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A track saw is always the best choice for tearing sheet goods or splitting long pieces of lumber to width. Instead of manipulating a large sheet of wood with a table saw, track saws run on top of a workpiece, making them a reliable for your next project.

Track saws have been around for a long time, but the DIY revolution has helped them gain traction in the last decade or so. These valuable tools are a simple way to cut plywood, timber, and medium-density fiber board. The strongest track saw is a combination of a mitre saw, table saw, and radial arm saw in several respects.

The best track saws can be clamped in place quickly. Make sure to buy a high-quality track saw while you’re looking for one. Track saws of high quality are dependable and strong enough to get the job done.

Best Track Saw

What to Consider When Buying a Track Saw

Track saws aren’t new, but they’re new to the home DIY scene, so you may not know enough about them to make an educated decision on which track saw is better for your needs. Here are few things to think about while buying a new track saw.

Blade Size

The blade size of a track saw determines the width of the material it will cut. Most track saws have blades that are 612 inches long and can cut material up to 2 inches thick. Larger track saw bladescut steel similar to 234 inches thick. Miniature track saws have 412 inches in diameter that can cut an object up to 1 inch thick.

Speed settings

Compared to their circular saw rivals, some of the better track saws have speed settings, which is a differentiator. The user can avoid burning the wood, dulling the saw blade, and producing more splinters by modifying the rpm. The speed range from 2,000 RPM to 5,000 RPM on the low end to 5,000 RPM on the high end, if the track saws have speed controls.The high-speed settings are great for soft materials like framing timber or pine plywood. For thick woods like locust or walnut to reduce the speed to the lower end of the scale. The lower speed holds your razor in an appropriate cutting shape and prevents unsightly burn marks.

Bevel capacity

Track saws without interchangeable bevels lack the flexibility of track saws with interchangeable bevels. Mostly, track saw’s job is to make 90-degree square cuts. When building bookshelves or chairs, cutting 45-degree bevels on boards or sheet goods expands the surface for improved glue contact. It results in a smooth joint that eliminates the need for edge-banding to hide the plywood’s edges.

Motor Power

Like circular saws, corded track saws should be strong enough to complete the work. Most track saws are modeled after sidewinder-style circular saws, and manufacturers love to brag about amperages on their packaging. However, amperage refers to the maximum amount of current a motor can handle before failing. It isn’t a clear representation of a force.

The cordless saw is a bit easier to estimate depending on the voltage level of the battery. Generally, a 20V battery-powered saw would be more potent than an 18V saw. There are exceptions to this practice.

Corded vs. Cordless

On the one side, since there is no need to replace batteries, a corded saw would be a great choice. This is especially useful when you’re in the midst of a problematic cut (like a thick piece of oak or walnut). Changing the battery in the middle of a cut would often leave unsightly saw marks on the cut end. On the other hand, a cordless saw doesn’t have a power cord that can get tangled at the end of a longboard when you attempt to rip it to width. This can compel you to come to a halt to change the thread, resulting in the same unsightly marks.

Cord length

Cord length directly affects the usability of circular saw, especially a track saw. Roofers and framing carpenters replace the regular cord on their circular saws with 25-foot cords to eliminate the need for an extension cord. You’ll almost always need an extension cord, but they can get tangled up in the process. The rope can eventually hang up at the track’s end.

Of course, you can prevent this entirely by hanging the cord on either side of the workpiece.

Track length

For obvious purposes, tracks come in multiple lengths. Crosscutting a 12-inch board is easy with a track saw, but it does not need a 4-foot track. Similarly, track saws excel at ripping plywood sheets, but a 4-foot track would be inconvenient if it has to be reset halfway through the cut.

Resetting the track introduces some error into the cut. If you’re not patient, you could end up with an extended cut. This defeats the intent of a track saw, to begin with.

Few tracks are flexible, which is perfect for job-site work because it helps you connect smaller lengths to make a longer track. It is great to have a 2-, 4-, and 8-foot track for reliable results in the workshop.

