Best Ceiling Paints In 2021

Top 10 Best Ceiling Paints Reviews And Comparison (Updated 2021)

It’s daunting to choose the right ceiling paint among countless products on the market for your paint job. Understanding this, we have come up with this list of the top 10 best ceiling paints in 2021 to help you arrive at your ideal choice. After reading this article, you will know exactly what you are looking for and what factors you should consider before purchasing paint for ceilings.

After detailed research and consideration, we will help you to find a product attuned to your own needs and situations. Whether you want to buy paint for bathroom ceiling or need a room makeover, whether you need a flat finish or semi-gloss one, you will find this article extremely useful.

Best Ceiling Paints

Top 10 Best Ceiling Paints Reviews 2021

1. KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint, White

KILZ is one of the top-notch brands in the field of exterior and interior paints. Their products are always ensured by warranties and manufactured to live up to your expectations.

This specific KILZ color-change stain-blocking interior flat white ceiling paint is a perfect choice for your ceilings. Either the ceilings are new or they are suffering from wear and tear.

Have you been annoyed with the big water stains on the ceiling following seasonal rains or the unsightly discoloration of the ceiling after a long time of use? Don’t worry as this flat white ceiling paint will disguise these imperfections and revitalize your ceiling.

This Kilz ceiling paint contains stain-blocking resins and can become a primer, which is extremely helpful especially when you are having a new dry ceiling. Through only one or two coats of this ceiling paint with primer, your ceiling gets a new and smooth-surface cover than ever before.

One interesting point of this best ceiling paint is that it can conceal stains with a small number of coats saving you a lot of time and effort thanks to its specialized chemical formulas. Therefore, your painting project won’t need too much paint as a gallon of KILZ color-changing paint can cover up to 400-square feet.

Another noteworthy factor is that this paint is highly versatile. It can be used for the bedroom, the dining room, or the living room. Although the color that the seller tells us is white, when you roll the paint, the actual color is pink. Don’t worry that this is a fraud. The color will turn white when the layer dries. This is a great signal to add another coat. The manufacturer has created a branded color-changing formula in their paint to make this happen.

In addition, there is a spatter-resistant formula that prevents drips from landing on your body while painting.

Many of you may worry about the smell. With this KILZ stain-blocking paint, the paint smell in your houses will go away in at least 24 to 48-hours while other paints require a longer time to do this. The VOCs level in the environment that this paint produces is also less than in other products.

  • Perfect for disguising and preventing blemish
  • Need one coat or two coats only
  • Suitable for use with a paint sprayer
  • A little thick, not easy to spread 

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2. Rust-Oleum 253536 Metallic Accents Paint, Quart

This Rust-Oleum ceiling paint is a good choice for those who are interested in decorative ceilings. It can be a stand-alone addition to the interior or match well with the rest of the room.

The Rust-Oleum metallic accent paint’s color is exquisite and can create a wonderful eye-catching attention point in your room.

Apply this elegant metallic ceiling paint to your ceiling with a sprayer to gain a different effect compared to brushing. You will see that your room boasts a sense of sophistication and elegance.

If you’re going to make a room and its furnishings much more stylish, this ceiling paint is your ideal choice. It can be used for living rooms, entertainment areas, and even the bedroom. Or you can use this paint to spray your lounge ceiling for an elegant look or roll it to create sophisticated designs for your cornices. The paint can focus attention on textures in your ceiling thus bringing a new life to any room after just a burst of metallic tint and fantastic color.

The formulas in this compound are safe for use inside your home because of low VOCs level. It takes less than 30-minutes for the ceiling paint to dry after spraying and one 32-fl oz tub can cover up to 105 square feet.

There are 15 different color tones for this Rust-Oleum metallic paint to attune to the features of different houses. The most favorable color is the penny-copper tone as it accentuates details in the room like the wrought iron bed frame in the bedroom.

  • Provide coverage of 105-square feet per gallon
  • Fast drying time
  • Suitable for decorative purposes
  • Water-based formula makes it easy to clean with water
  • Slightly pricey

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3.Homax Roll On Wall Texture White

This Homax Roll-on wall texture white is excellent at accentuating the textured effects in your room. You can use a sponge, a texture, a roller paintbrush, or a trowel to maximize the final results and achieve your personal unique preference.

It is a seemingly odorless and ready-to-use paint giving a luxurious, decorative paint finish to the interior in your room. The paint will dry perfectly within 24 hours and leave no uncomfortable smell.

