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Best Drywall Sanders Reviews 2021

A drywall sander is designed to sand drywalls to give the plaster a shiny finish.

Users can get rid of excess wallpaper, paint, plaster, and other stuff by using a sander like that. If you want a drywall sander to suit your building needs, be sure to remember these points:

  • Motor Strength: Those drywall sanders are electrical, it is very important to verify their power rating before purchasing them. Normally, a 7 amp sander is stronger than a 5 amp drywall sander.
  • Speed of Motor: You can test the engine speed of a drywall sander to get an overview of its outcomes. This is because a 3000 RPM engine works better than a 1500 RPM engine.
  • Length of Hose: These sanders are attached to the vacuum cleaner to gather the dust. While the longer 15-foot connecting hose provides more versatility than the 8-foot long vacuum joining hose.

There are many choices available, Here, I suggest some of the top-rated drywall sanders that will work efficiently.

This article will help you to know much about the key features and choices of the best drywall sanders.

List Of Best Drywall Sanders 2021

1.WEN 6369 Drywall Sander

WEN is a popular brand of tools for making inexpensive and worth choices. 6369 WEN’s drywall sander occupies the second position. Despite its relatively high cost, it arrives with a lot of features in sander that leads to cost efficiency. Even if it has a moderate quality and also provides you a 2-year guarantee for satisfaction.

As it is an electric sander with a 5 amps power rating, which provides perfect stability between power consumption and power. It offers a high engine speed of 1500 RPM and also different sanding discs are attached with this drywall sander.

Top Features:

  • 15 feet of hose length
  • Motor speed level of up to 1500 rpm
  • 5 amp of electric power motor
  • 2-year guarantee
  • 15 feet of vacuum hose
  • The accessible worth price tag
  • A long hose for usage
  • Good results for the price in question
  • Average standard building

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2.Ejwox Drywall Sander

Ejwox is the latest brand that arrives with different features of drywall sander models. It is a good choice for those seeking a model with various accessories. It provides a 6.5-amp front engine that provides a long lifespan and powerful output. Ejwox electric drywall sander provides a LED light that even works in dark areas. And also it has a speed control adjustment, that runs from 1200 to 2500 RPM.

Ejwox has a versatile dust vacuum hose which can be extended to 13.5 feet for successful dust removal. It arrives with changeable speed controls, a foldable handle, 12 piece sandpapers, and 6 triangles & 6 circular dual-head configurations.

It is also equipped with an instant vacuum system to provide a self-cleaning feature without being connected to a vacuum cleaner. It has 2 years of guarantee.

Top Features:

  • The built-in LED lights
  • 5 amp rating of electric power
  • 2-year warranty duration
  • Comes out of the box with several accessories.
  • Changeable speed trigger for quick use
  • Automatic Dual Head Vacuum System
  • Motor speed ratings of up to 2500 rpm
  • Ideal for grinding ceilings, drywalls, and adhesives.
  • 5-amp effective engine power.
  • Ergonomic grip with extension segment
  • 7 dials functional speed control
  • Simple to assemble, easy to use.
  • Not efficient powerful electric motor

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3/Goplus Drywall Sander

Goplus is a best drywall sander which is similar to Orion Motor in aspects of its power production.

It has 800 watts of rating, which corresponds to a 7.7 amp motor. This is sufficient as you can imagine, for more number of users in aspects of the power received. The speed control makes it simple up to 1500 RPM if required.

A little like a range of options, this one even comes with built-in LED lights. As for its longevity, you’re getting a pretty good build quality out of it. Accidentally, you don’t get any warranty details that can be a little confusing for some users.

Top Features:

  • 7 amp power rating of electric motor
  • Power rating 800 watts
  • The built-in LED lights
  • Comes with a collector of dust
  • 5 feet length of vacuum hose
  • 1500 RPM level of Motor speed
  • Decent Building Standard
  • Development and controls are simple
  • A high-performance engine for ease of use
  • No detail on warranties
  • Longer vacuum hose

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4/Porter Cable 7800 Drywall Sander

Porter-Cable has a large variety of power tools which usually provide a great deal of experience due to the functionality.

7800 drywall sander attains the first position when compared to another sander. It gives the customer an outstanding build quality associated with a 1-year guarantee. Its 8.5-pound construction is very durable and lightweight.

As for output, you get a 4.7 amp electric motor that is capable of delivering a speed of up to 2000 rpm. You’ll also get a 13-foot long vacuum hose.

Top Features:

  • 1-year warranty duration
  • Vacuum hose length 13 feet
  • The lightweight construction of 8.5 pounds
  • Great quality building
  • The electric motor power rating of 4.7 amp
  • Motor speed level of 2000 RPM
  • Strong output with the 2000 RPM engine
  • Long vacuum tube
  • Decent durability with a superb construction efficiency
  • Not the most powerful electric motor in the world
  • Incredibly efficient sander for drywall

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5/TackLife Drywall Sander

Tacklife is a popular brand of power tools for providing a range of tools with goods such as the Tacklife sander.

It is a great choice for many users searching for a range of accessories. You’ll get a pack of different sanding disks, a carrying bag, a vacuum hose, and a dust collection bag. It provides all with a target price of good value.

