What is made by Subodh Gupta?

What is made by Subodh Gupta? Gupta is best known for incorporating everyday objects that are ubiquitous throughout India, such as the steel tiffin boxes used by millions to carry their lunch, as well as thali plates, bicycles, and milk pails.

What materials does Subodh Gupta use? While stainless steel is his signature medium, he also executes works in bronze, stone, brass, wood, clay and fibreglass. Striking a dialogue between the found and the built, he manipulates the accoutrements of daily life to encapsulate multitudes of definitions and circumstances of con- temporary India.

Which well known Indian artist uses steel utensils in his works? Photos: 18 colossal sculptures renowned Indian artist Subodh Gupta has created using cooking utensils and everyday steel objects.

Why does Subodh Gupta use utensils? As Subodh Gupta says, “All these things were part of the way I grew up. They are used in the rituals and ceremonies that were part of my childhood”.

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When was Subodh Gupta born?

1964 (age 58 years)
Subodh Gupta / Date of birth

Where was Subodh Gupta born?

Khagaul, India
Subodh Gupta / Place of birth

Khagaul is a city and a municipality in Patna district in the Indian state of Bihar.


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