How To Get Dry Erase Marker Off Walls?

If my boy drew on his room wall with dry erase markers, I imagined it would nevermore get off. Later I learned this simple method for dry erases marker discharge. Let me reveal to you how to remove dry erase marker off walls in today’s tutorial.

During C1, our four-year-old commenced preschool that year. We were required to develop a small notification hub in his room to attach his school calendar, a monthly calendar and obtain notes of future events.

We imagined the large captivating marker keep we found at Costco would do the deal. The dry erase markers plus eraser both had attractions created into them to be added quickly to the board whenever they’re not in use. We remembered maintaining dry erase markers indoors spread of a four-year-old was greatly risky and, in hindsight, non our various preferred settlement!

If we placed the dry erase marker board, we worked above the controls among C1:

  1. Regularly seat the covers behind the markers if you’re not doing them, so they don’t dry leaves.
  2. Follow the markers on the board, so we don’t waste them.
  3. Nevermore Always write on anything with the dry erase markers but for the marker board. If we notice you’re doing them on walls, books or toys, we’ll get them away. Notwithstanding the warnings, we realized it was only a subject of time before we’d have to think out a dry erase marker removal solvent.

Convinced full, we obtained a marker on the wall in C1’s place within the primary six weeks. Thankfully, it was merely a small growing dry erase marker line concerning 4-5 inches lengthy. It resembled more like he’d grown overly enthusiastic moving on the board and casually went over the support:

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Everything You Require:

  • Cleaning alcohol
  • Cloth balls or cloth swabs
  • A clear wet wiper or washcloth


  1. Set a small portion of cleaning alcohol on a cloth ball.
  2. Gently brush the rubbing alcohol across the dry erase marker series on the wall. The dry erase marker command magically escape.
  3. Dry the wall with a neat moist rag or washcloth to remove any residual from the Cleaning alcohol.

It’s easy! If the event first happened, I decided to quickly rub the spot on the cliff with a wet washcloth. It didn’t take anything. We were upset we’d have to repaint the casing to coat the dry erase marker. Then I memorized how we utilized cleaning alcohol to remove pink highlighter from cloth last winter and believed that might work. Sure ample, the dry erase marker was withdrawn in an instant!

I tried this procedure on the radiant yellow walls in C1’s bedroom. I don’t understand how it would act on darker walls. If you try it, comment here and make us understand. I did mark a small quantity of yellow paint that came off on the cloth ball, but the cliff looks as great as new.

Regrettably, we discovered the orange dry erase marker on the wall just some days later. This time, I practised a cloth swab, preferably a cloth ball, so it didn’t catch as much paint off the wall if I removed the dry erase marker.

When, after two blows, we removed all the dry erase markers outward of C1’s room. Lesson received: Don’t let your 4-year-old practice dry erase markers unsupervised.

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Thankfully, it remained hardly a few lines and spots on the wall. He didn’t mark or paint anything. He also didn’t get either dry erase marker on himself or either toys or books. However, my Mom holds it upon me that I sketched stick characters all over a brand original iron door with a strong marker when I was around the same age. She said she knew I was the offender because all the stock figures had conventional heads!

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