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Why 1997 Chevy Pickup Won’t Start

A buddy calls you concerning the cellphone and asks for the help relocating a few pieces to her new apartment. You smile to your do it yourself and secretly get satisfaction from the actuality that you simply possess a truck. You smugly to your truck on foot and slide the essential in your ignition – nothing. You try once again – totally nothing again. If your truck will not start, it may be frustrating, frightening as well as dangerous. for all those individuals who have problems along with your 1997 Chevy, your 1st priority ought getting diagnosing the problem. Fortunately, Chevy pickup vans are working merely as a final result of the spacious powerplant space and logical layout.

The Starter

1.Open your hood.

2.Follow the good (red) cable tv away from your battery to the starter. The starter is like a soda can is shaped but bigger than one.

3.A glimpse on the starter, you must two poles sticking out the side.

4.Place the metallic element belonging to the screwdriver, the two poles to ensure which they type an electrical connection. Be specific to only touch the look after belonging to the screwdriver.

5.Listen to the appear belonging to the starter. if you listen to it running, as your starter is in order. If it does not run than you could should be replaced.

6.Check all connections away from your starter battery as well as the connections away from your starter to the sleep belonging to the engine.

7.Tighten any loose wires and replace those people cut.

The battery

1.Put your keys in your ignition and components every one of the way in which or turn right.

2.Turn in your headlights.

3.Get out belonging to the pickup and verify to see the lights on, if they are on.

4.Open the hood when your vehicle headlights do not take place on.

5.Look concerning the left element belonging to the powerplant compartment. this can be exactly where most belonging to the 1997 product Chevrolet pickup your home batteries.

6.Check the battery for corrosion protection, this sort of as whitened crust will glimpse on the battery terminals.

7.Scrap from the corrosion along with your screwdriver.

8.Examine the cable tv away from your battery to the sleep belonging to the engine.

9.Disconnect any cables and wires which can be loose or disconnected can.

10.Try your brightness again. If they even now do not work, make an effort to leap start the battery.