In addition, this paint needs no thinning but only slight mixing before the painting project. It is also surprisingly easy to spread around. When painting, you won’t find any paint splashes on your face, eyes, or hair as they are fully prevented by the anti-spatter and non-drip formula.

The paint is versatile in creating different effects when you use different painting tools. For example, a nap paint roller can add depth and dimension to distinct textured ceilings.

You can apply different patterns to this paint to create a unique finish for your ceiling. It is a perfect choice for those looking for a sense of individuality in a room.

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The formulation in this thick paint provides high coverage for blemish and imperfections on the ceiling. However, seals or cracks cannot be concealed by this formulation.

  • Offer wonderful enhancement to a room
  • Can be used with different tools and painting techniques
  • Easy use and application
  • Conceal imperfections and stains
  • Beautiful textured ceiling finish
  • Low VOC counts
  • Cannot hide cracks or seals 

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4. Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint

When it comes to ceiling or wall paints, there is a growing concern that they are bad for the environment. This is not the case with this Montage eco-friendly paint. This is an optimal choice for environmentally conscious customers.

A lot of people choose this product because of its eco-friendly advantage. The manufacturer has claimed that they only use environmentally-friendly, not polluting materials when producing this ceiling paint. If you’re concerned about toxic compounds when doing your painting job, then Montage should be on the top of your priority for painting your ceiling.

Montage provides customers with a total 10-year warranty proving that they are very confident to keep their promise.

This paint will give you an effortless painting experience with no drip or spatter during the process. You are spoilt for choice with this product as you can choose either low-sheen or semi-gloss finishes.

The VOCs counts in this ceiling paint are kept at a minimum thanks to a specialized formulation. If your room has good ventilation and enough temperature, the odor will disappear overnight. But if your room doesn’t, the smell still goes away very fast.

Furthermore, this ceiling paint provides you with wonderful coverage: more than 400-square meters can be easily covered with just a gallon.

  • Numerous paint color choices and tub sizes are available.
  • Offer both semi-gloss and low sheen finish.
  • 10-year warranty
  • Need more than one coat
  • Not suitable for stains conceal

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5. Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint, White

Glidden is a famous brand that makes a name for itself with its high-quality ceiling paints. Low-quality paints require numerous paint layers to fully cover stains, this Glidden paint is different.

This Glidden interior latex ceiling paint features natural rubber latex in its formulas. Latex ceiling paint is an excellent compound to hide voids, cracks, and holes on ceiling surfaces. Are you feeling uncomfortable with dents and scratches on your ceiling? Then, this Glidden ceiling paint is very suitable for you.

Glidden interior latex paint will conceal all of the imperfections in your ceiling after only one or two coats, which means it is a cost-effective approach for painting.

The painting application is simple. There is no need to exert a lot of pressure on the surface as the latex can easily attach to the ceiling.

When refurbishing the ceiling, you can either cover it with another paint layer or remove the ceiling boards. With Glidden paint, you can do the former with a minimum of effort.

Glidden latex interior paint is available in 3.785-gallon tubs so that you can effortlessly paint all of the ceilings in your home with a painting sprayer. In the end, there are still some leftovers for the next usage.

Additionally, the VOC emissions are very low ensuring that this paint will cause no harm to humans and the quality of the environment.

In only an hour, the paint dries and you will see perfect coverage on the ceiling.

  • Low odor and low VOCs
  • Splash resistant
  • Disguise surface imperfections.
  • Fast drying time
  • The odor seems strong at the beginning

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6. Prestige Interior Paint and Primer in One, Icy Pond

A study finds that millions of Americans are allergic to VOCs coming from ceiling paints. Many VOC paints on the market are made of volatile organic compounds that emit harsh smells after finishing the painting job. These drywall smells can stay for days, or even weeks before they fully disappear.

The common symptoms of VOCs allergy are headaches, sleeping issues, nausea,… VOCs are not dangerous but long-term exposure will cause uncomfortable feelings.

It is not the case with Prestige paints in general and this Prestige interior paint&primer in particular. This flat ceiling paint emits little to no VOCs after the paint dries. Therefore, it’s a perfect choice for those allergic to these compounds or those who just don’t like the smell.

This feature is enhanced by the fast-drying formulation that dries within only an hour, then the smell is eventually dissipated into the atmosphere.

Another point worth noticing is that this good ceiling paint is excellent for flat ceilings. In addition, you don’t need to worry about splashes or splatters on your hair or face as they are easily washed up with water due to the 100% latex paint formula.

With this paint, priming is unneeded as this paint can act as a primer. All you have to do is to clean and paint the ceiling.

Last but not least, you are spoilt for choices when there is a variety of color options available for this product.

