and has multiple language options. It can be controlled by voice.


  • Alexa
  • Smart Things
  • Google Home
  • Google Assistant
  • Windows Cortana

It also has some additional features like notification alerts which will help you manage your thermostat when you are not at home.


  • Press the menu button
  • Go to preferences
  • Scroll down to restore to factory default
  • Click on yes. That’s all

9/Series 8000-Honeywell Thermostat

This thermostat comes with a touch screen. It has a ten-inch touch screen LCD screen that can be operated by 4 AA batteries. The durability and performance of the thermostat are fantastic. You can set the thermostat differently for each day. This device also comes with a smart response technology that will automatically detect the temperature and adjusts accordingly.


  • Click on the system
  • Hold the centre button for sometime
  • Once you see reset option there, click on it
  • Then your thermostat will restart automatically, and all the changes are reset to default
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10/Series 7000-Honeywell Thermostat

This thermostat also comes with an LCD touch screen. You can set the programs for up to seven days. These Honeywell devices do not support voice control. But it comes with a smart response technology that we discussed earlier.


  • Single-stage heating and cooling
  • Multi-stage heating and cooling
  • Furnace
  • Central air conditioning
  • Heating only
  • Cooling only
  • Heat pump with auxiliary heat
  • Heat pump without auxiliary heat
  • Electric baseboard heat
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Hot water
  • Steam


  • Switch off your thermostat
  • Go to the circuit breaker and switch off it
  • Remove 2 AAA batteries from it
  • Now place the batteries in a wrong way
  • Leave the battery for 5-10 seconds
  • Place the battery in the correct position
  • The display will turn on
  • Go to the circuit breaker and power on

That’s all. You have reset to default settings.

11/6000 Series-Honeywell Thermostat

This thermostat is a wifi-enabled model, and it can be easily connected to the internet by using the email id in the Honeywell registration page. Once you sign up on the page, you can easily control your thermostat from anywhere by using your laptop or smartphone. The user interface is excellent and can operate through various options.


  • All types of heat pumps
  • Hydronic and multi-stage heating and cooling systems
  • Central air conditioning

You can also chat with the support staff on the support page. Make sure not to use the air conditioning system when the temperature outside falls below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Using the thermostat below this temperature causes damage to the compressor.


  • Press the fan button and hold it. Then press the up arrow button without leaving the fan button.
  • Hold the button for 5-10 seconds.
  • Release both the buttons and press the button that is first from the right.
  • Hold the button until the number 39 is displayed.
  • Use the down arrow keys to make the number to 0
  • Press has done. That’s all.

12/4000 Series-Honeywell thermostat

These are smart thermostats capable of connecting multiple electrical devices if you have any of the heating systems mentioned below, it can be easily controlled using this thermostat.

Heating systems

  • Fan forced and baseboard heater
  • Radiant ceiling


This guide will help you to solve problems like malfunctioning and high electricity bills. There are some of the people who forget to switch off the thermostat while leaving home. This will burn more electricity and give you a huge bill. If you have children at home, it will be a more problem because they always keep changing the temperature. Sometimes your Honeywell device causes you an increase in the current bill. This is due to the malfunctioning of the device. The only thing to make your device work is typically to reset it. Today we are discussing the steps to reset your Honeywell device.


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