Safety Features

Circular saws with specially built bases that travel around a loop are called track saws. Over long slices, the nature of a track saw makes it easier to use than a circular saw. The track gives the saw blade a fixed direction, allowing you to look ahead. The cam locks on some models would prevent the saw from reversing and pressing back at the owner of the saw kickback.

Often carpenters lead their circular saws by pinching with their free hand, putting their fingertips in the risk of coming into contact with a spinning blade. Although these are professionals who have done this a thousand times before, there is still space for mistakes. Track saws remove the need for a free hand to steer the saw, making them much better.

What is the best track saw to buy?

Although this article has given you a lot to think about when looking for the right track saw, you must be wondering which models are the best. The following list based on the track saw reviews in the market would assist you in selecting a high-quality saw that meets your needs and suits your budget.

1.Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Circular Saw Kit

2.DEWALT Flexvolt Cordless TrackSaw Kit

3.Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw

Best bang for the buck

If you’re shopping for a track saw but want to save money, Shop Fox is the place to go. On the road, this track saw plunge cuts materials up to 1-1/32 inch thick using Shop Fox’s guide rail. A 9-amp motor spins at 5,500 RPM and bevels up to 45 degrees on this saw. It even protects against kickbacks.

The Shop Fox lacks in a few ways, which is why it is so inexpensive. 

4.Festool Plunge Cut Saw 

You are unlikely to find a brand that puts more care into its offerings than Festool when it comes to power tools. It is a corded plunge cut track saw with a depth of over 2 inches. This saw stands out from the crowd for multiple reasons, but one of the most notable is its fine tooth saw blade, which allows it to cut through any material.

It is powered by a 13-amp motor with a speed range of 1,350 to 3,550 RPM. It can bevel at any angle between 0 and 45 degrees. It has several protective features, like mechanisms to protect the blade from being pinched and reduce the risk of kickback. It   has slow-start technology, which prevents the saw from jumping when it first starts up.

The disadvantage is obvious: this saw is pricey. However, you get a high-quality product from one of the most well-known brands in the track saw and power tool industries for the money.

5.Kreg Circular Saw Track

Is the Festool track saw worth it?

In the renovation/remodel/woodworking groups, the all-new Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw has caused quite a stir. The Festool TS 55 EQ has been updated for this new edition.

Guide rail guidance: Track saws rapidly gain popularity as a viable alternative to table saws, with more people purchasing them every day. The ability to use a guide rail for perfectly straight cuts is at the heart of the results.

Scribe Line = Cut Line.

If you have a pick, you’ll probably never use a table saw again until you begin cutting sheet goods with this level of precision.

Plunge Cut Action

The plunge track saws distinguishes them from circular saws. This helps the user to set the depth of cut by pushing the saw blade into the workpiece. This allows for quick movement as well as the exact depth of cuts.

Riving knife

This track saw has a riving axe, much like a table saw. The riving knife prevents pinching of the workpiece and moves up and down.

In my view, the Festool TS 55 REQ is a near-perfect power unit. It provides near-perfect straight line cuts in a lightweight platform. It’s the ideal saw for remodelers and woodworkers who want to increase their overall efficiency with a product that can be used in various ways.

Is Mafell better than Festool?

A track saw is the only tool you’ll need if you want to make straight, precise, and quick cuts. This saw will allow you to cut a range of materials and applications without making costly mistakes. Also, the thickest materials can be turned into workable parts for a project using a track saw.

The Mafell track saw and the Festool track saw is two common brands that come to mind when it comes to the most potent and upgraded track saws. These will give you reasonable value for your money if you’re looking for suitable saws.

A cordless Mafell track saw with a high-performance 18-volt Cuprex motor is the new Mafell track saw. This versatile saw can cut through a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, plastic, flooring, and tile. This machine also has a simple blade change device that allows you to change blades without interrupting your work. When you use this saw with a splinter shield, you will still get good and clean cuts. 