  • Flat and smooth finish
  • Color diversity
  • 100-percent acrylic latex
  • Low odor and low VOC amount
  • Not suitable for exterior use

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7. Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Benjamin Moore is one of the top pioneers in the ceiling white paint industry. Although Benjamin Moore’s ceiling paints are a little more expensive, they provide a professional finish and low VOCs content and the final result of Moore’s paint on your ceiling is worth the price tag. You can save money in the long term because you don’t have to repaint the ceiling after 5 or 6 years with this high-quality, long-lasting ceiling paint.

More specifically, this Benjamin Moore ceiling paint promises an ultra-smooth finish and can also significantly reduce ceiling glare to maximize light diffusion in the room.

You can use this paint for corporate offices, especially reception areas and the boardroom as the finish it provides is extremely elegant and intricate making the place having a high-end ambiance.

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In the formulation of this paint, there is an anti-microbial additive that is resistant to dust, mold, or even mildew. It will camouflage most aging scratches, smoke stains, and ugly marks on the ceiling.

The application is very easy. You just need to apply the paint directly to the drywall without priming. It still ensures you get a durable finish that remains beautiful for years.

The cleaning-up requires nothing more than simple rinsing with brushes or rollers and freshwater.

The formula also contains anti-spatter and self-priming substances.

  • Zero VOCs content
  • Luxurious and long-lasting ceiling paint finishes
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Coverage of 400-450 square feet per gallon
  • Expensive

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8. KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Matte Paint and Primer in One

It’s always difficult to find a ceiling paint that has enough viscosity and gives the right finish you’re dreaming of but still matches the rest of your room.

This  KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Matte Paint is a safe bet as it offers a lot of ceiling paint colors and depends on the features of your room, you can find an appropriate sheen. KILZ TRIBUTE Matte Paint comes with four sheens and up to 100 classic or trendy colors.

This KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Matte Paint has been certified by Greenguard, which means it meets strict criteria because of low VOCs emissions during painting. This Matte sheen paint creates a gentle and matte finish for your ceiling in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. It can also be used for complicated textured surfaces with a lot of stains and marks.

The paint is formulated for covering ceiling stains with paint and primer in one that is highly time-saving and cost-effective. With just one gallon of KILZ TRIBUTE Matte and brushes or rollers, you can cover up to 400 square feet.

  • Paint and primer in one saving time and money
  • High-quality matte finish with a diversity of colors
  • Extremely versatile
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Take a longer time to dry than other water-based paint

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9. Hy-Tech Insulating Ceiling Paint

This Hy-Tech insulating ceiling paint takes less time to dry than the above and keeps the amount of toxic fume at a minimum. This good ceiling paint is aimed at interior ceiling surfaces and has the special feature of thermal insulation.

In this product, there is a high concentration of Hy-Tech’s ThermaCels thus helping you regulate the temperature in the room and reduce money in your power bill in the winter.

During painting, you won’t suffer from splatter and if there is any splatter, you can easily clean it with soapy water. The finished result is satisfactory with a matte, smooth finish. Thus, in addition to the easy application and cleaning up, the paint is extremely good for aesthetic purposes.

  • No splatter
  • Easy cleaning and application
  • Exceptional coverage
  • Low odor
  • Deliver well-painted ceiling
  • Require more than one coat

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10. Valspar 1420 Color Changing Latex Ceiling Paint

  • Comprise non-polluting materials
  • Only one coat coverage
  • Color-changing signal
  • Affordable
  • Dries too soon

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Buying Guide

The color palette should be your top priority when buying ceiling paint. It is not always easy to find a color that complies with many different rules. A color, despite being your favorite color, should be compatible with many factors in your rooms. Therefore, you should read this buying guide to find the most optimal color.

Let’s have a look at some important factors when finding your most ideal ceiling paint:

The space in your room

Color choice depends on the features of your rooms as well as the visual effects you want. Light colors can make the environment seem larger while dark ones visually reduce the space of the rooms.

Although you have your tastes and preferences, I recommend choosing colors that are compatible with your rooms’ features as you will gain immense benefits from living in comfortable rooms.

More specifically, light colors match a small room. They increase brightness and make the room less stuffy. There are a lot of options such as white, cream, beige, pink, green, yellow. I highly recommend opting for light pastel colors as they give you comfortable feelings. In case the room is large and the ceiling is high, dark colors give the room a cozier look. Darker paint colors create the impression that the ceiling is lower than its actual height.

Latex or oil based ceiling paint?

Oil-based ceiling paint dries much slower than latex ceiling paint but it covers surfaces more thoroughly with only one coat.