The electric motor has more power of 6.5 amps or 800 watts. This motor is highly powerful. It has an 1800 RPM motor rating and 6.5 feet of hose length.

Top Features:

  • Comes with a range of accessories
  • Length of 6.5 feet vacuum hose.
  • The motor speed rating of up to 1,800 rpm
  • 5 amp level of electric motor
  • Top-quality building
  • Extremely affordable cost tag for consumers
  • 5 amp powerful engine
  • 5-feet of vacuum hose
  • The engine speed should have been marginally higher

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6/Motor Tech Of Orion Drywall Sander

It is a popular brand for drywall sander design with different features. Orion Motor is the most effective choice with a 7.7 amp motor and 1yr warranty.

It is definitely quite strong, the length of the hose should be quite longer than 6.5 feet.

It has a built-in LED light and provides a changeable speed control with 5 various rates of precision. Orion arrives with 12 sanding disks.

Top Features:

  • 5feet long vacuum hose
  • 1-year warranty duration
  • The electric motor power rating of 7.7 amp
  • Arrives with various accessories in the box
  • Offers LED lights for easy use
  • Decent Building Standard
  • 7-amp strong electric motor
  • Simple to use variable-speed triggers
  • Hose duration can be limited for some of the users.
  • No engine speed ranking

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7/690E Aleko Electric Speed Drywall Sander

Aleko is the greatest brand with a wide range of drywall sanders, doors, door locks, and power tools. It is a versatile and reliable option that is heavy-duty,  powerful, and comfortable for polishing work and intense cleaning. It is built of sand to polish ceilings, floors, walls and to extract residues and adhesives.

You can set the speed of 1000 – 2000 RPM and operate on 110V, 60Hz, and 600-watt. You can use it on your own or add it to the vacuum cleaner to keep the area dust-free. It is an electric sander with a telescopic handle and a 5.45 amp power rating. It is the best way to sand drywall.

It provides a 1-year guarantee and 43 inches of hose length without a telescopic handle and it is 65inches long.

Top Features:

  • Length 9 feet of vacuum hose
  • 45 amp power rating of electric motor
  • Great quality building
  • 1-year warranty duration
  • Arrives with a range of accessories such as dust collection bag, telescopic handle, and sanding disks.
  • Motor speed level up to 2000 RPM
  • Average quality
  • Not a powerful electric motor and its speed is tiny high
  • Used for sand and paint walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Simple to assemble, easy to use.
  • Good and secure choices.
  • Can be used on its own or attached to a vacuum
  • Decent Building Standard
  • Average quality
  • Not a efficient electric motor and its speed is tiny high

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Guidance For Purchasing Best Drywall Sander

Here, you viewed more about the features of a drywall sander. Before you select a drywall sander, you need to weigh a variety of other factors.

In this purchasing guide, you can read more about the considerations and aspects of drywall sanders. Be confident to follow this guide for purchasing the best drywall sander:

  1. Motor Power

Although there are many things you should bear in mind when purchasing a drywall sander, the rating of the engine is very significant. All drywall sander is operated by an electric motor. The power ranging of the motor offers you an overview of the output.

Some are in the range of 5 amps, while others have a 7amps of power rating. From these two, the 7amp motor gives better output for quick sanding. You can also predict relatively higher energy consumption.

  1. Engine speed

Motor speed is an important element in understanding the efficiency of a drywall sander. The speed of the drywall gives you a count of motor spinning. It is given in the unit of RPM(rounds per minute). It has a rating of 2000 or 1500 RPM motor speed based on the model.

In comparison, higher engine speed provides better output. You can also vary the engine speed according to your convenience.

  1. Length of Hose

Most of the sander models give the choice of binding to the vacuum hose. The vacuum hose helps you to gather all the sanding dust in a dust container.

But, if you want to walk around when you’re attached to a vacuum cleaner, you’ll require a long size hose. A drywall sander with a long hose of 15 feet length is more realistic for a drywall sander of 7 feet. You can quickly sand big walls with the help of a long hose.

  1. Accessories

These accessories are quite hard to improve the overall output. Different models of drywall sanders include dust collection bags, hose connections,  carrying bags, and sanding paper. It is suitable for different types of users.

It allows you to start using a drywall without any 3rd party attachments.

  1. Guarantee and Build Quality

Sander is used for sanding various types of surfaces. You have to interact with wallpaper, plaster and paint to experience a lot of tears and wear. The well-built sander gives reliability to the customer.

Besides the quality of the building, guarantee is an important factor. The duration of warranty is 1-2 year.


You have to sand down drywall to fulfill building needs. Whereas manual sanding can take much time. In this article, you have seen the best drywall sanders with their features and key details.

WEN sander available on the budget with the lowest choice and it provides a 15feet longest hose and is operated by a good 5 amp electric motor.

Orion drywall sander is the best way to sand drywall and also a powerful choice because it comes with a 7.7 amp motor. The length of the hose is not high as 6.5 feet, whereas the attached modification results in a lot of experience.

Tacklife sander has the largest number of tools. It has a 6.5 amp engine and arrives with many stuff like a dust collector, sandpapers, and hose.

This article helps you to understand and also provides you detailed knowledge about the best drywall sander.