Top 10 Best Torx Set For 2021

Most of the Torx sets are made from chrome or vanadium material which is highly durable and rust-free. A well designed Torx set consists of screwdrivers and bit sockets. But you need to consider the diameter and the length of the screwdrivers in any Torx set. These are the best Torx set that are available in the market.

Best Torx Set

Top 10 Best Torx Set For 2021 Good Reviews

1/ARTISAN 12-Piece Set Of Magnetic Torx Screwdrivers – Best torx sets

This is designed to make your work easier. It has a magnetic tip that can hold the screws for a long time. This is made from chrome and vanadium material. So it is rust free and gives you a stout performance. The size ranges from T5 to T40. Each of the screwdrivers is ergonomically designed that ensures comfort. You can hang them anywhere because they have holes.

  • Set of 12-piece screwdrivers
  • Magnetic and black tips
  • Heat-treated CR-V steel
  • It’s suitable for home improvement tasks
  • Not safety set of screwdrivers

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2/Neiko 60-Piece Set Master tools and External Torx Socket

If you need to keep the set of screwdrivers organized, you need to buy this set. This screwdriver set comes in a box which is neatly arranged. These sockets and bits have high torque strength. They offer more turning power. These sockets also come with a chrome finish that helps to maintain rust free. These steel bits have high hardness levels. You can use them for repeated tasks.

  • This set contains 17 sets of bit sockets
  • Tamper proof design
  • Chamfered ends that fit fastener easily
  • Great range of bit sockets
  • Some of them don’t withstand high torques


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3/WORKPRO Set of Torx Bit Socket

These are very convenient to use. They have been designed according to the specifications of ANSI. It is designed to ensure safety. These bits are made with S2 steel material. They have been heat-treated to maintain the tensile strength. The sockets are resistant to corrosion.

  • A 13-piece Torx set
  • S2 and Chrome-plated steel
  • It’s suitable for repair jobs on machinery, and appliances
  • Not recommended for excessive stress

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4/Carbyne Set of Master Torx Bit Socket

This is a complete toolset. They have precision fit tips. The tips are coated with zinc phosphate material which is easy to clean. These are forged to maintain the sturdiness and resistance to weather conditions. These sockets are designed as per ANSI specifications. These are suitable for heavy-duty tasks.


  • 62 piece Torx set
  • Different size sockets are available
  • Made with S2 steel material
  • The case provided is heavy

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5/TACKLIFE TBS1A Torx Bit Socket Set

These sockets are made with S2 steel material. With this set, you can comfortably repair the tasks. They are heat-treated to ensure sturdiness and withstand heavier use. This comes with 14 pieces of sockets that are designed with high-quality materials. It is easy to read the sizes as it comes with clear markings.


  • They have smooth surfaces
  • Reduced risk of wear and damage
  • Available sizes are T8 to T60
  • Compatible with a range of power
  • Not fade resistant

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6/GEARWRENCH 84 Piece Torx Set

The sockets in this set are coated with a chrome finish that helps to resist against rust. They are also useful for long term use. Don’t need to use much strength to fasten your bolts and screws. They are heat-treated to maintain sturdiness and withstand high pressures. You can access a range of screws and bolts. They have hard stamped marks to identify the sizes quickly.


  • Can be used for professional applications
  • These are designed according to ASME specifications
  • Durable constructions
  • The storage case is the light plastic case

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7/HECKMAN Torx Security Screwdrivers

You can use this set on automobile parts. This is a ten-piece of a screwdriver set. It comes with a zipper bag which can be carried anywhere. Apart from carrying, they can be stored anywhere. This screwdriver set comes with a magnetic tip that perfectly holds the screws. They are heat-treated, which makes them sturdy and durable.


  • It ranges from T6 and T40
  • Compatible with accessories, motorcycle and power tools
  • The handle is ergonomically designed
  • Does not provide resistance

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8/Kingston 12-Piece Magnetic Screwdrivers

The screwdrivers can be used for small electronic devices. They gave a magnetic tip that can hold screws correctly. It contains T3 to T10 sizes. It also includes two tweeters, one Philips tip, flat-head screwdriver, and double-ended pry instrument. The handles are very long and bring extra leverage. The screwdrivers have black tips and bright coloured handles.

  • ideal for repairing watches, PlayStation consoles, small electronics, toys, PC, and electrical panels
  • 12 piece set
  • The handles contain the magnetic tip
  • Does not include T9 screwdriver set

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9/HORUSDY 14-Piece Security Torx Bit Set

These are made with S2 steel material. The bits can be used with power tools and drivers. They include T-40, T-35, T-30, T-27, T-25, T-20, T-15, T-10, T-9, T-8, T-7, T-6, and T-5. It is a 14 piece set. They are made with high-quality steel material. It can be used both on mechanical and electrical tools.


  • Tamper-resistant and sturdy bits
  • The Hex bits fits most regular sockets
  • This set of star bits are built to prevent Cam-Out
  • The steel bits that not have magnetic properties

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10/OEMTOOLS Security Bit Set

This set comes with 32 pieces of screwdriver sets. They are provided in a hard plastic case. They are made with chrome and vanadium material. This set is used for DIY purposes. These are complete security bit tools. Different sizes are available in this set.


  • This is a 32-bit set
  • Versatile security bits
  • Fits most tamper-proof fasteners
  • Excessive power may damage the bits

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What are the types of Torx sets

There are two types of Torx sets. They are

  • Security screwdriver sets
  • Bit socket sets

Things to consider when buying

  • Tensile strength
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Storage case

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