How To Refill A Bic Lighter

How to refill a bic lighter: a basic guide for newbies

You should always have a lighter on hand due to its many functions by having some fire. If you are a person who smokes a lot, you should know how to refill a bic lighter to replace it all the time and recharge it with gas when necessary. Recharging your bic lighter is very simple, and you have to comply with the basic rules.
The bic lighters are disposable, but you can be captivated by one of their designs and therefore want to recharge them. The only way you can recharge these lighters is from the top, being very careful. You only have to follow a few basic steps to recharge the light perfectly and not break it.
refill a bic lighter

Why recharge a bic lighter?

If you have an bic lighter with a very attractive design and you don’t want to lose it due to lack of gas, recharge it. This lighter refilling process is useful because you want and don’t need it or to save money. Recharging a lighter of this type is equivalent to buying a new one for the time.
When you propose to recharge these disposable lighters, you must adapt to their low duration components. Many of these lighters are constructed of plastic, so if you put too much pressure on them, you will break them. You have to use the correct way to recharge the lighter and not break its nozzle where it emits the fire.

Advantages of recharging a bic lighter

When you want to recharge a bic lighter, you may gain some advantages in its use, such as:

Emergency refills

You may find yourself in a critical situation where you don’t have matches, and your lighter has run out of Butane to use it. With the recharge of the lighter, you can have it running again and thus be able to light the stove or a cigarette. The recharge time for these lighters does not take 5 minutes. You have to have some butane available.

Keep the lighter

If you are very fond of the lighter you have just lost gas, you have to recharge it and continue using it. Although these lighters are disposable, this does not mean that you can recharge them to increase their use. You only have to propose to use the lighter and recharge it as many times as necessary in the year.

Save money

Although it is a questionable advantage of refilling a lighter, you can save some money if you do it at home. The main investment you should make is to buy Butane as this has a higher value than the lighter. When you have the Butane, the window will serve you to make up to 20 refills of your lighter.
Refill your lighter by complying with some basic steps
To learn how to refill a bic lighter, you first have to buy some materials such as:
• A clip or very thin wire
• Butane
• A Flint as an option
• A bic lighter that is empty
• A flathead screwdriver
You have to do the whole recharging process for your bic lighter on a large table and with a dry cloth. The purpose of the cloth in the area where you will work to recharge the lighter is to hold the pieces. If you use a bare table, the falling pieces may bounce, fall to the floor and get out of your sight.

Refill your disposable lighter

These bic lighters and their recharging become complicated because you will have to disassemble and assemble small parts. You have to avoid bad experiences in refilling the lighter and preparing the workbench before doing so. With this clear point on the worktable, you can refill your disposable lighter with these steps:

Step 1: Find whether or not the tank is empty.

To recharge the lighter, you have to verify that the tank of your lighter is empty. You don’t have to refill a lighter with spare Butane because this can be very dangerous for your hands. Handling butane near the fire can cause an explosion that will absorb your hands.

Step 2: Find the screwdriver

You have to remove the hood from your lighter with a flathead screwdriver by applying slight pressure. You have to apply upward pressure to remove this small aluminum object that covers the lighter.

Step 3: Remove the child protector.

In the process of how to refill a butane lighter, you have to remove the anti-child protector that has this element. The child guard is the metal object covering the wheel that causes the spark in the lighter. The easiest way to remove this protector is by placing a screwdriver underneath and prying it in front.
To remove the child protector, you have to avoid breaking the base and damaging the lighter carefully. The pressure you put on this protector must also be leveled so that the part does not fly when it is removed. When you manage to remove this piece, place it on the spread cloth, you have on the table.

Step 4: Remove the spark.

You have to carefully remove the spark wheel by applying slight pressure on the hinges at the ends. If you break the hinges on this spark, you must say goodbye to the light because it is beyond repair. You have to be very subtle in this step because the life of your lighter depends on you.

Step 5: Remove the pedestal.

It is time for you to remove the pedestal and its spring with your hands for this step. You do not need to apply pressure. You have to take care of the piece because they are very small and can be easily lost.

Step 6: Remove the adjuster

After removing the pedestal, you will observe the flame adjuster, and your process to remove it is by turning it counterclockwise several times. This flame adjuster is also small in size, so you should be careful not to lose it.

Step 7: Remove the fork

The “fork” is an element that completely seals the operation of your lighter with the butane tank, and you must remove it. You can use a click to release this part so that you can recharge the butane buffer in the lighter.

Step 8: Refill the lighter

Now you will know how to refill a bic lighter using Butane to fill this tank. You must leave a minimum space for the butane tank, so it is unnecessary to recharge it completely.

Step 9: Close the fork.

You have to close the fork again to have the Butane stored inside the lighter you just refilled. You can do a quick test by flipping the lighter over and verifying that the butane storage is sealed.

Step 10:Arm again

Now you have to reverse the process to recharge the lighter by placing the spark piece on the hinge, pedestal, adjuster, etc. You must do this process again very carefully because the pieces are delicate and can break from nothing. For this method of recharging bic lighters, you can take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
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