Best Water Based Polyurethane Reviews 2021

You all know that wood becomes dry and brittle when it is exposed to heat and temperatures. To prevent dryness and brittle, you need to coat the wood with some finishes. Most of the finishes will change the color and nature of the wood. So if you want a wood finish that does not change the wood’s color and nature, then polyurethanes are the Best Water Based Polyurethane.

Best Water Based Polyurethane

Why should I buy Polyurethane?

Polyurethanes are one of the toughest coatings used for wooden objects or structures. They are highly durable and are formulated with molecules that will bind tightly with one another after they dry. These polyurethanes are resistant to water, scratches, solvents and other damages. There are two types of Polyurethane. One is water-based, and the other oil-based. Often, you will be confused about what type of Polyurethane you need to buy.

Water based Polyurethane vs. Oil-based Polyurethane

Oil-based polyurethanes will create a tough layer within a few coats. But these oil-based polyurethanes take a long time to dry. These are also toxic because of the presence of VOCs. They will also create brush marks when you are using this. The oil-based Polyurethane takes twenty-four to forty hours to dry.

Water-based polyurethanes are very easy to apply and also dries quickly. These are non-toxic because they do not contain harmful VOCs. They also do not leave brush when applied. They can be cleaned easily with the help of soap and water. Generally, water-based polyurethanes dry within an hour.

Things to look out for before buying a good water-based polyurethane

  • Sheen: Polyurethanes are available in three different shades like gloss, semi-gloss and satin.
  • Location of use: Exterior Polyurethane can be used indoors also. But indoor polyurethanes cannot be used outdoors because they do not resist UV rays and moisture.
  • Method of application: Each Polyurethane has different types of applications. But the most commonly used application is the use of a paintbrush.
  • Longevity: Before buying a polyurethane, you also need to check the longevity. It would be best if you verify the dates before buying a polyurethane.
  • Location: This is the most important thing you need to know. It would be best if you bought the right Polyurethane. If you are using it outdoors, make sure that the Polyurethane you bought is resistant to UV rays, moisture and scratches.
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That’s all. Now you are ready to shop for the best polyurethanes that are right for you.

List Best Water Based Polyurethane

1.Rust-Oleum Varathane 200241H 1-Quart Interior Crystal Clear Water-Based Polyurethane, Satin Finish – best water based polyurethanes

Rust-oleum is a well-known brand in the market of polyurethanes. This Polyurethane is designed for internal purposes only. This Polyurethane comes in a satin finish. This product is available in different sizes ranging from a quarter to a full gallon. This product can be used on any wooden surfaces that are used inside. It comes with scratch and stain protection. So this product can be used on doors, cabinets and trims. This product contains a little odor and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

It is an affordable product, and this can also be experimented with several coats and can find the best number that is resistant to scratches and stains. This is an interior product, so keep in mind that this product is not suitable for outdoor conditions.

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2.Minwax 63333444 Polycrylic Protective Finish Water Based polyurethane

This is also an inexpensive product. It also comes with a low odor. It does not turn into yellow color after a long time also. This product comes in a satin finish and does not impact the wood’s natural color and tone. This product gives a shiny glow to the wooden surface it is applied to. As this product is designed especially for indoor use, it cannot be used outside.

This product can be used on wooden surfaces like previously painted objects, cabinets, furniture and trims. This product is available in one-quarter size. If you apply a thin coating, then there are chances for visible brush strokes.

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3.General Finishes QTHS High-Performance Based Topcoat

This is a water-based polyurethane that is produced by General Finishes. This is one of the most durable polyurethane coatings that are available in the market. This product also comes with a UV stabilizer that is resistant to UV rays and other harmful sunlight. This product can prevent fading and discoloration due to the impact of the sunlight. This Polyurethane can also be used on the floors. This Polyurethane is resistant to dings, nicks, scratches, stains and also chips. It gives a flawless finish and saves a lot of time as it takes a little time to dry.

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4.ZAR 32712 Exterior Water Based Polyurethane, Satin

This is one of the lesser-known water-based polyurethanes that give you an amber finish. This product can be applied on any surface around your house. It comes in a marine gold finish that can be used at any temperature and suitable for weather conditions. It also comes with UV protection. It also dries very quickly and allows to coat for the second time within two hours. This commodity can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

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5.Rust-Oleum 207008 Marine Spar Varnish

This product is specially designed for marine use. But you can also use this product for any wood materials. It offers an elegant design and gives you a smooth finish. It comes with UV resistance and also can withstand salt and mildew. It can also be used for outdoor conditions because it is resistant to salt and mildew and repels UV rays.

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This varnish can also be used at any temperature because it has a unique ability to contract and expand with variations of temperature. It is highly durable and offers a gold finish. It takes a long time to dry. It is water-resistant and also comes with a low odor. This is a versatile product so that it can be used outdoors and indoors. It can be used on cabinets, furniture, boats, decks and even on bathroom floors.

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Best water-based Polyurethane for floors

  • Bona Traffic HD

  • Loba 2K Supra

  • Street Shoe

  • Bona Mega

These are the best water-based Polyurethane for floors. 

High-quality Polyurethane

  • Bona Traffic HD – High Quality

  • Loba 2K Supra – High Quality

  • Duraseal oil – High Quality

Does water-based Polyurethane offer clear coats?

Water-based Polyurethane provides you a clear finish that too without any odors or low odors. If you are a fan of a natural look or love a natural look, then water-based polyurethanes are the best choice. 


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