How to Clean Air Fryer

People get confused about how to clean an air fryer after frying up any of the air fryer recipes. This is a lot easier than thoughts.

It is always advised not to eat fried food since it is unhealthy until discovering an air fryer. The food that is cooked using the air fry method is comparatively significantly less in fat and calories since the air fryer uses very little oil in frying it. But, it is still not the healthiest thing. Apart from health factor, it is easier to clean an air fry machine than a deep fryer.

An essential guide for cleaning your appliance after frying is given here in the article.

The air fryer can let you make anything starting from appetizers to the main course and even desserts.

How to Clean Air Fryer

What parts to wash after every use?

Just as other dishes are washed with soap and warm water, the basket, tray and pan of the air fryer need to be washed. The dishwasher can also be used for the same purpose. Before putting the air fryer dishes into the dishwasher, make sure to go through the instruction manual once to be sure for your model if they are dishwasher-safe, although most of them these days are. Once they are washed properly, dry all the parts entirely and then assemble the air fryer.

Soak the basket or pan in hot water and soap for 20-30 minutes if they have oil and grease on them. After a while, use a scrub brush to remove the softened sludge from the part.

Just the outside cleaning of the parts is not sufficient. For cleaning the interior, you need to remove the basket, tray and pan. Then, run a moist cloth or a sponge with some dish soap over the interior body of the fryer and wipe until it is dry.

What parts to wash occasionally?

The outside of the air fryer needs not to be cleaned very frequently because significantly less oil and grease get stuck because of little oil consumption for frying. A moistened cloth would help to wipe it off quickly after every single use. Remember to unplug the air fryer cooker before cleaning it.

After checking the outside, ensure that you check the heating coil as well. If there is oil or some greasy residue left on it, unplug the fryer, let the coil cool for some time and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

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Air-Fryer Deep Cleaning Tips

Deep cleaning of air fryer or any other appliance is equally essential. You may get over some bad smell coming from your air deep fryer. This is because some food particles might be stuck and trapped in some parts of the air fryer. To get rid of it, take baking soda and water, mix them to form a paste. Then, use an old toothbrush or a scrub brush to scrub the interior of the fryer properly.

Metal utensils should not be used to clean the fryer for removing fragments of food particles or baked-on grease. This can damage the non-stick coating and deteriorate the working condition of the air fryer.

Learning how to clean an air fryer is easy and straightforward, but maintaining its life and taking proper care while use is also essential.

Clean Air Fryer

How do you get baked-on grease out of an air fryer basket?

They are several advantages of keeping the air fryer clean. Nobody of us would want baked-on grease getting stuck on our food. It is advisable to clean the air fryer of the oil and grease so that its life is extended and delivers healthy and tasty food for a long.

Some signs show that the air fryer needs to be cleaned-

  • The taste of the food goes on decreasing comparatively.
  • The grease accumulated inside burns, and thus smoke can be seen coming out of the fryer.
  • Although the air fryer is non-stick, the fried food sticks to its base.

To clean the air fryer out of the baked-on grease, the following items will be needed-

  • Baking soda
  • Fibre cloth
  • Cotton
  • Dish soap
  • A toothbrush
  • Vinegar
  • Paper towel

Regular Clearing-

These steps need to be followed-

Unplug from the power

You should unplug the air fryer from the socket and let it cool for some time if it has been put to use recently. For cooling it much faster, you may take the pan and the basket out of the fryer.

Initial Wipe

A moistened cloth can be used to clean the outer surface of the appliance. Then, take hot water with a sponge to clean the internal surface.

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Heating Element

After the wiping is done, flip the air fryer. Take a cotton swab and a non-harsh sponge to clean the residue on the fryer’s heating element.

Remove hard-to-remove leftovers

To remove hard fragments that are dried up:

  1. Take baking soda and water to form a paste.
  2. Apply it over the dark spots and scrub them with a soft brush.
  3. Wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

Pan and the basket

Remove the pan and the basket. Take hot water, dish soap and a soft sponge. Clean them and wipe them with a soft cloth until dry. Also, a dishwasher can be used for this if the dishes are dishwasher safe based on the specific model.

Deep cleaning using vinegar

If stains can not be cleaned by doing the regular cleaning, go for the deep cleaning technique using vinegar.

Initial cleanup

Take a paper towel and wipe the fryer completely. If something with more oil has been cooked in the fryer recently, clean it with some more force so that no residue is left behind.

Vinegar bath

Take a tub, fill it with water and vinegar, keeping in mind the ratio to be 90% water and 10% vinegar. Put the fryer’s basket in the solution for 15 minutes.


Take some dish soap and a nylon-based non-harsh sponge to thoroughly clean the basket and scrub off the food fragments and grease.

Baking soda application

After all the cleaning from vinegar, if still some stains and grease is spotted, those stains maybe now not that hard, and regular cleaning with the help of baking soda and water will help.

After this, wipe it with a clean cloth or paper towel and keep it for about an hour to let it dry.

How do you remove sticky residue from the air fryer?

You must first soak up some oil that has clotted on your air fryer. Remove the plug from the appliance, then gather some newspapers and roll them up into a ball. Give the unit a thorough cleaning both inside and out. This will get rid of the worst of the stinky odour.

How often should you clean your air fryer?

Ideally, the air fryer should be cleaned after every use. Cleaning the appliance is not a difficult task. It involves scrubbing, rinsing, and wiping so that any accumulated oil or grease could be removed easily.

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However, if the air fryer is not cleaned after every use, there are more chances of food residue and baked-on grease on the parts of it. This will need a deep cleaning to get rid of it and improve the machine’s condition eventually.

Are air fryers worth it?

Hot air frying is becoming very popular these days, particularly among health enthusiasts who prefer to avoid fried food and taste it.

Some people are still doubtful about its uses, and they do not want to switch to the new air fryer technology. The air fryer has some pros and cons.

  • The rapid convection mode helps in fast cooking. The heat transfer qualities also contribute to the same.
  • For health-conscious people, baked food with minimal oil intake gives them a similar taste to fried food.
  • Air fryer promises to give crispy food even without oil.
  • This helps in hassle-free cooking, and because of less oil consumption, it prevents any oil stains on the kitchen walls and ends up clean.
  • It gives quick-fried food.
  • Mostly, the air fryers have a small cooking basket, which lets you cook in a small portion at a time.
  • As it consumes minimal oil, the food texture is different compared to the deep-fried food. People tend to complain about this.
  • The fan of the fryer produces much noise and irritates the ears.
  • Due to its size, it requires plenty of space in the kitchen as well.

These pros and cons will help you decide the question, ‘Is air fryer worth it’?

Are air fryers any good?

Air fryers, also known as health fryers, cook with hot air rather than grease, making them healthier to use than deep-fat fryers. They’re a better alternative to deep-fat fryers or even homemade oven-fried chips. They have a removable pan and, in most cases, a separate basket where you place your food.


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