Which are the best wire cutters?

Which are the best wire cutters? 

The Best Wire Cutter
  • Our pick. Channellock E337CB Diagonal Cutting Plier. Strong cuts, comfy grips.
  • Budget pick. Irwin Vise-Grip 2078307 7-Inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers. Quality at a bargain.
  • Also great. Bahco 2101G-160 Ergo Cutting Pliers. Great features, not as strong.
  • Also great. Klein 11054 Wire Stripper-Cutter.

Which tool is best for cutting coaxial cable? Klein Tools coaxial cable cutter is a strong sharp pair of cutters for your toolbox. The mechanism is well-made and the action smooth. They cut a clean wire face which slices through coaxial cable. The six inch size means they can fit in your hand with high leverage action which comes in handy.

Which tool is using for cutting cable? Wire cutters are commonly used to cut copper, brass, iron, aluminum, and steel wire. Some wire cutters have insulated handles which ensure that you will not get shocked from the wires you’re working with. Diagonal cutters have intersecting jaws that cut the wire at an angle, leaving a flat tip.

What is ACSR cutter? (ratchet action) For cables with a steel core. The cable cutter cuts through ASCR cable with a steel core (= Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) up to Ø 32 mm. With one- or two-handed operation, the high leverage guarantees a simple, accurate cut.

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How do you cut ACSR cable?

Why steel is reinforced in ACSR conductors used for overhead lines?

Aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable (ACSR) is a type of high-capacity, high-strength stranded conductor typically used in overhead power lines. The outer strands are high-purity aluminium, chosen for its good conductivity, low weight, low cost, resistance to corrosion and decent mechanical stress resistance.

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