What is Carl Beam known for?

What is Carl Beam known for? Carl Beam is an artist who works in a variety of media to explore the tensions between Western and Indigenous relations. In his autobiographical work, he references himself as an Ojibwa, and places his Native culture within broader surroundings.

Why did Carl Ray start painting? After leaving a residential school in McIntosh at age 15 when his father died, Ray worked as a trapper, logger and goldminer to make his living. He began to paint during this time; he has been described as a self-taught painter.

Where did Carl Beam live? 

Manitoulin Island

Where does Alex Janvier live now? Janvier currently runs Janvier Gallery in Cold Lake, Alberta, with his family.

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Is Alex Janvier married?

Alex was one of five artists commissioned to create circular murals, over nine feet in diameter, for the Indian Pavilion. After returning to Alberta, Alex met and married his wife, Jacqueline.

Is Alex Janvier Indigenous?

Alex Janvier is a world-renowned Indigenous Artist. His vibrant colours and distinctive lines tell you stories about his unique culture and life experiences.

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