When you are wearing pants, it depends on what type of work you are doing and where you are going. There are large varieties of pants like denim pants, work pants, short pants and many more. But all these are not very tough like Best waterproof tactical pants.

Best waterproof tactical pants

What does tactical clothing mean?

Ordinary clothing is used as a form of self-expression. But the tactical articles of clothing are used for a specific practical purpose. But the purpose of the tactical clothes may vary from profession to profession. For example, law enforcement tactical clothing is different from hunter tactical clothing.

 What are tactical pants?

Tactical pants are a type of cargo pants that comes with certain technical modifications. These are classy and stylish. These are fast drying, hard wearing and lightweight. The tactical pants also come with some of the hidden pockets and contain many pockets. The best tactical pants are for tactical workers like FBI agents, Law enforcement and SWAT teams and military persons. The designs of these pants change from profession to profession to suit them best. An example of this is some pants come with many pockets for storage while some other pants are hard at the knee to suit their profession.


1. GoRuck challenge pants – best tactical pants waterproof

These GORUCK challenge pants are specially designed to meet the standards of the challenges like durability. These are very durable pants, and you can use this for a long time if you are the same sized person as when you bought these pants. These pants are rugged and lightweight, so they are better suitable for the GORUCK challenges. This pant dries quickly, even in low sunlight. These pants also come with additional features like articulated knees helpful while moving and horizontal front pockets to store your things.

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2.5.11 Tactical Stryke pants

Every brand has the best selling product. This brand also has the best selling pants that is stryke pants. These tactical pants are prototypical pants that are made from rugged fabric that can be stretchable. This tactical pant also features a gusseted crotch and an articulated knee that helps in movement. These tactical pants contain a large number of pockets which you can store a lot of things. It comes with twelve pockets in which you can store EDC knives etc. some of the pockets are so deep so you can store some valuable materials.

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3.Tad force 10 AC cargo pants – Best tactical cargo pants

When it comes to tactical cargo pants, these pants are great. These are very hard and can withstand any situation. If you are a soldier or a particular force operator behind the enemy lines, these cargo pants will be best suited. These tactical cargo pants come with T pro armor pads inside the knees, which acts as an extra layer of protection. These tactical cargo pants are made with amphibious material that offers quick drying. These pants are incredibly durable and lightweight. These cargo pants will fit perfectly and come with eight pockets, which offer you to store your belongings. These pants also contain two hidden document pockets.

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4.11 Tactical apex pants

These pants are designed for casual, tactical and covert wear. These are the most functioning pants ever created by this brand. These pants are made from stretchy flex tac canvas, which offers superior performance and flexibility when you are working. These pants are featured with two pockets on the front side and extra deep pockets on the sides, protected with zips. This pant also has a gusseted crotch and an articulate knee that offers free movement when moving.

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 5.Under armor storm covert tactical pants – Best waterproof tactical pants


If you think about why this sportswear glasses company is on this list, don’t think again because the manufacturers also produce some excellent tactical pants. These pants made by these manufacturers are called storm covert tactical pants. These pants are made from woven fabric canvas material, which offers durability and comfort. Also, these pants are suitable for daily use. One of the most outstanding features of this tactical pant is that it also repels water. These pants also come with belt loops that offer more comfort.

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6.Tru spec original tactical pant – Best fitting tactical pants

Tru spec states that these are the best fitting and most comfortable tactical pants in the market. These pants come with deep pockets that are enough to store a pistol if you want. These also come with a pair of deep front pockets and expandable back pockets. These pants also come with a pair of knife pockets that are used to store utility knives. With all these features, these are the best fitting tactical pants.

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7.Vertx original tactical pants

The name of the pants is Vertx original tactical pants. But the name does not suit at all. These are only tactical in appearance, but they are not tactical pants. Unlike other tactical pants, these are flexible and rugged pants that can be used as daily wear. This pant comes with precious storage capacity that offers you valuable items because it also comes with zips on the right side pocket. It can be used to store utility knives, smartphones and many other valuable items.

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8.UF pro striker HT combat pants – Best shooting pants

These pants are made from one hundred percent Cordura fabric material and a three-layer protection system. These pants are specially designed for challenging situations like shooting and battlefield operations. These pants also come with mesh openings in critical areas for better breathability.

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These are the stuff to look out for 

  • Fabric
  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Color
  • Pockets



Always consider these factors that are mentioned above before buying tactical clothing. Also, you need to focus on the right look. Some of the tactical clothing comes with a contemporary look. Just go for it. Also, look for comfort and style before buying any tactical clothing.




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