Use oil-based ceiling paint for high-moisture rooms or popcorn ceilings. In the meantime, latex is easier to use and paint and can be good for all ceiling projects.

The purpose of the room

You should take into account the purpose of the room, too. For example, blue is suitable ceiling paint for bathroom ceiling while yellow works in the office or kitchen. Yellow should not be painted in the room where you relax or chill. You should learn about the effects that a color can have on your feelings before deciding on that one.

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Your taste and personality

Besides, you might want a color that matches your personality and vibe. Bold colors are for strong personality whereas green, purple or black provide a sense of sophistication and nobility.

The floor

The floor matters when choosing ceiling paint, too. The harmony between the floor and the feeling is very beneficial for your mental health and overall mood swing.

However, some people prefer a high contrasting room by painting their rooms with colors contrast with the floors to create a light bouncing effect. To apply a high-quality contrast effect to your room, use paint hues like charcoal gray, warm tan, or blush pink. In case your room has a high ceiling but you still want this contrast effect, you can cover the ceiling with a layer of glaze of the same color. The glaze curbs the effect so that the ceiling just reflects enough light.

The wall color

The color of the walls should be considered carefully.

On the one hand, you can use a darker color than the walls for your ceiling. In this case, opt for a hue that is darker in just two to three levels to create a slight contrast like navy hues or chocolate-brown, which will make your room more polished but not too overwhelming. This contrast effect especially works with crown molding and other decorative trim. The details in this architecture will be much more noticeable with contrast colors.

On the other hand, you can paint your ceiling the same color as your walls. This method makes the room much more enclosed and intimate as light seems to not able to find a way to escape.

This approach work in case you want a cozy room where you can rest like a bedroom or a bathroom. The color unification can also deemphasizes the meeting points of different surfaces thus accenting the beauty of furnishings and accessories around and simplify unusually shaped ceilings.

Painting walls and ceilings with the same color are much easier than making them contrast as you won’t have to care for the ceiling line. Depending on whether you want to show off the architectural trim or not, you can decide the colors of your ceiling and wall.

The architecture

Every type of architecture requires a specific color approach. For low attics, applying the same color to the ceiling and wall is workable. The environment in the attics is often dark so you should choose bright colors to brighten the space.

In case your building has a cathedral ceiling, you should opt for the two-tone approach, which means you separate the ceiling with tapes and paint it with a different color from the walls.

If you are in a room having sharp angles between the ceiling and the walls as well as large space than common attics, then apply additional color to the angled walls. Thereby, you can make the room less cramped.

White ceilings

Some of you may prefer the simplest color – white. Look at some circumstances to which white color does justice:

When your room has a lot of colors from furnishings, decor, pictures,…, then the wise thing to do is to cover your ceiling with a white hue. White can blend in with the rest of the room so it is a smart and safe color.

The living room or kitchen is suitable for a white hue too. These rooms will need the simplicity that white brings.

A white hue can also hide imperfections on your ceilings like bumps or lumps.

In addition, in a room that is less light favorable, a white ceiling brightens the whole room by reflecting more light into these darker areas.

You can opt for softer colors like light gray, pale yellow, lighter peach,…in case your room has white walls and a smooth ceiling so that you can enjoy a breezy environment.

Ceiling Paint Formulations

When painting the interior, you may worry about the content of the paint, especially the volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs produce a smell until the paint is dry. Usually, the smell can hang around within a few days but fast-drying paint needs less amount of time.

So if you want the smell to quickly dissipate, read carefully about the product’s drying time before purchasing.

The viscosity is also affected by the formulation. Many paints are manufactured to be non-drip thus not producing any drip during and after painting.

If imperfection coverage is your purpose, choose ceiling paint with high viscosity.

Understanding the aforementioned factors, you can choose the right paint color for ceilings.

You can watch this video to have some wonderful painting tips:


After careful consideration, here are our ceiling paint ratings.

Let’s have a look.

Best Ceiling Paint For Old Painted Ceiling With Discoloration/Stains

KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint, White

Best For Covering Stains

Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint, White

Best For Colorful Ceilings

Rust-Oleum 253536 Metallic Accents Paint, Quart

Best For The Environment

Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint

Best For Durability Demand

Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Choosing the right ceiling paint is crucial for the overall look of your room. If you pick the wrong paint, you will waste your time and money have to start again. Each of the ceiling paint that I have reviewed in this article has its unique features for different situations.

Compare the product information in this review with your demands to make a smart buying decision. I hope that you find this article useful and finally choose the right ceiling paint!

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