Top 5 Best Lineman Boots Reviews

Every hard-working man or business tycoons unnecessarily waste their money by buying unnecessary things. Boots or shoes also fall into this category. Most of these people buy the costliest boots, which is an unnecessary thing because the boots or shoes are designed to protect your feet. But the lineman who continuously climbs the electric poles are essential accessories.

It is not an easy task to find the best lineman boots  for the lineman. But we have come here with a great list of boots that are only for the lineman.

Lineman jobs are an essential job because they need to climb to great heights to provide electricity to the people.

Lineman jobs are the most dangerous jobs on the earth because they don’t know when they will slip and fall on the ground and when they will get an electrical shock.

As a result, the boots will play an essential role in their life. They need to invest their money to buy the boots that are available in the market that will save from some dangers.

List of Best Lineman Boots

1/Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot – Best Lineman

These are the work boots from the Red Wing company, which provides excellent safety and also looks great. These boots are made with leather and are treated in a way so that they can last for a long time. The scuff marks are easy to get rid of by just rubbing them.

The outsole of the boots is made up of nitrile cork. This boot also has a thick one-inch heel. These heels work great when climbing ladders or hooks. Inside the heel, there is a shank that will provide additional support and rigidity.

The toe portion of the boot comes with a hump which will create more room for toes. The boots are stitched to maintain additional durability.

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2/La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Mountaineering Boot – Best Lineman

These are a type of rugged boots that are specially designed for climbing. These boots come with a thick synthetic sole. The tread design is useful for climbing the poles.

The boots come with lugs that are useful in the rainy season. The outsole of the boot comes with a rounded arch. The boots are made with high-quality leather. You can find a lot of padding on both inside and outside of the boots. It is located along the rim and the tongue of the boots to prevent the change in the position when you are climbing using these boots. It also comes with an added shank which helps in additional support.

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3/Wesco Highliner 10″ Lineman Work Boot Black

These boots are built for the only by keeping the linemen in mind. These boots have a lot of features to tackle the daily obstacles of the linemen.

These boots come with a Vibram sole that helps the linemen in offering more traction when they are climbing. These boots also contain a pronounced heel that will help the linemen in climbing and gives extra support when they are on the ground or in air.

It also comes with a steel shank that provides further support. It is slightly arched. This will not only help in the support but also helps in climbing the poles. The boots are made with leather, and they extend till the ankle to provide extra protection.

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4/Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot

These boots will look stylish and also offer excellent protection. The boots are made with a hundred per cent real leather. These boots come with deep chocolate colour and few cues that will stand out.

When it comes to the main task that is protection and performance, they will surely don’t disappoint you. The sole of the boots are made with rubber, and they have deep treads which help to gain more traction.

These boots also come with a great heel that will help you in climbing the poles. The entire boot comes with a waterproof design. From the shaft, the uppers will extend up to eight inches. The more elongate shaft allows more protection of your legs from any physical damage.

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5/Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot

If you are using these boots, then you will probably be safe from all types of environments. The boots are made from 100 per cent real leather. The boots come with waterproof as well.

The boots are stitched in such a way that they prevent the allowing of water into the boots when the linemen are working in a moist or watery environment or rainy conditions. The bottom of the boot comes with a synthetic sole. The sole comes with large lugs for enhanced tractions.

The boot also comes with a heel in an arch drop design which will help in the climbing. The boots are also insulated from inside. The boot also comes with Dri-Tex lining which prevents sweating inside the boots so that you can stay comfortable throughout the day.

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Things to look out for before buying

There are certain essential things to look out for if you are looking for best lineman boots. Let’s discuss them now.

Electrical protection

One of the must and should things to look out if you are buying lineman boots is they have electrical protection. This is an essential factor to be concerned about before buying.

The most significant defence against electricity is rubber. So make sure that your boots have rubber soles to prevent you from getting electrical shocks. The rubber sole acts as a defence mechanism against electricity.

It is essential to avoid boots which have a lot of exposed material. Some of the boots come with metal toes which are very useful in protecting from physical damage, but they are significant carriers for electricity. So it is advised to have a rubber sole.

Water Proofing

Waterproofing boots are advantageous if you are working in a rainy type of environment. They are instrumental in keeping your legs healthy. Waterproofing boots make sure that no water will come in contact with your legs. The leaking of the water into your boots can quickly lead to hypothermia which eventually leads to death.

Solid Outsoles

Choosing the right outsole is a crucial factor. The outsoles of the boots will help you to climb the poles and also helpful in keeping your position stable. The thinner soles will help your feet to feel the sense of the pole you are climbing. The thicker soles will help you to give more support in the air. To help you with this, you need to make sure that your boots have deep treads that will give support when you are climbing.

Thick heels

A higher heel will help you when you are climbing the poles. They act as an anti-slip material. But sometimes they may be uncomfortable while working on the ground.

Higher heels come with a dramatic dip. They help you in climbing the ladders and the hooks. The small dip is also useful to loop a rope around your boot.


Finally, this is an important thing to look out for. The boots you are using must be comfortable for you. If they are not comfortable, then you cannot concentrate on the work, and you can have a high chance of falling from a height or likely to get a shock because you are unable to concentrate on the work.

So don’t forget to stay comfortable because it is the best way to stay safe.

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