Meanwhile, the most recent Festool track saw is a plunge cut circular saw that would assist you in making flawless plunge cuts. It is portable that can be used on job site or garage. It has a handy switch that allows you to set the blade speed for a particular cut range. Timber, MDF, strong panels, aluminum, and fiber cement can be cuttable. It easily slides through a guide rail for cutting accuracy. With this track saw and track, you’ll be able to make accurate, clean cuts even at an angle.



Track saws of higher quality will give you a better bang for your buck. The Mafell track saw, and the Festool track saw is the clear winners for quality features. The Mafell track saw is a cordless power saw with a sawing mechanism that allows you to split frames, make crosscuts, miters, and plunge cuts. One of the highlighted feature is its simplicity. It has a scoring feature that allows you to make quick cuts in a single movement. This track saw has great features and could be a great addition to your workshop or job site.

The Festool plunge cut circular saw, on the other hand, has high-quality features. It is the most up-to-date Festool saw, capable of plunge cuts. This is a easy-to-use and portable device that can be used at home or on the job. It has a handy switch for configuring the tool blade to rip through several materials at multiple cut ranges. This Festool track saw can manage with some materials, including wood, MDF, Hardi panels, aluminum, and fiber cement. It includes a guide rail, which improves accuracy with each cut.

Complete Accessories

The lack of a lead track or rail in the Mafell track saw is an apparent contrast between the Festool and Mafell track saws. A trail, and knives, wrenches, and guards, are included with the Festool. Accessories may be bought from retailers, either online or in person.


The Mafell track saw is 17 pounds in weight, although the Festool is just 4.5 pounds. The Festool track saw is smaller and, more compact than the Mafell track saw.

Mafell track saw

  • It has a blade change feature that is both fast and safe.
  • Will be able to cut a variety of designs and forms.
  • Due to low weight, it can be found on the job site.
  • This platform is cordless.
  • Extra blades are not used.
  • There are no additional batteries.

Festool Track Saw

  • It cuts cleanly and without splinters.
  • There are protective measures included.
  • Will work with a variety of materials
  • When used, it is deafening
  • It lacks ergonomic features.

It wasn’t easy to compare the Mafell track saw to the new Festool track saw, but the Festool track saw wins in usability, tool design, and accessories. The new Festool track saw has a fantastic model.  It has cutting specifications and all of the needful accessories so that you can get started with it right away. It has its guide rail. These positive characteristics have made the Festool saw a proper power tool to recommend for your home or worksite workshop.

What’s the best plunge saw?


The Bosch GKT 55 GCE stands out from the crowd by delivering millimeter-perfect cuts and handling  strength checks. Despite the stresses in the 45 mm thick American walnut, it efficiently handled a three-meter extended cut.

You don’t need to do work, like jointing the sawn part since the cut is straight and clean. The extractor is a little stiff at times and can’t always keep up with longer cuts, but the unit does a great job maintaining the room dust-free.

We could not test the GKT 55 GCE with Bosch’s lead rail due to a lack of time. Since the guide rail we used came from a different brand, we had to cut a section of the machine to work. On the other hand, the plunge cut saw rolled along the guide rail and provided strong resistance when we plunged it. The blades are simple to replace. The architecture is great. The thumb lever adjusts the depth scale, and then the depth stop is moved to the appropriate depth, which is easy. Since all of the important parts are red, it’s easy to see which ones are buttons and moving pieces. Overall, this is a well-rounded plunge cut saw with few unwanted features, knobs, and keys. It comes with a blade in the systainer, which is an important benefit. The systainer, on the other hand, is very big. However, when you take in consideration the other benefits, and you get a three-year warranty if you register the product, this plunge cut saw is a great value for money.

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Does Milwaukee have a track saw?

Milwaukee is now developing new track accessories, and Milwaukee track saw. So maybe, the iconic track saw will be seen after all. Let’s be frank about this. The most popular Milwaukee product of all time is a proper plunging track saw.


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